SNES Music Brings Back Fond Memories Update ID

Wedge notes that has extracted the soundtrack to the Super Nintendo versions of Wing Commander. The tiny 100 kilobyte download includes approximately 45 minutes of wonderful tunes that are a joy to the ears. Wedge recommends the SNESAmp plugin for WinAMP to listen to the somewhat obscure SPC .rsn format file. You can find the soundtrack here. And look at that, the old Winamp skins that have been sitting in the CIC archives for more than a decade still work!

If you don't know what SPCs are, it's the format used for storing Sony SPC700 sound chip memory dumps from a SNES console. The most common way to play it on a PC is with the SNESamp plug-in for Winamp.

It's certainly not the highest quality SNES soundtrack I've ever heard and compared with other versions of Wing Commander, the conversion is pretty low quality overall. Still, for some who started their Wing Commander experience on the SNES, this may hold some nostalgic value for them.

Edit: Evan reports that Game Music Box is the preferred player for Mac and SNES Player works for iOS.

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