Announcing: Eternal Vigilance Update ID

Sigma_nunki has e-mailed us with information on Eternal Vigilance, a Wing Commander Armada-type massively multiplayer online game he's developing. He explains it better than I can, so I'll let his e-mail do the talking:
Hello all,
as some may already know I have been working on a WC:A style MMOG, Eternal Vigilance.

I would like to announce that yesterday I got the beginnings of the game working. The client can now login to the server and logout and the structure is in place for the up and coming parts of the game.

It is currently being hosted at sourceforge and the source is released under the BSD license. The project page is and the project web site is

I put up some screen shots and am ware that the graphics are currently somewhat lacking. But, inquiries are being made so as to get them improved.

Also, I put up the current working system map. I know it is rather social and if too much so, let me know and I'll tone down inter-system connections.

BSD? Sourceforge!? I sure hope you SlashDot people are still reading.

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