Demand for Wing Commander Acknowledged in New GOG Sale is running a Games Come True sale to commemorate the 2 millionth wish being fulfilled as highly desirable classic games are added to the catalogue. The platform relies on community feedback to determine which old games are worth pursuing the rights for and then revamping to work on modern computers.

The Morning After

2019-08-19We had an absolutely fantastic weekend - one of our best birthdays yet! Thank you all for joining in and sharing it with us. If you couldn't make it to the party, we've posted the entire six hour stream below.

Time To Claim Party Prizes

2019-08-19We had some great live trivia on Saturday night, and some knowledgable Wingnuts won some cool prizes. To claim your items, send an email to with your Discord name, real name and address.

Welcome to the CIC's 21st Birthday!

2019-08-18Welcome to the big event! Here's a wonderful welcome video put together by Fek'Leyr Targ. This year I've once again produced a little birthday video, returning to the Gemini Sector.

Broadcasting Live!

2019-08-18For the first time, the CIC Birthday Party is also broadcasting live in real time! Check us out and join the fun! The text chat party is still in #Wingnut Discord.

Gotta Collect 'Em All!

2019-08-18Check out these awesome trading cards that DefianceIndustries made! They're a set of super cool realistic looking cards with images, stats and history. I really like that silhouette identifier box that teases subsequent cards in the series.

Wing Commander IV Fan Remake Trailer Released!

2019-08-18Pedro has released an exciting trailer for the WC4 Fan Remake! There's lots to unpack here. The team has been mostly focused on features rather than polish, and quite a few features have been implemented indeed!

Wing Leader Rolling Demo Updated!

2019-08-18Howard Day took some time out of his busy post-Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launch schedule to release an update to the online rolling demo for Wing Leader! Much like the actual WC1 demo, this isn't a playable artifact, but it shows live assets interacting in the game engine. Even moreso than any trailer, this gives fans a first hand up-close look at what the game will actually be like live.

New WC Easter Egg Revealed!

2019-08-18Music_Guru has found an absolutely exciting easter egg in the Secret Missions for Super Nintendo! The method to unlock it easy to input, but the way he discovered it is complex and arcane. Long story short, there's a bonus shipboard series after the game with some amazing conversions, and you've almost certainly never seen this before!

The Biggest Baddest WC3 Poster

2019-08-18So, what is the biggest and baddest Wing Commander poster ever? While we've seen a lot of them, nothing compares to this beauty. Joe Garrity shows us that it's not the size of your Wing Commander III poster, it's how you display it!

New Prophecy & Secret Ops MUP Released!

2019-08-18Just in time for the party, DefianceIndustries, PopsiclePete and team have released another exciting update to the Prophecy and Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. It includes multiple new Confed fighters, stations and Nephilim capshiips plus a variety of technical upgrades. It's really just in time this year - this post will be updated in a few minutes with the new package when the file finishes uploading!

Prophecy Multiplayer Fixed

2019-08-18Twelve years ago, HCl rolled out a major update to his Prophecy multiplayer patch. When users entered their credentials for (then the home of our vBulletin-powered discussion boards) into the the launcher, the game would report back typical game statistics like kills/deaths, ejections and time played to the CIC server where they would show up in our Multiplayer Scoreboards section.

Beautiful Homeworld Mod Upgrade Released

2019-08-18The new Flag Commander update with realistic starscape backgrounds is live! As we mentioned last month, L.I.

Wing Commander 3 Coverage Expanded

2019-08-18This is also the time of year when we refresh our Background and Development Archive sections. These pages try to encapsulate all the useful or remarkable artifacts and bits of knowledge that we report on in our daily news updates, but can be difficult to keep track of over time. We hope these sections can be a good starting-off point for anyone just now wanting to learn about a classic Wing Commander game they found on GOG, or a more seasoned player wanting to research a certain topic in-depth.

Color Selection Returns to Chat Zone

2019-08-18Maintaining different color schemes for our discussion boards used to involve styling dozens of tiny images for the various buttons and labels, so at some point we picked one scheme that matched our homepage reasonably well and stuck with it. Fortunately, XenForo's user interface components are entirely CSS based, allowing a return to user-selectable color schemes! All we have to provide is a matching CIC logo.

Focus on News Collections

2019-08-18The News Collections section is where we package up sets of news updates that follow a specific theme for easier consumption. Here are a few we've just added:Point of Origin, the internal newsletter of Origin Systems, Inc. from 1991 to 1998.

CIC Logo Evolution

2019-08-18Eagle-eyed visitors may have spotted that our logo looks a little bit sharper today. We've made a double resolution version available to supporting browsers. The leap in quality isn't quite as large as when the logo was recreated from scratch with WC4DVD footage, but it's a noticeable upgrade on high dpi screens nonetheless.

Housekeeping Continues

2019-08-18The CIC website is made up of thousands of pages and dozens of sections, some dating back to our earliest days. Inevitably, some links will break over time as things get moved around or reworked. For last year's anniversary, we put in a huge effort to fix broken links and iron out various visual issues around the website.


2019-08-18Happy CIC Birthday everyone! Cake!

Happy Birthday Dundradal!

2019-08-18We used to celebrate the party on the CIC's original August 10 anniversary, but often that doesn't work out for us logistically anymore. Nevertheless, this year we managed to time the party to fall on Dundradal's actual birthday. Happy Birthday Dund!