Machine Learning Advances Could Lead to Enhancement Pack 4.0

2020-07-12We're leaning into a new week with a couple of amazing new test clips from ODVS. He's not intending to reinvent the wheel each month, but there have been even better AI techniques discovered that further improve the quality of his enhanced video. Due to the exciting potential of this upgrade, he's made another WC4 example to gather feedback and see if he should release a new iteration of his footage overhaul.

Podcast Covers Wordtris, Chris Roberts and Wing Commander

2020-07-11SNEScapades is running through the entire North American Super Nintendo library, and their journey has arrived at Wing Commander. The WC focus gets going about 24 minutes in after some miscellaneous discussion and Wordtris review. There's a history of Chris Roberts before the actual WC SNES portion starts at about the 34:30 mark.

More Melek for Graphical Novel Project

2020-07-10It's been quite a while since we checked in on EmuMusicFan's efforts to digitize a graphical novel of Action Stations-related material, and he's been steadily growing his stable of characters in that time. We start off with some nice angles on Melek. This is a WC3-centric representation even though most of his stuff is from much earlier in the war.

WC3 Bloopers Appear in Television Feature

2020-07-09If you have “Dick Clark” on your WCNews bingo card, today’s your lucky day! Ripplin spotted this gem in a Classic TV repost of Dick Clark’s The Return of TV Censored Bloopers. These are well known outtakes that show up in various compilations, but it’s pretty awesome to see they were broadcast to a huge audience here.

New WC3 Test Adds New Detail to Cutscene Footage

2020-07-08ODVS has another exciting experimental clip to share. Wing Commander 3 hasn't been a huge focus lately as he has primarily worked to refine his enhanced WC4 & Prophecy video. There isn't yet a method to reinsert the WC3 cutscenes into the game, but that hasn't stopped Owen from testing out his latest techniques to drastically improve the quality.

Side-by-side Comparison Illustrates Rapier Evolution

2020-07-07We got a peek at Klavs' new Rapier last week, and it turns out that the ship is part of a triple pack. To the untrained eye Rapiers might just look like Rapiers, but we've actually seen several different variants over the years. The prototype and early production Y/F-44A we see in Wing Commander 1 has a number of unique elements compared to the later F-44G featured in Wing Commander 2.

A Soundtrack for Dropping Temblor Bombs

2020-07-06We're kicking off the week with glorious Soundcloud track from Chris Kabigting. It's a rousing take on the music that accompanied the opening credits/final mission of Wing Commander 3. It really makes you want to lock and load your Excalibur!

Knossos Inclusion Boosts WC Modding Efforts

2020-07-05Rear Admiral Tarsus reports that he's packaged of Klavs' WC1 ship pack and posted it as a part of Knossos. This will make the designs more readily available for other projects to utilize or build upon. We've long carried a large assortment of Klavs' Terran (676 meg zip) and Kilrathi (353 meg zip) models for people to play around with, and a variety of WC fan projects have put them to good use.

Happy Fourth?

2020-07-04We usually take a break from Wing Commander updates on the Fourth of July and just wish our visitors from the US a happy and safe Independence Day. For obvious reasons, 2020 is markedly different. Unlike every other year, this time I hope you don't go out and watch a fireworks show.

WC Underdogs Get Lego Treatment

2020-07-03Wojo dropped off a picture of a couple new Lego Wing Commander creations, and these are pretty sweet. There's a chronically under appreciated Scimitar on the left and a very structurally accurate Drakhri on the right! Everyone loves the Dralthi, but we've seen a million of those, so it's wonderful to see the Drakhri properly represented here.

The Composer on Coronavirus

2020-07-02As promised, Wing Commander composer George Oldziey has extended his weekly series of blogs with a new topic on the effects of the coronavirus. In his new article, he reflects on the impact to the industry and expresses gratitude for being able to work on a variety of projects like his Wing Commander remasters from the safety of his private studio. Check out his new post here.

Rapier Preps for Duty

2020-07-01Klavs is back with a little teaser that might look familiar. We always say you can’t have too many Rapiers, and Klavs has taken that advice to heart. He's surely spent more time refining its sleek spaceframe than anyone on the planet, so we'll soon be treated to another F-44 masterpiece.

Hornet Reimagined in Academy Concept Model

2020-06-30This one's not quite a ship from Wing Commander Academy, but it may as well have been! We don't see this light fighter in the television show, so NinjaLA sketched up a concept and DefianceIndustries turned it into a toonscaped model. There's both a red team and green team livery in keeping with the Academy palette.

The State of the Art (on Paul Hughes' Wall)

2020-06-29Wing Commander veteran Paul Hughes has posted a shot of some fabulous wall art he's had made. They're Photobox canvas prints designed to commemorate Starlancer, Elite and Privateer 2. The '90s space sims are based on the straight European box art while the Elite cover comes from the fancy Acornsoft release.

Enhanced WC4 Intro Gets the Oldziey Treatment

2020-06-28ODVS has something slightly different for his latest video test. He's taken his enhanced video and edited in snippets of sample material from George Oldziey's Wing Commander tracks filmed by a live orchestra. It's the best of both worlds - incredibly high fidelity audio and video.

Get the Absolute Territory Demo While It's Hot

2020-06-27There's now a playable demo for longtime Wingnut centaurianmudpig's space sim Absolute Territory. The project has come a very long way since the first prototype a few years ago. As you can see from the new gameplay trailer below, the game's engine is shaping up with respectable graphics and solid action.

Academy Achilles Covers All Destroyer/Transport/Carrier Needs

2020-06-26DefianceIndustries has yet another hot new capships based on a design from Wing Commander Academy. This one is the Achilles, which is an interesting design that seems to serve several roles in the Confed navy. He's addressed the larger variants by making a nifty modular hull that potentially detaches from the main body.

A Preview Behind the Green Screens

2020-06-25LOAF has scanned a great article on the making of Wing Commander 3. It appeared in the August 1994 issue of Computer Game Review and followed the game's film shoot. The author talks about the experience with the CGI backdrops as well as the Kilrathi animatronics.

Return of the George Oldziey Blog

2020-06-24Former Origin composer George Oldziey is back again with a new blog post! If you don't recall his last one, that's because it's been three years since he formally penned his most recent column. He's back in the groove now though and ready to kick off a new chapter.

Polish Timeslot Marks Continued Wing Commander Broadcasts

2020-06-23It's been interesting tracking the evolution of Wing Commander Movie rights over the last few years. Elements of the franchise relating to the film reverted to Chris Roberts a couple years back, and this was timed with its removal from Netflix as well as the FOX DVD/Bluray going out of print. The movie disappeared from digital storefronts for purchase as well, but they have been slowly relisting Wing Commander more recently.