Official Prophecy Release Date At Last? Update ID

Nintendo's own Prophecy GBA page has had a bit of an update. It now contains a nice description of the game, and interestingly enough, a specific release date. Where it used to say just "Feb, 2003" now reads "Feb 25, 2003". This is the date currently listed by many retailers including EB. Could the wait be over in just over two weeks? Here's a quick quote from part of the game description:
Missions will challenge you to destroy alien fighters, escort friendlies, and rendezvous with drop ships, all while keeping your ship in one piece. Depending on your spacecraft, you can select from various weapons, including Ion Cannons, Lasers, MK 2 Cannons and missiles.

The emphasis is squarely on arcade-like action. Maneuvering your ship is fairly intuitive. A handy indicator shows you how far to lead (i.e, fire ahead of) your target.

Moderating your speed takes a rather complex set of button presses. The afterburner is a nice solution, though. Simply hold the L and R buttons simultaneously to get a speed boost.

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