Visual Guide: PROP-Aganda

2019-12-15Often forgotten is the fact that the 1999 Wing Commander film features truly incredible set design. From the minutely detailed Rapier cockpits to the cramped, submarine-like environs of the Tiger Claw, the movie's sets succeed far beyond expectations. That's courtesy of Oscar-winning production designer Peter Lamont.

Nomination Period Winding Down

2019-12-14Somehow we're two weeks into December, so our annual fan project contest is about to begin! If you didn't get a nomination in earlier and feel passionate about some of the undertakings out there, send us a note at!

Rumor Control: The History of Ultima Cartoons

2019-12-13There is a long-standing claim that there was an Ultima cartoon created as either a TV pilot or straight-to-video OVA in Japan in 1989. This story continues that for whatever reason the episode was never aired or sold and was only rediscovered in the wreckage of a warehouse after a major earthquake in 1995. This is regularly repeated on social media and sometimes in legitimate articles.

All Wings Considered - Episode 34 - LIVE!

2019-12-12The latest episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which features news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series. This week's Nav Points include: Wing Commander III - Torgo on the PC Heart of the Tiger Book Club - Chapters 22 through 24 Holiday Cheer!

German Phone Card Highlights Prophecy Marketing Blitz

2019-12-11Dominus of Exult managed to get his hands on a very cool and rare collectible, the promotional prepaid telephone card for Wing Commander Prophecy! It came in a large folder covered in key art, which contains a smaller container for the card itself. The denomination was 6 Deutsche Marks.

WC4 Remake Tests Higher Resolutions

2019-12-10We're at that time of the year when most Wingnuts get busy with holiday business and fan project activity briefly slows. Nevertheless, Pedro managed to share this new screenshot of the WC4 Fan Remake going ultrawide. It looks pretty darn sharp, and all of that gorgeous screen real estate will come in extra handy during a dogfight!

Ginger's Prophecy Shooting Schedule & Contract Cover

2019-12-09Wing Commander III and Prophecy star Ginger Lynn Allen (Rachel Coriolis) runs an eBay store which regularly offers items from her storied career. While much of the memorabilia pertains to her time as an adult film superstar, she occasionally comes across a document or prop relating to her time as our favorite chief tech. We recently purchased these two documents to add to our archive and wanted to highlight them here.

Happy Birthday, Wing Commander III!

2019-12-08Origin Systems shipped the original PC version of Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger on Thursday, December 8, 1994, a whopping twenty-five years ago today. Heart of the Tiger was an immediate hit, selling hundreds of thousands of units to those lucky enough to own top of the line PCs that Christmas. The game was like nothing anyone had ever seen before, seamlessly blending advanced 3D graphical gameplay with interactive live action cutscenes starring familiar professional actors.

Follow for Fighters, Fiction & Firekka's Finest

2019-12-07Sticks, Stories and Scotch is a simple concept that brings together great flight sims, good stories and a solid dose of adult beverage. It sounds like a good time to me! Aaron just finished a thorough replay of Wing Commander 1 and has distilled his final thoughts on the run.

Wing Commander Advent Calendar Brightens up the Season

2019-12-06The ever-creative Tarsus has created another fun Wing Commander distraction to bring you some holiday cheer. With resources from the new Head Museum, he's created an automatic advent calendar with your favorite original WC characters as the daily reveal. It's a simple concept, but I can't wait to see who's queued up for tomorrow!

All Wings Considered - Episode 33 - LIVE!

2019-12-05The latest episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which features news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series. This week's Nav Points include: Wing Commander III - Caliban & Delius on the 3DO A Visit to the Head Museum Righteous Fire - Visiting Tayla 25 Years of Wing Commander on the PlayStationMissed the stream?

Happy Birthday, PlayStation!

2019-12-04The famed Sony PlayStation console turned an astonishing twenty five years old yesterday. The system was originally released in Japan on December 3, 1994, a mere five days before the original PC release of Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger hit store shelves (the system would be released in the United States a full ten months later in September 1995.) To mark this occasion, we'd like to share a short history of Wing Commander on the platform.

Familiar Faces Dot the Sectorscape

2019-12-03Rear Admiral Tarsus' propaganda seems to be working, since his latest round of Gemini Sector RPG posters seem oddly captivating. Perhaps that has something to do with the stars of his new drawings, the CIC Staff. The first image features LOAF surfing on the back of a Ferret as it roars through space.

Is V Greater Than IV?

2019-12-02Great reward after a long week: two more Wing Commander CCG paintings! Dralthi IV vs. Hellcat V, as nature intended.

Freelancer Mod Hotfixes Provide Cool Experience

2019-12-01As fans have continued to fly through the Freelancer universe in Wing Commander ships, they've uncovered a small handful of issues a glitches along the way. L.I.

Head Museum Super Sized

2019-11-30The fantastic new CIC Head Museum is now even better! LOAF has just added the distinct look of the Super Nintendo characters to the database. These are, of course, very different than the portrayals from Super Wing Commander on the 3DO/Mac, which are also on display.

Happy Black Friday!

2019-11-29It's Black Friday today, and if the deals out there didn't help you check off your list, maybe your friends and family need Wing Commander gifts! Here's a roundup of actively sold WC products. Most are digital, but that makes things easier in certain situations.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2019-11-28It's Thanksgiving in the US today, so we here at the CIC hope you all have a great day and find some great deals online. Although there's really very little relation to the historical pilgrims and Pilgrims from Wing Commander, this is also a wonderful opportunity for us to remind you about an awesome relic in the archives. The CIC is proud to host the otherwise unreleased Wing Commander Pilgrim Truth, Peter Telep's third novel written to tie into the WC Movie.

Syd Mead to Receive Major Award

2019-11-27LeHah tipped us off about the news that legendary visual futurist Syd Mead will be receiving a highly prestigious William Cameron Menzies Art Director's Guild at the organization's upcoming annual event. Mr. Mead is mostly known for his work on the original Star Trek movie, Blade Runner, Tron and Aliens, but he's actually had his hand in a wide range of products.

MUP Project Prepares for Big Booms

2019-11-26DefianceIndustries has another progress report to share on the next iteration of the Prophecy and Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. Major WCSO capships like the Hades, Vesuvius and Cruise Liner models will be getting some love between now and the next release. Some of the underlying programming is also being enhanced with gr1mre4per's Prophecy Unlimited technology so that destroyed objects will come with a more satisfying end.