Happy Birthday Armada!

2019-09-22Happy birthday to... WING COMMANDER ARMADA! Armada was released 25 years ago today.

WC1 Inspector on the Case

2019-09-21UnnamedCharacter has another new tool to add to his arsenal of powerful WC1 editing and informational programs. The new 'WC1 Inspector' app provides insight into what all is loaded into memory as a player goes through the game. This can help for modding, diagnosing issues or fulfilling simple curiosity.

Graphics Tablet Unleashes New Wing Commander Artist

2019-09-20Rear_Admiral_Platypus recently got a fancy digital sketch pad, and the first thing he set out to try his hand at were a variety of Wing Commander scenes. Up first is a stylized transport similar to a Diligent about to be met by a boxy WC3/4-era shuttle. It's followed by a flight deck scene stocked with Talons and Arrows.

All Wings Considered - Episode 25 - LIVE!

2019-09-19The latest episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which features news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series. This week's Nav Points include: Wing Commander 3 - Tamayo System - 3DO Version!

GamePro Article Highlights PC Standouts

2019-09-18Weird and Retro posted this neat throwback to the June 1995 edition of GamePro Magazine. The feature is titled "Revenge of the PC Games" and highlights all of the the hot titles of the mid '90s and how they compare to the latest crop of gaming consoles such as the Saturn, PlayStation, 3DO and "Ultra 64." Wing Commander 3 is front and center as one of the star examples.

New New Constantinople the Same as Old New Constaninople

2019-09-17Here's a cool connection that we recently made on Discord and shared on the most recent All Wings Considered. It's a neat observation, so we wanted to share it with you here as well. This cool pre release shot of New Constantinople is actually a farther out crop of the final base that we see in the game.

Through the Moongate Part 2 Campaign Takes Off

2019-09-16Andrea Contato and team have launched the Kickstarter for the Through the Moongate sequel. Part 2 is titled "From Wing Commander and Ultima VII to Portalarium" and promises to capture the historic significance of Origin's Wing Commander development in the '90s and beyond. Some 40+ former Origin employees were interviewed for this work, so it looks to be a very well rounded effort.

New Freelancer Project Imports Beautiful WC Fighters

2019-09-15L.I.F. was recently inspired to take a crack at importing Wing Commander ships into Freelancer.

GOG Weekend Sale Knocks $35.94 Off WC Series

2019-09-14It's an EA Weekend over at GOG.com. Dozens of games from Electronic Arts are discounted 75% through Monday morning.

Moment of Praise for the Amiga Wing Commander Install Icon

2019-09-13The Amiga Love Twitter account recently shared this shot of the Amiga Wing Commander Installer icon. While some might look at this as incredibly trivial, we see it as an important piece of history imbued with memories of excitement and promise. Installers are something of a lost art and personal curiosity of mine.

All Wings Considered - Episode 24 - LIVE!

2019-09-12The latest episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which features news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series. This week's Nav Points include: Wing Commander 3 - Tamayo System Privateer - The Postgame MAGNUM LAUNCH!

Phonetic Script Dialogue Discovered in The Secret Missions!

2019-09-11The original Wing Commander has an embedded phonetic lip-sync track to match up the mouths of the Tiger's Claw crew to the game's dialogue script. While that is an absolutely amazing level of detail, it was only implemented on the first game. The Secret Missions and Wing Commander 2 just use repetitive filler text like "Buy more games like Wing Commander 2.

Shotglass' Proposed Last Name Revealed

2019-09-10LOAF found a great mention from a game design document for the original Wing Commander a while back. It includes a previously unspecified last name for Shotglass. He is listed as Major Sam Walker (retired).


2019-09-09You're just saying what we're all thinking, red HOOK UP stamp.

Catch Up On Wing Commander Music Albums

2019-09-08Dominus of Exult has been working on building out his Wing Commander musical album collection (check out that snazzy tape!), so he recently asked LOAF for a recap on what's out there. We've come a long, long way since we thought eight or ten CDs was all there was.

Russian Translation Sparks Interest in Early WC Modding

2019-09-07In his never ending quest to further understand how the code of Wing Commander works, UnnamedCharacter recently came across a Russian translation of the original Wing Commander. His information suggested it was not an official release, yet it was quite elaborately recreated to integrate the Russian text. If not a genius mod, could this be from some lesser known obscure port?

Dig Into the History of EA & Origin's Merger

2019-09-06The Digital Antiquarian has posted a lengthy and exhaustive look at Origin history circa 1992-1994. The focus is on the company's acquisition by Electronic Arts, which is a great subject to dive into. Over the years, there's been something of a mythology built up around the topic with some assuming there was a hostile takeover, that it happened much later than it actually did, and that Origin was immediately stifled and had its creative freedom axed.

Can't Get Japanese WC Off My Mind

2019-09-05Last month we posted the cool blue cover of the Japanese WC1 Manual, and Christian Klein is back with another neat glimpse into Japanese Wing Commander. Here's a couple shots of WC2 with some pretty cool Japanese subtitles. Andi Green translates Shadow's text as "Requesting permission to attack," and the Sartha says, "We will kill all humans!

The Late Night Session Stays Up With Wing Commander

2019-09-04The Late Night Session has conducted a thorough retro review on Wing Commander. They set the stage for how revolutionary the original WC was by drawing the comparison to competitors that arrived years later. The immersive setting, tight controls and story all get credit for making the game a classic.

Through the Moongate Sequel to Explore Wing Commander Development

2019-09-03Andrea Contato has released the cover image for the second part of his Origin history book series, Through the Moongate. The first volume included an extra chapter with some interesting Wing Commander 2 material from Siobhan Beeman & Ellen Guon Beeman, but the new publication will include even more history "from Wing Commander and Ultima VII to Portalarium." A new Kickstarter for Volume Two is scheduled to launch on September 16.