Lexington Stands Down From Silent Running Update ID

Forums member pahandav noticed a minor glitch with the DVD port of Wing Commander IV. The game provides transition scenes of Blair navigating the ship's passageways en route to hotspots like the lounge or flight control. Seasoned players usually skip these scenes to save time, so you may not have noticed that, on the DVD version, a few of these clips are lacking audio:

I was getting ready to do a stream of Wing Commander 4 and noticed that the walking videos on the Lexington had no sound. So, I extracted the audio from those videos from the CD version, and reencoded them to AC3.

To use these, you'll need to load SC_5150A.VOB through SC_5150G.VOB in AviDemux, go to Select Track under the audio menu, click on the box that says Track 0 from audio, and then click add audio track. Select the .ac3 file for the VOB file. Then make sure that the output format on the main window is set to MPEG-PS Muxer, and that the video and audio are set to copy. Do that for all seven of the files. Then, rename them to .VOB files and copy them to where you have your VOB files stored.

AD had already fixed up our Holovids entries with a similar method some time ago. Until we get a chance to patch the DVD Upgrade package itself you can follow the instructions above to restore the audio track on your copy of the game.

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