Tallahassee Model Supersizing in Progress Update ID

Adm_Maverick has posted a status update for his scratch-built papercraft Tallahassee model. He showed off a few images to demonstrate what he's done lately, and this includes a nice resizing up to a significantly larger scale model. The blueprints for his new design are displayed right next to his previous generation cruiser. We can't wait to see the larger results! He's also previously used different color materials to show contrast during the construction phase, which are clearly very different than any scheme we'd ever seen in game, but I kind of like the funky colors. There's some potential for some very creative artistic license there!
So what am I doing? Well, I'm sort of starting over... kind of. As I mentioned previously I lost the file that had all the notes for scaling so I couldn't finish the last version of the model I was working on. Well, I decided to take the first steps and go big or go home! I went back to the drawing board and re-scaled all of the parts. How big did I make them? Well... here's an example:

Here you can see the previous model laid on top of the page that has the part for the left side of the forward prow. You can see the prow itself is nearly as long as the entire previous model. If my numbers are correct, this should turn out to be about 24 1/4" long when it's built. I'm going for a large model to push myself and to give myself a good canvas for 'developing' details and materials for it. My ultimate end goal is to have a ship on a base with lights. Going for this large of a model gives me space to work with.

Recent Updates

Wing Commander Jazz Album Marches On

Following up on his recent release of the jazz and bar music digital recordings, veteran video game composer George Oldziey has sent out three more updates to his backers. George has exported the sheet music for several tracks from volume 2 of the orchestral project to video format. You can follow the score as the music notation is played back through the Sibelious sound fonts. (2018-07-14)

Origin Veteran's Postmortems Book Now Available on Paperback

Former Origin veteran Raph Koster recently published a new book titled Postmortems: Selected Essays Volume One. Available first in digital formats, you can now also get the hefty, 702 page paperback edition. Mr. (2018-07-13)

Decipher SciFi Discusses Wing Commander

Back in 2016, the Decipher SciFi podcast devoted an entire episode to the Wing Commander movie. The show starts off with an overview of the Wing Commander computer game series with a focus on Wing Commander 3 as a revolutionary interactive movie and the ever increasing production values and development budget up to Wing Commander 4. The show runners are all familiar with the franchise, having played the originals back in the 1990s on DOS PC or Amiga, and they even went to see the film when it was playing in theaters. (2018-07-12)

PC Zone Reviews Wing Commander: Armada

While flipping through the October 1994 issue of British gaming magazine PC Zone, noted retro gamer Pix spotted a vintage Armada review. The reviewer praises the graphics (a low resolution preview of the still upcoming Wing Commander 3) and was especially impressed with the hybrid turn-based/split-screen multiplayer feature, in which two players can go head-to-head on a single computer. The user friendliness of the menu system for setting up modem or netBIOS sessions also received a nod of approval. (2018-07-11)

Japanese Wing Commander 3 Boxes Compared

Noted DOS aficionado Christian Klein has posted some interesting comparison shots of the Japanese editions of Wing Commander III. We've covered these a couple of times in the past, but it's worth pointing out again that the game received a full audio dub (check out the intro here), and that Japan is the only market where a Windows 95 port of WC3 was released as a standalone product! The front box art for DOS/V machines (a version of IBM DOS with better support for the Japanese language) was pretty much identical to the Western release with some Japanese text thrown in, while the Windows 95 edition featured a more unique design (though certainly not as "out there" as some other Japanese box art). (2018-07-10)

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