A No Crease Look at the Secret Missions Box

2020-09-28One of my favorite pieces of Wing Commander art is the stylized box of The Secret Missions for the Super Nintendo. It doubles down on the SNES ports' conversion of the Jalthi into a "green Salthi" and puts the new ship front and center. Players got a poster of this depiction when they bought the game, but it's folded into nine squares to fit into the cartridge-size box.

A No Bull Look at the Wing Commander Box

2020-09-27As part of Wing Commander's 30th birthday celebrations, people have had a lot of questions about the history of the franchise. A frequent topic is the famous box art used for the original game, which was highly unusual for featuring what purported to be a screenshot. Although it's not an actual reproducible image from the game, that's for good reason!

Happy 30th Birthday Wing Commander!

2020-09-26Wow, three decades since this title screen began gracing monitors around the globe! The Wing Commander series celebrates its 30th birthday today, and we're excited to have seen it through all this way. After all this time, what do we say?

CIC Party Delayed, Excitement Builds for WC 30th Birthday

2020-09-25Sorry for the sudden notice, but we need to announce a delay in tomorrow's Wing Commander CIC Birthday Party. Due to an emergent medical issue, the event will be moved out at least a week. We'll be sure to confirm details when we can firm up the new date.

Royal Marines Drop Wing Commander Overture Again

2020-09-24Ever on the search for a new way to listen to Wing Commander, LOAF has found yet another album with a Wing Commander track! Back in 2017 we were pleasantly surprised to see the Overture from the Wing Commander Movie performed by the Massed Bands of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines. It was possible to buy a video of that concert at the time, but apparently the track was also released on the Beating Retreat 2018 compilation!

Kamekh, Shiraak & Snakeir... Separated at Birth?!

2020-09-23LOAF and Rattler were having a conversation on Discord recently and stumbled upon an awesome find! Rattler pondered whether the Kilrathi home carrier in Armada, the Shiraak, was inspired by the Privateer iterations of the Kamekh destroyer. Upon closer inspection and a wireframe LOAF dug up, it actually seems like they're even more similar than we realized!

Make Room for Drastically Better Scenery

2020-09-22ODVS and the WC4 Fan Remake team have a great new article on the technical process of remastering the gameflow rooms. It turns out that this step is a lot different than upscaling or even using the AI-techniques that have allowed him to significantly enhance the video quality so far. The animations and how they interact with each setpiece are their own unique puzzle.

Goodbye, Rob Cobb

2020-09-21Ron Cobb, one of the all-time great movie concept artists, has passed away at age 83 (obituary). Mr. Cobb was responsible for designing the looks and props of a wide swath of familiar genre films from the 1970s through today including all time classics like Alien, Star Wars and Back to the Future.

Ancient Camcorder Footage Sets Stage for WC Purchase

2020-09-20Here's a weird nostalgia trip! This is a video recording of an old computer store circa 1991, and Wing Commander makes a handful of cameos throughout. We post a lot of retro stuff like this, but rarely do we get so much of the peripheral environment.

One Week to Party Time!

2020-09-19It's hard to believe, but we're now just one short week away from the combined CIC Birthday Party and 30th Anniversary of Wing Commander! Join us next Saturday for an evening filled with fun, friends and plenty of Wing Commander trivia. We'll be observing the 22nd birthday of our time here at wcnews.

WC Games to Xbox Game Pass, Origin Storefront Phasing Out

2020-09-18We're got more EA news for Wing Commander fans. Last month we reported that the Origin Access service was being rebranded as EA Play. At the time, the Origin name was to be retained as the virtual storefront for EA games.

Take an Accelerated Trip Through 3D Card History

2020-09-17ETPC spotted a fun Digital Foundry video on the history of 3D acceleration. It details the transition from software rending in the early '90s to the emergence of the dedicated 3D card and how it transformed PC gaming. Wing Commanders 2 and 3 get called out as examples of the prime time in market when CPUs did the heavy lifting.

Graphical Novel Project Dips Below Decks

2020-09-16EmuMusicFan has a new treat for fans following his graphical novel project. He showed off a really neat WC4 scene a few weeks ago, and now he's built on that by creating a new interlude that would have occurred during the game, but off-camera. This episode goes through a conversation that between Melek's crew and the Intrepid personnel.

WC1 Voiceover Project Reaches Brimstone & Chengdu

2020-09-15Earlier this year we reported on an exciting project to incorporate full speech into the PC version of Wing Commander. The game only got such a treatment on the Sega CD edition originally. While extracting the audio for that port has been technically possible for some time, finding a way to get it to correctly link and play in the appropriate places in other versions of the game has been an enormous hurdle.

WC Toolbox Adds Console Support

2020-09-14The WC Toolbox is branching out to even further reaches of the Wing Commander universe. UnnamedCharacter's latest update adds the first features to help crack open console ports. WC3 is first up: on the 3DO, prospective hackers can extract .

WC3 Research Leads to Better WC4 Remake

2020-09-13The team behind the WC4 Fan Remake has put together another informative article on some of the unexpected bonuses that have spun off from their core efforts on The Price of Freedom. While working with WC3 assets to better prepare for their WC4 adventure, they've learned a lot about the game's background formats and FMV integration. Some of these experimentally upscaled WC3 artifacts are below.

Space Sims Score Spot in Video Game Documentary Intro

2020-09-12One of Netflix's hot docuseries a few weeks back was the video game chronicle High Score. The show includes six episodes that cover highlights in video game history from the late '70s to early '90s. Although this doesn't leave much room to cover Wing Commander, there is a brief segment in its intro that is decidedly WC-themed.

Another Take on Another Hornet

2020-09-11Klavs has been making fantastic Wing Commander art for more than 15 years, so it's no surprise he found himself trading spaceship renders with a nascent Roberts Space Industries nearly a decade ago. Through these discussions he experimented with what would eventually become Star Citizen's Hornet fighter. Although his creation is a fairly preliminary take, you can see elements from both his familiar WC works as well as what ended up in Chris Roberts' game.

Magazine Time Capsules Capture Sense of P2 Development

2020-09-10Here's a pair of cool print previews for Privateer 2 that bookend the development quite well. First up is an "alpha" peek by Next Generation magazine in their September 1995 issue. At this point the game is still just "The Darkening" and hasn't yet gotten its official Privateer affiliation, but almost every inch of the article is about drawing comparison to its Wing Commander series "forebears.

A Different Style of Wing Commander Longplay

2020-09-09After releasing six episodes of his Defiant Few audio series, Plywood Fiend has been out of the WC fan project world for a bit, but he's back with a new simpler take on amusing his fellow Wingnuts. It's essentially a live-streamed play through of the original Wing Commander, but it's been edited to include his own comedic take. He's already completed everything from Enyo to Venice, and they can be found in a Youtube playlist here.