All About Merlin!

2020-10-30Dad holograms are the rage right now which means it's time to talk about Merlin! There are a lot of takes on Wing Commander but one of the most most unexpected is that it would've been better with a holographic wizard talking you through the plot. And that wizard was… Merlin!

See the Evolution of the Confed Shuttle

2020-10-29LOAF thought you all could use a primer on the WC3/WC4 shuttle. It's a cute little boxy craft that's a fan favorite in this pair of FMV games. But how does it differ between (and within!

Watch Dralthi Evade Gratha's Mine in SM2

2020-10-28Bonkus_Maximus has been streaming lots of classic Wing Commander lately, and he managed to catch a relative rarity on tape. Like the Raptor, the Gratha can carry mines, but you don't see them very often. Even when they're deployed, they can be easy to miss in the midst of a furball.

A Look at Neat Additions for the WC4 Fan Remake

2020-10-27We've got a couple smaller updates for the WC4 Fan Remake today based on questions from fans at the CIC Forums. The first request was to add VR headset support, which the team was surprisingly open to. There are existing tools out there that facilitate conversion to VR, but they are rapidly evolving, so it would be something the team revisits much later on when the mod is closer to release.

Firekkan Filmographer Joins Graphical Novel Cast

2020-10-26EmuMusicFan has another new character to share from his graphical novel project, and this one's kind of unique. He's working out angles on a new camera person for a TCN news crew that's going to interview a famous Kilrathi. The character will be a Firekkan, which confers certain advantages in his line of work!

Prophecy Trailer Promises Awesome Cutscenes, Cool Characters, 4 Player Mode

2020-10-25John Rairdin was looking at old game trailers and reminded us about the wonderful little teaser for Prophecy on the Game Boy Advance. We reported on it back in December 2002, but that was years before YouTube was founded, so it was just a downloadable wmv file. Since most of you probably haven't seen it before, here it is again!

Watch Novelty Run of Unknown Enemy Mod

2020-10-24Plywood Fiend has wrapped up another complete stream of a Wing Commander game. This time he played through the popular Secret Ops mod Unknown Enemy. If you haven't watched his previous material, he's spiced up the footage a bit with his own brand of humor.

Japanese Super Wing Commander Sample With Subtitles

2020-10-23A lot of Wing Commander fans missed out on Super Wing Commander, so we like to highlight it from time to time to showcase its unique style. The game was a remake of the original Wing Commander with a modified Secret Missions campaign, but it was only released for the 3DO and Macintosh in 1994 and 1995 respectively. The art style is revamped and there's some considerable cross-pollination of 3D assets between SWC, the original Privateer and Armada.

Check Out Some Neat Wing Commander Stuff

2020-10-22I was organizing some things into a new cabinet recently and thought you might like to take a peek! Here's a rundown of what's pictured, starting from the top left.Top Row: Wing Commander novels, including three copies of the Junior Novelization and seven Pilgrim StarsSecond from Top: Super Nintendo versions of WC1 and The Secret Missions in US, UK PAL and Japanese Super Famicon configurations, random publications like the Starlog Movie magazine, printed copies of Star Soldier, Mike Winterbauer art magnet, 35 mm film trailer for WC4, binders with sets of Wing Commander CCGs, a mini bottle of Prophecy water, stack of WC audio albumsThird from Top: Wing Commander DVDs (1999 Fox release, 2013 Fox reprint and Anchor Bay reprint) and VHSes (WC Movie and WC3 Behind the Screens), WC Blu-rays, Academy animated series DVD, loose promo cards (from Nintendo Power and for the CCG), a handful of 3D printed models designed by Klavs and about a hundred copies of loose instruction manuals (mostly Claw Marks and the pamphlet for WC2)Open Middle Row: flight suit from Wing Commander Prophecy in bubble wrap, two different types of collectible WC3 (big boxed Sam's Club and standalone film reel Premiere Edition), a laser pistol used in the filming in Wing Commander 4, WC jazz album by George Oldziey, large blue display mylar used by movie theaters in 1999, misc CCGs, art portfolio by Mike Winterbauer, autographed copy of WC4 signed by Tom Wilson, a photo of my first set of WC games, a couple of custom CIC items (license plate holder and TCS Eisen hat), Pilgrim CrossesThird from Bottom: quite a few different floppy/CD releases of WC1 and WC2, including Amiga, Hit Squad, Famicon, Sega/Mega CD, Deluxe Editions, Secret Missions/Special Operations, etcSecond from Bottom: WC3, PSX/3DO Ports, Kilrathi Saga (including Asia/Pacific version with "null g bomblet" spiral manual), WC4 for PSX, DOS, Windows and Mac, Prophecy, Prophecy GoldBottom Row: Floppy/CD versions of Academy, Armada, Privateer and Privateer 2 (DOS and Deluxe), Mac and 3DO versions of Super Wing Commander, Official Guides for the aforementioned games, plus Confederation Handbook (with one signed by Chris McCubbin!

