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Wojo has spent a lot of time and effort over the last few years crafting a Pilgrim-themed mod for the WC Saga engine. Although he's had some great successes, the overall scope of the project isn't looking achievable given his resources and time. However, rather than just give up on what he's done, he's wrapped up what he's made so far and made it available for other fans to take advantage. He's even offering to help hand over the reigns if someone else is willing to take over, but in the mean time, he's simply releasing what he's done. You can grab his asset pack here (175 meg zipped .vp file). Visit the CIC Forums if you have any questions or comments to follow up with!
A ship pack & mods for Wing Commander Saga, based of the Wing Commander Movie canon.

I'm as done as I ever will be. There were so many grand plans. A custom UI (at one point half completed). Voice acting. Cinematics. A multi-campaign story leading to the Siege of Peron. As it is, the mod is incomplete. There are many bugs with weapons & AI behaviors, and features missing from capital ships (docking & fighterbays). But I have to admit defeat. I just don't have the time and energy to continue, so I thought I'd just release it to the world to play with!

If anyone would like to OFFICIALLY pick up the project, feel free to contact me. I'd like to thank the Hard Light community for many technical solutions, the WCSaga team for their great work as well as the bits & pieces I've borrowed, and of course the WCNews community for keeping me going this far...

Some technical info:

- LODs: I've used them to essentially 'black out' models once you get far away. This was to accompany a feature in the mission design that reduced the radar range, to give an experience much like WC1, where you'll see enemy fighters & ship engine glows before they pop up on radar. This was to avoid using autopilot & build suspense.
- There are still many bugs with capital ship weapons, notably the sloship beam cannon which should only fire along the axis of the craft, and torpedo launchers going all sorts of ways.
- Cargo pod daisy-chaining & docking is extremely sketchy. I never quite got the hang of the docking points so you'll see spinning pods, weird approaches & some really strange behaviour if you destroy docked containers.

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