Classic Ad Highlights Rare Premiere Edition

2019-07-16Game Magazine Print Ads & RetroMags spotted a really cool page from the January 1995 edition of Next Generation magazine, which would have been on store shelves right when Wing Commander 3 debuted in December 1994. The core art is similar to the general WC3 sell sheet with some slightly tweaked screenshots. The big focus though is that this is an ad for the Premiere Edition.

Experimental Cockpit Views Tested in WC4 Remaster Project

2019-07-15Here's another peek at the immersive Hellcat cockpit Pedro is working to incorporate into his WC4 Remaster project. As the team works through the details, it turns out that the question is more complex than just adding in Defiance's cockpit art. There are several ways to do it, and each option has various advantages and disadvantages.

Howard's Hornet Cockpit Comes to Life

2019-07-14It's time for another exciting update to Howard Day's WC1-inspired engine. These new animations really show off how much features and systems have been integrated into this functional test. Most of the cockpit elements such as the radar, shield and armor display, speed indicators, gun capacitor and more are fully active.

Countdown to Party Time - Five Weeks To Go!

2019-07-13The countdown continues towards the CIC's Birthday Party! There's now just five weeks until we celebrate 21 years at

Starflight's Not Like Wing Commander

2019-07-12Drunken and Gaming has posted a video about Starflight for the Sega Genesis as a part of their One Minute(ish) Review series. It all goes by so fast, but one thing's clear - the reviewer thinks Starflight is amazing and deserves as much credit as Wing Commander. I'm not sure how the Wing Commander Movie plays in, but that's also referenced somehow.

...on the Number of Spaceships in Privateer 2

2019-07-11The good news is that LOAF is out of the hospital and happily recovering at home! However, he and Dundradal are not quite ready to get back to hosting new episodes of All Wings Considered. The plan is for the show to return at full force next week.

Homeworld Mod Adds Enhanced Spacescapes

2019-07-10L.I.F. has added some very pretty new backgrounds to Flag Commander, the Homeworld Remastered mod.

Mike Winterbauer Launches New Art Website

2019-07-09Wing Commander SNES cover artist Mike Winterbauer has launched a new website that covers his extensive history with fantasy and video game art. There's a page dedicated to his Classic Game Covers art book and a new link where you can buy a copy for $30 from his eBay storefront. The digital ebook version is also still available for free.

Prodigious Pewter Planet Prototype Printed

2019-07-08The first test print of Denis Loubet's Pewter Planet has arrived, and it's pretty cool! It nails the shape of the original Medal of Honor, especially when paired with the correct green and black ribbon. Since this is the prototype, there are a few things that Mr.

Fighter AI Developing Innovative Combat Tactics

2019-07-07Here's another round updates to Howard Day's WC1-inspired engine. There's some very interesting work happening with the fighter pilot AI. The current builds have been using the simplest version of his four-tier AI setup, and there's already been some fascinating scenarios that have dynamically emerged.

Starr Long Interview Talks Career, MMOs & Licensing Classic Origin Properties

2019-07-06Arcade Attack has posted a wide-ranging interview with Origin veteran Starr Long. It discusses Mr. Long's extensive career at Origin and with the larger MMO scene, including his current work on Shroud of the Avatar.

Slight Variation Adds to Intriguing Diversity of Sell Sheets

2019-07-05The retro game site Commodore4ever has found another iteration of the Wing Commander 1 sell sheet advertisement. This one features a black banner with the words, "The award winning Space Combat Simulation. Available soon for the Amiga!

Happy Fourth!

2019-07-04We'd like to wish our visitors from the US a happy and safe Fourth of July this year. If you're partaking in fireworks, keep water or a fire extinguisher handy and protect your eyes and hands. I, for one, will be indoors celebrating our army's ability to take over the airports 243 years ago.

Arrows Swiftly Arrive in WC4 Era

2019-07-03To tie into yesterday's WC4 Remake news, DefianceIndustries continues to pump out some very impressive post-war ship designs. He's got two new flavors of the Arrow up today, including the rich Confed green and red/blue Pirate variant. They'll fit nicely with his Black Hellcat, Southampton destroyer and Caernaven frigate.

Watch WC4 Remake In Action

2019-07-02We've seen some tantalizing teaser images over the past six months, but Pedro has just dropped the first test videos for his WC4 Remake fan project. Of particular note is the authentic Hellcat cockpit taken from the original game's FMV sequences. Pedro's paired that with the familiar green HUD to add back in realistic cockpits.

Jazzed Up WC Engine Adds Firekkans, Neutron Guns & Chase Cam

2019-07-01Howard Day has several exciting new updates to his fancy WC1-inspired engine. The most obvious addition is a cool new Firekkan fighter. Howard's also added the neutron gun, made the radar functional and added other UI improvements.

Cop Chief Coriolis' Coveralls for the Collection

2019-06-30Ginger Lynn Allen is selling off one of her iconic Rachel Coriolis jumpsuits. It comes with matching hat and utility belt. Based on the sleeve cutoffs, it seems to be the variant worn in Wing Commander Prophecy.

Benchmark Your Retro Hardware with Phil

2019-06-29Phil's Computer Lab is a great YouTube channel focused on reviewing older tech. A while back he made a handful of tweak guides for Wing Commanders 1-3 and Privateer. In the clips below, he's also set up a series of reference videos to demonstrate how the original Wing Commander would be expected to run on actual 386 hardware: SX25, DX25, DX33 and DX40 machines.

Happy Birthday Panther!

2019-06-28We'd like to wish Wing Commander 4 actress Elizabeth Barondes a happy birthday! Today is her 55th. She shares the occasion with Elon Musk, Mel Brooks and Felicia Day.

Slick Early Heretic Found

2019-06-27No ALL WINGS CONSIDERED this week due to internet difficulties, but a neat discovery this morning: a promo shot of Privateer 2's Heretic dated October 1995, over a year before the game shipped. Compare it to the box art (with invasion stripes) and the in-game model (blue and yellow)!Bonus Heretic content: the original concept sketch, a 3.