Bishop? You Can Do Better Than That Update ID

Kenshi had made some great progress on his WC comic and already has some character designs created. Here is the art along with character bios written by Maj. Striker.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Thomas Halcyon - The only son of decorated war veteran Colonel Peter Halcyon (commander of the TCS Tiger's Claw), Thomas is looking to carve his own record in Confed history. Recently graduated from the Academy, Thomas was known for his consistently good grades and attention to details. Although anxious to get his first combat assignment, Thomas is wise enough to maintain control, an attribute sadly lacking in his fellow classmate Charles "Suicide" Connor. Though fresh from the Academy, Thomas has been dubbed the nickname of "Bishop," a reference to his strict control but impressive performance in the cockpit.

  • 2nd Lieutenant Charles Connor - Nicknamed "Suicide" and for a good reason, Charles Connor is English born and quite proud of it, although he's even moreso of his black ancestry. Charles has recently graduated along side 2nd Lt. Halcyon and is spoiling for his first run-in with the Kilrathi. Self-confident to a fault, Connor believes he is the best... and everyone else should believe it as well.

  • 1st Lieutenant Jonathan Craft - Jonathan's quiet nature and stealthy manuvors have earned him the callsign, "Shadow." His parents' murder at the hands of Mandarin saboteurs has caused him to become extremely introverted. Even his closest friends rarely have conversations longer than a few minutes with him. Despite his private, and sometimes secretive, lifestyle, Jonathan is an exceptionally skilled pilot with dozens of Kilrathi kills already under his belt.

Whoa, hold on there Mr. Halcyon. You can't have that callsign, Lt. Polanski (WC Movie) is using the callsign Bishop in 2654. As the Prophecy official guide explains, two pilots don't share the same callsign at the same time. Good thing Kenshi has a solution.
We're giving you, the public, a shot at coming up with a callsign for our main character, 2nd Lt. Thomas Halcyon. However, there are a few rules...

1. It must be an original name. No names from any other WC source; ie: Maverick, Maniac, Jazz, etc.

2. Any inappropriate or offensive callsign will not only be ignored but will likely cause you to be ridiculed by other forum members.

We'll pick the best one on the evening of Wednesday, December 8th.

You can post your suggestion here. Please try to think of something appropriate based on his bio above.

Space Sim First Look: Interstellar Flames 2 Update ID

This one is a bit unusual. Interstellar Flames 2 is under development for the upcoming Gizmondo handheld gaming system. The Gizmondo faces an uphill battle in the handheld market as it tries to carve out a niche like the Nokia N-Gage. At one point we might have overlooked games on a platform such as this, but after seeing Raylight's spectacular results with Prophecy Advance, IF2 is worth a closer look.

The game is running on the Gizmondo's 400 MHz ARM9 processor and displaying to a 320x240 screen, compared to the GBA's 240x160 pixel screen backed by a 16 MHz ARM7. That being said, there's not a whole lot of visual difference between the two. Interstellar Flames would display more at a time due to the higher resolution screen, but its backgrounds seem much more blurry, and this causes the entire presentation to seem less sharp. The screenshots that have been released show decent capital objects, but ones generally comparable to the TCS Midway. The game is also being portrayed as much of a straight shooter than a space combat simulator with story elements.
A vast horde of alien battleships is approaching our solar system. Due to maintenance problems only one fighter craft is ready to defend the planet. Fly dangerous missions against huge battlecruisers, dogfight with enemy fighters in asteroid fields and destroy the alien fleet before it enslaves Earth. Can you face them alone?
The game unfortunately seems to lack any multiplayer mode as well. This is disappointing since the Gizmondo is claiming to be a multiplayer pioneer with wireless play through the cell networks and GPS assisted gameplay. More handheld space sims are definitely welcome, but it seems that IF2 has yet to live up to its full potential. As it seems the game is still in the early stages, there may yet be further developments as the game gets closer.

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