A Message From John Rhys-Davies

2020-04-06John Rhys-Davies has started a new YouTube channel, and one of his first videos is a reflective piece on the impact of the coronavirus. He talks a bit about his personal history and describes how humanity will endure through tragedy as it always does. Mr.

Extracted WC3 Images Reveal Captain Eisen's Chair, Cramped Barracks and More!

2020-04-05UnnamedCharacter has extracted some fantastic images from the core files that make up Wing Commander 3! He has been experimenting with the programs in his WC Toolbox package to dig deep into the game. While exploring some of the background scenes used during game flow, he has come across a variety of alternate settings that appear to be preliminary prerelease versions of most locations.

Meet Denis Loubet

2020-04-04Artist Denis Loubet has put together a thoroughly badass video biography that covers the numerous highlights of his storied career. His latest venture is to help with a crowdfunded vampire film called Captive. The movie wouldn't have ordinarily caught my attention, but Denis' video is so great that I had to give it a look.

Wildcat Strikes a Defiant Tone

2020-04-03DefianceIndustries has textured his retro Wildcat model. As a hypothetical Hellcat predecessor, it shares a lot in common with the later medium fighter, but it also has some wonderful throwback flourishes like the the trailing vane extensions on the fins. The colors are a nice homage to a classic era as well.

Stay Home Sale Discounts Wing Commander Games

2020-04-02The Spring Sale may be over, but GOG is rolling right into a handful of smaller specialty sales to help give gamers who are sheltering at home something to do. A particularly fun deal running right now is dedicated to space games of all types. This ranges from Space Quest to the X series (wow, they made an X4?

Is April Fools Canceled?

2020-04-01Here at the CIC we're all about spreading the latest Wing Commander news and archiving all WC knowledge, but telling in-jokes is a very close second calling. As such, in light of the current pandemic, the CIC has announced the following measures:All CIC Complete content will be made available for free so that you can have full unblocked access to sections like the Ships Database, Fan Directory and Listicals in this time of need.All outstanding payments due to CIC Finance are suspended for 60 days.

Vintage Preview Reveals Early 1991 Origin Plans

2020-03-31Shot97 has uncovered a fantastic preview of early '90s Origin plans. It dates back to the April 1991 issue of The One in the UK. This puts it very early in the development of Wing Commander 2, and as such, a lot changes between this point and release.

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Wingnut Button

2020-03-30It just so happens that the button is blue... like the Vega Sector.

An Appetizing Look at EA's 3DO Lineup

2020-03-29Here's another interesting chapter in the tragically funky series of EA advertisements for the 3DO. We've previously reported on the prints that used a dead fish, cubic lard and fancy pastries to sell Super Wing Commander and Wing Commander 3. RetroDetect has recently posted pics of a whole EA Lard booklet that includes promos for both WC games, among other offerings for the console.

Not Quite the Combat Information Centers for Disease Control...

2020-03-28We're all living together in these uncertain times, and we've got a new poll up today that reflects this new reality. While we are all charged with needing to socially distance as much as possible today, people in the Wing Commander universe are also frequently required to go long stretches far apart from most others. Which one seems like the best way to avoid a pandemic to you?

Reorchestration Updates WC1 Theme

2020-03-27Li Huang of Improbable Cadence has a musical treat for us today. He's put together a digital fan reorchestration of the original Wing Commander theme by Dave Govett/Team Fat. It uses the Roland MT-32 MIDI as a source of inspiration.

Kevin Droney Talks Wing Commander Script

2020-03-26Here's an interesting German podcast that covers things like film and video games. The Wing Commander Movie is naturally an intersection of both, so it's no surprise they got around to the Wing Commander movie. The podcast features a discussion - in English - with the screenwriter of the film's first draft: Kevin Droney.

Spacedock Highlights Midway Carrier

2020-03-25Daniel from Spacedock has produced another wonderful profile of a Wing Commander ship. This one covers the Midway from Prophecy. He delves into the design's origins and how Blair was involved with the development.

Toolbox Upgrades Reveal WC3 Details

2020-03-24The WC Toolbox has been enhanced once again with more extraction support for Wing Commander 3. UnnamedCharacter has been able to pull out images for things like characters that overlay on top of the background scenes, but he's also found some interesting composite sets. What this means is that certain rooms were made in one pass, and then the game adds much of the interior look over that.

Kilrathi Characters Pounce Into Graphical Novel Territory

2020-03-23EmuMusicFan has reached a new milestone in his Kilrathi sketch project. He's been working on some fancy drawings for some time, but now the project has jumped up a level into the graphical novel realm. There are several mockups below that show how this would play out.

Instructions Available for Confed Lego Ships

2020-03-22Bricks with Wings has completed their Confed Lego fleet. The four original fighters, Tiger's Claw, Exeter and Drayman are now fully buildable. The transport clocks in at 208 bricks, destroyer at 253 and carrier a respectable 688.

This One's Odd

2020-03-21Here's kind of a bizarre little video. Nacho Rolon is a Youtube account dedicated to posting short clips comprised of photos of printed work. It's mostly things like posters, but there's an odd book here and there.

Play Wing Commander All Day

2020-03-20BastichB 64K is kicking off a new series, called DOS Days, and he's chosen Wing Commander to inaugurate the first episode. This review is nice because it seeks to set the stage for what 1990 was like from both a pop culture and PC gaming perspective. The author played Space Rogue, but was blown away by Origin's next space game, Wing Commander.

Sega CD Speech Being Added to PC Wing Commander!

2020-03-19Destro has taken the wraps off an absolutely fantastic mod to add the voiceovers from the Sega CD version of Wing Commander back into the original! Lots of fans have talked about doing such a thing over the years, but it's simply mind blowing to see it in action here. If you're impatient, jump to the 2:00 mark to hear the speech in action.

GOG Kicks Off Spring Sale

2020-03-18GOG.com has kicked off their Spring Sale, and this time it has a special emphasis for those who are able to shelter in place and hunker down at home. There are a handful of free games available to help jump start this effort.