GOG Adds Mac Support for WC3 & Other Origin Titles Update ID

Good Old Games has announced that another batch of classic games is now officially compatible with the Macintosh. The latest addition adds Wing Commander 3, Crusader: No Regret & Ultima 8: Gold Edition! There are now over a hundred games in their library that run under OS X, including WC1, WC2 and Privateer. WC3 & WC4 were released natively for Mac, but this is a DOS setup working in DOSBox for Mac. Grab you copy for just $5.99 here!
Psychonauts, Torchlight, Wing Commander 3, and 19 other great games, classic and new, now for your Mac!

Our Mac gaming offer keeps on growing with the addition of a new or classic title every now and then, and our catalog of OS X compatible games has reached (and passed) 100-games milestone quite a while ago. Steady growth is not enough for us, though. We like to drop a content-bomb from time to time, adding a whole pack of Mac-compatible builds to the site. Well, boom! Today, such a pack arrives, with a collection of 22 exciting titles you can now download and play on your Mac! As usual, if you bought the Windows version in the past, you automatically gain access to the Mac version with no need of additional purchase. Let's take a look at the new arrivals, shall we?

Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger, a mixture of excellent space-fighter sim and an excellent interactive movie, for only $5.99

Assemble for Arena Achievement Update ID

This is a reminder that TrueAchievements is holding a Wing Commander Arena play session on Monday. The event takes place relatively early in the US (1 pm Pacific, 4 pm Eastern), but this also allows Wingnuts in Europe to get in on the action (8 pm GMT). They're shooting for 16 players in order to get the TCS Tiger's Claw achievement.
Boosting Gaming Session for Wing Commander Arena

Session starts on Monday, 29 April 2013 at 20:00 for 1 hour

"I am going to try an organize a 16 player game for this title. No one plays now so this is impossible to get without a session. Maybe we will get lucky and 16 people will join and we can get this. I will need another person to be a party leader since live only supports 8 per person. We can go for other achievements once this is done, but my goal is the 16 player achievement."

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