Check Out WC4 Cinematic Trailer With Full AI/Neutral Net Treatment

2020-10-21There's been a lot of talk in the news lately about the enhanced footage that ODVS has made for Wing Commander 3, 4 and Prophecy, but we've also heard from some folks who haven't downloaded the large (but not too large) file packs with the remastered clips. For all those folks, he's released this dazzling sample: the WC4 cinematic trailer. It's just gorgeous - even with YouTube's compression factored in!

Extensive Interview Covers All Aspects of WC4 Fan Remake

2020-10-20Youtube and Twitch streamers ValiantClan have hosted a big interview with part of the WC4 Fan Remake team, ODVS and DefianceIndustries. The conversation spans a full hour, so it covers a lot of interesting topics! They start out casually talking about the Wing Commander series and then get into the details associated with the remake project.

Unauthorized Russian Privateer 2 Surfaces

2020-10-19quasardeep shared a neat photo of an incredibly elaborate Russian bootleg of Privateer 2. It has a color manual, printed disc and fully translated instructions. As there was no official Russian version, this was the only way for them to be able to play decades ago.

New Privateeer 2 Enhancement Test Compares Beta Tape Footage

2020-10-18ODVS got a lot of feedback on his first attempt at remastering the Privateer 2 video footage. A frequent request was that he use the higher quality footage sourced from Privateer 2 director Steve Hilliker's 25th Anniversary video released in May. There's no doubt that this content, derived from Beta SP tapes, is much nicer than the original CD-ROM footage, but there are certain tradeoffs inherent with using an analogue source for the AI/neural net processing.

Watch Wing Commander Run on a Tandy 386

2020-10-17It's easier to play your classic Wing Commander games today with DOSBox, GOG and compatibility patches like wcdx readily available, but there's also a certain magic to getting an old 386 or 486 running. Not everyone has the time or space to make that happen though, so Philip from RadioShack put together this video of the game running on a vintage Tandy 2500 SX/25. This would have been a pretty good system for getting the original Wing Commander going back in the day!

Retro Style Wallpapers Hit Kilrathi Saga Highlights

2020-10-16Wing Commander fans looking for new desktop wallpaper have been a little spoiled in recent years as fellow Wingnuts turn out practically professional grade renders based on new high quality assets. It wasn't always that way though, and there used to be a time when anyone with Microsoft Paint could (and did) kick out their own simple artwork and collages. Maze59077 set out to make something similar with a set of four vintage-style pieces.

WC3 & Series Covered by French Retrogamers

2020-10-15The French retro video gaming channel Rewind has posted a new retrospective on Wing Commander (3). It's all spoken in French, but it's a cool cut of WC material no matter what language you speak. Although the focus is on WC3, the series at large gets included towards the end.

WC4 Fan Remake Dives Into Classic Assets

2020-10-14We posted an exciting trailer this past weekend that gave everyone a solid update on all of the progress being made for the WC4 Fan Remake. The team has also published a new article on classic assets and how they differ from the fancy new models. The original models and textures are used as an index to ensure the new content is spot on.

Early Rev of Nintendo Power Comic Revealed

2020-10-13The Art of Nintendo Power and thepmann shared this delightful version of the famous sketch where Wing Commander is featured in Nintendo Power. It was pretty awesome to be skimming the magazine in 1992 and run across this! Now you can see what it looked like in ink before being colorized.

Enhanced Privateer 2 Video: First Test

2020-10-12One of the many stars of the recent CIC Birthday celebrations was ODVS' effort to drastically enhance and remaster the footage from Wing Commanders 3, 4 and Prophecy. Since they turned out so well, fans naturally asked when they might expect a similar update to the Privateer 2 movies. That led to some tinkering which has already resulted in a couple of example clips!


2020-10-11Welcome to the CIC's 22nd Birthday celebration! We had to reschedule a couple times due to 2020-related awfulness, but we're extremely happy to have finally made it here today. Once again, super talented Wingnuts have shown up in force to put together a ton of fantastic updates below.