Wing Commander Power Tool Updated Update ID

There have been two new beta releases of the WC Toolbox game data editing package since we last reported on UnnamedCharacter's undertakings. Feature-wise, the library now lets you modify the initial game state and rearrange the various damage and instrument displays in the cockpit. There have also been some minor tweaks and bugfixes. The package still includes a command-line tool for converting Wing Commander's binary data files to and from XML data that is easier to interpret and modify, but a recent release has added a convenient graphical interface (pictured below) to accomplish the same. You can find more tips on how to use the latest version of the program here and grab the software here.
Release 3.2.0-Beta.1
  • Updated EXE file to support editing of initial game state.
  • Updated EXE file to support editing of cockpit damage layouts.
  • Updated EXE file to support editing of cockpit instrument layouts.
  • Incorrect text output value for save game.
Release 3.1.0-Beta.1
  • Windows application (WC1Tools) providing functionality to extract assets, and pack/unpack data to and from XML.
  • Updated EXE file to support editing of common and dialog text colors.
  • Incorrect decoding of certain character sequences for INTRO data files.

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