Cinescape Reviews Prophecy Advance Update ID

Cinescape Games has chipped in with their Prophecy Advance review. I wondered how we'd missed this one so long, but it hasn't yet been up for a month yet. This one's a pretty late review, but better late than never, and Cinescape gives it a very positive A- treatment. Graphics get a strong A, while Sound and Gameplay receive a B. The lowest mark is a B- in replayability, which I think would be higher had the review gotten to do a little multiplayer. Despite some radar and control difficulties, the reviewer's A+ tilt rounds out the review and makes me want to go back and play a little more myself.
The game may be a bit more confined than the PC version, but this port of WING COMMANDER PROPHECY is a testament to how great the little Game Boy Advance really is. A must-buy for flight sim fans.
You can find the Cinescape review here.

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