WC4 Homeworld Mod Close to Kilrathi Faction Update ID

Thanks to some generous help from a squadron of fellow Wingnuts, L.I.F. has made great progress importing Kilrathi ships into the WC4 Homeworld mod this past week. Fighters and capships from WC3 have been implemented in order to help fill out a new fourth faction in the game. The basics are already working, which means things like carrier-based fighter launches are functioning correctly. L.I.F. is optimistic that the Kats can be officially added in a new 2.0 edition soon. Homeworld Remastered owners can grab the latest release here.
Ok, so the plan right now is to get the Kilrathi as a playable faction ASAP to release the 2.0 version of the mod for every ody to enjoy both in Skirmish and in online multiplayer. No date promised, but I'll try to get it done fast.

If you heard about a really nice textured model of the Vesuvius, Bearcat, Dragon/Lance or any Border Worlds craft, please give me the contact info of the creator to see if I can use it.

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