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Actor John Vernon, best remembered for his role as the evil Dean Wormer in "Animal House," passed away on Tuesday. He was 72 years old. Wing Commander fans, however, knew him best for his role in Privateer 2: The Darkening. Vernon played Errendi "Fark" Farquharson, the assistant to Xavier Shondi. Fark spurs one of the game's cinematic missions, contacting the player to report that Shondi is under attack by the Kindred. Afterwards, he joins Arris and Shondi for a well deserved beaker of Cobalt Blue at the Surgeon's Blunder Bar.

Rest in peace, Mr. Vernon. Our sympathies go out to his friends and family. We will certainly remember him as one of the high caliber stars who made Privateer 2's cinematics an amazing success. The Washington Post has published an article on his career, available online here.

Thanks For Visiting Update ID

You guys are amazing! Last month Wing Commander fans made over 67,000 visits to the main CIC site. While some were debating what type of year 2005 would be, we experienced our second busiest month of all time. Only during the Secret Ops launch in September 1998 did we get more guests to the site. Your involvement is the biggest indicator we have to show software developer there is interest in the future, so keep playing space sims.

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