Nominate Your Fan Site of the Year for 2002 Update ID

As 2002 draws to a close, it's time for everyone to select which Wing Commander websites contribute most to the community and will continue to be active in the future. The first part of this process involves the nomination. We hold two concurrent pollings, so please nominate your choice for both Fan Site of the Year 2002 and Fan Project of the Year 2002 now. After we have secured the nominations, we will begin actual voting. You can send in your submissions here. Past winners and runners up: 1999, 2000 Site, 2000 Project, & 2001.

Pre-Prophecy Fun Update ID

Everybody is getting ready for the release of Prophecy, it seems. First off, Nintendo has updated their Prophecy page for the second time this week. Unfortunately the change made was changing the release date from "Dec, 2002" to "Jan, 2003". Perhaps we'll have to take the game off of our Christmas present lists. In other news, Amazon now lists the game. While they seem a little confused on some details (they don't list a release date, they say the game is by "Destineer," and they don't allow you to pre-order) you can at least add the game to your wish lists. And in other other news, GameSpot is reporting that up to four GameCubes and televisions can be linked together with the upcoming GBA/GC Player to play games like Prophecy Advance.
As previously noted, the GameCube Game Boy player will support link-cable games. If players have multiple GameCubes and copies of the game, then each player can play on a separate TV screen.

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