And the Winner Is...

2020-01-27The votes are in, and another round of project winners has been decided! The Prophecy & Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack has come out on top as the 2019 Fan Project of the Year! Congratulations!

Hellcat Ready to Leap Off Drawing Board

2020-01-26NightBall06 has completed his detailed Hellcat perspective drawing. If you'll recall from previous updates, this is an intricate sketch as opposed to a 3D model. NightBall would like to convert this into 3D for use in fan projects.

Transmit New Poll Votes Here

2020-01-25We've got a new poll up today that asks about your favorite communications options to send while in flight. There's a few tried and true ones that have been around since WC1, and some of the later games introduce a couple more that are less well known. The Comm VDU isn't generally considered a central element of Wing Commander, but I would argue it's a critical aspect to the immersion that we all feel in the game.

GOG Lunar New Year Sale Cuts WC Price 75%

2020-01-24Good Old Games is celebrating the lunar new year with a big sale on the WC series (and 1500 other games). We're happy to see the super low prices, since each discount means more people get a chance to try out Wing Commander. The entire series is just $11.

All Wings Considered - Episode 35 - LIVE!

2020-01-23We are BACK! The latest episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which features news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series.

New Icon Pack Refreshes Your Game Launcher

2020-01-22Kobi-K has put together a nifty icon pack for the Wing Commander series. He covers each of the main games, plus Privateer 1&2, Academy and Armada in both ice and png format. A couple even get alternate editions.

Dralthi Decal Created on Computerized Cutter

2020-01-21Justin Hair posted this really crisp decal of a Dralthi fighter. He made it with a Cricut machine, which is kind of like a 3D printer machine for cutting. The result has great color balance and a really cool layering effect for each shape element.

New Destiny's Way Released!

2020-01-20Destiny's Way is back! DsW is the in-universe magazine of the Wing Commander Flat Universe project. It's the first issue since 2016, and it's actually a retro edition that turns the clock back from 2681 to 2654.

Hornet Sharpens Its Stinger

2020-01-19A familiar favorite is still out on patrol. Klavs is plugging away at his Hornet when he has time, and it looks better than ever. This relatively recent iteration moves away from his previous unibody design in favor of a space frame that's a bit more skewed towards the original model.

Just a Video of Hawk Shooting up the Place

2020-01-18Here's a clip from the 1987 movie, The Hidden. A synopsis: "An alien parasite with the ability to possess human bodies goes on a violent crime spree in LA, committing dozens of murders and robberies. In pursuit of the extraterrestrial criminal is an FBI agent, and the local officer investigating the rash of violence.

Take a Closer Look at WC2's Cut Carrier

2020-01-17Here's some random Rigakh knowledge to help kickstart your weekend.These are the hand written design notes working out the ships for Wing Commander II... including the cut-for-space Rigakh carrier!

See Inside the Southampton

2020-01-16Here's another fantastic piece of Wing Commander art by HandofManos. This one is a "master systems display" style cutout for the Southampton class destroyer. I always used to love these for Star Trek designs, so it's wonderful to see one imagined for a Wing Commander ship.

Cargo Haul: Australian Kilrathi Saga Edition

2020-01-15After many years of admiring from afar, I finally added a copy of the Australian Wing Commander Kilrathi Saga to my collection. It's essentially the same game as the North American edition, but there are some nice cosmetic differences. I knew it had a spiral bound 'yearbook' manual, but I didn't expect the paper to be different.

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Draw 25

2020-01-14You cannot do it!

Gathering Feedback on Prophecy's DVD Upgrade

2020-01-13Wing Commander fans have made a wide range of truly amazing patches over the years, and one of the most technically impressive is the suite of upgrades that enables modern high quality graphics, multiplayer and enhanced DVD movies in Wing Commander Prophecy. This is mostly accomplished by applying HCl's Enhancement Package as well as the OpenGL Patch by Pedro, PopsiclePete and team. However, time marches on, computer hardware gets better and operating systems change.

Hellcat Back on the Drawing Board

2020-01-12NightBall06 is back with an update on his Hellcat V design. The concept was originally somewhat inspired by Klavs' Wildcat, but NightBall has further refined the newer ship with his own artistic license and the WC games as a reference. Of particular note is that these are essentially Photoshopped images.

Fan Project Voting Continues

2020-01-11The CIC's annual community vote is now in full swing! If you didn't get a chance to vote last week, the poll is still open and you can input your selection below. The nominees are listed after that, and it's still super inspiring to me to see them all listed out!

Absolute Territory Looking for Pilots & Mission Builders

2020-01-10centaurianmudpig has announced that his WC-style space sim Absolute Territory is now taking beta signups. More than just flying around in space, the testing here also involves creating your own missions via a neat custom interface. If you'd like to get in early and help positively influence a fellow Wing Commander fan's work, head over to the CIC Forums here.

Mark Hamill Reminisces About Acting in Video Games

2020-01-09Xbox has conducted an interview with Mark Hamill to promote Fortnite, but they spend the first several minutes talking about his history with video games. He fondly reflects on playing early consoles with his kids, and he also has great things to say about his experience with branching non-linear games. Mr.

George Oldziey on Piano This Weekend!

2020-01-08There's good news for fan's of Origin composer George Oldziey's music. He'll be back in Austin shortly to perform on the piano this Saturday at Chez Zee. It looks like a fun place!