A Team of Mulvericks Update ID

An alert reader by the name of Pekka came across a Wing Commander reference while strolling through Worlds of Warcraft (or: a world of Warcraft?) - an NPC named Wing Commander Mulverick. What's Wing Commander's connection to Azeroth? Wing Commander fan and developer J. Allen Brack is curently the games's producer! No doubt that's where Mulverick came from. Here he is:

Music Under Pressure Update ID

Karakkaze has gone and done something unexpected with Wing Commander music -- remade classic pieces using the limitations which were applied to Wing Commander SNES! Here's his explanation:
After ripping the raw instruments and sound effects from Wing Commander's SNES port, I decided to reconstruct them using loop points and see how other Wing Commander games' music might have sounded with the SNES' instrumentation. These songs may not follow the SNES sound capabilities' perfectly, it's more of a best guess instrumentation-wise. I was always a fan of the instruments used in this particular version.
Download them here:

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