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Happy New Year to Wing Commander fans everywhere! We hope 2013 has been terrific for everyone so far. The traditional New Year's poll is up, asking what kind of year you think is in store. Wing Commander's sales performance on GOG has been pretty stellar, and hopefully that will result in more titles being released on the service in the months ahead. The WCPedia will continue to grow thanks to volunteers like you, and renewed excitement and interest brought on by Chris Roberts' new endeavors are sure to benefit our community and all the various fan projects. This year will also mark the CIC's 15th birthday, and there will be some fun things in store. Thank you for sticking with the CIC year after year. Let's make our 15th year the best yet!

The last poll asked about your favorite fighter to fly in the original Privateer. The Centurion was a strong winner as expected, and the Galaxy seemed notably more popular than either the Tarsus or Orion.

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Nifty Video Game Music Podcast Highlights George Oldziey's WC Soundtrack

The Composers Play podcast's latest episode is about Wing Commander 3. Scott Tobin interviews the original composers of major video games in his series of video game shows, and he's got George Oldziey on the line for this one. There's lots of great backstory about how Mr. (2018-05-20)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: I'll Just Wait Here


Classic Joystick Evokes Hardware Nostalgia

Dennis Mull came across a hardware setup from the mid '90s that's a pretty neat time capsule of the era. The Quickshot "Squadron Commander" QS-202 is a very early example of a Hands-On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS). Lots of joysticks at the time were sold as "compatible with Wing Commander," and this one includes pre-programmed controls for Wing Commander, Wing Commander 3 and Strike Commander. (2018-05-19)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Blank Nut Button


Comparing P2's Ship Seller Before & After

Check out this pre-release screenshot from Privateer 2 that AD discovered and compare it to one from the final game. The UI isn't as developed, ship icons are in color, BUY/SELL is named TRANS-ACT... and all of the ships have different names: JACKAL becomes Straith, FLEA becomes Shaman and MANTIS becomes Icarus. (2018-05-18)

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