WC Toolbox Supports Additional Encodings & File Types Update ID

A new version of the WC Toolbox game data editing package has been released with a variety of extra features. It now supports character encodings and can be tested with executables and the 'midgame' file format. There is also a brand new console interface. UnnamedCharacter expects to include a more user friendly graphical interface in a future update, but this iteration was put out in its current form so more users can try things out immediately. You can find more tips on how to use the latest version of the program here and grab the software here.
  • Support for single-byte encodings beyond ASCII.
  • Partial support for executable files (reading and merging).
  • Experimental support for MIDGAME data files (reading and writing).
  • Console application (WC1ToolsCmd) replacing previous applications. Functionality provided as commands to perform actions on data files. The commands can be used to decompress data files, extract assets, and pack/unpack data to and from XML.

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