Extract Even More With WC Toolbox

2020-08-07There's another nifty release of the WC Toolbox for all of the tinkerers and modders out there. Today UnnamedCharacter took the wraps off some new extraction abilities. The package now lets you extract raw video footage from Wing Commander 3's game files.

What Exactly Is This Video Enhancing AI?

2020-08-06We've posted a number of fancy video packages this year that feature the enhanced cutscenes ODVS has managed to create. We're careful to not refer to it as just "upscaling" since actual bits of new data are being added to create detail where none existed before. How is this accomplished and what are the limits?

Check Out This Deluxe Edition Wing Commander

2020-08-05Christian Klein posted some cool pictures of a Wing Commander box, and I thought this one was definitely worth sharing. There are many variants of the original "black box" Wing Commander, and most fans are familiar with the Deluxe Edition (with expansions) that come in a blue box. This particular copy, however, is the Software Toolworks Deluxe Edition that comes in a black box on CD!

Hi-Yo, Centurion!

2020-08-04Here's a fun sketch from Simon James on Instagram. It features a bounty hunter behind the green screen of a comm VDU. It almost looks like he's artistically chosen to jazz up the eyewear as a Lone Ranger-style mask.

Sabre Reconfigured for Flight Ops

2020-08-03It's been quite a while since Klavs has shown off a new Sabre, but he's back in the cockpit and taking another crack at it now. At this point the design is still in the pre-texture phase, but the spaceframe is already quite solid and the fighter is looking well equiped with its particle cannons, neutron guns and healthy complement of missiles. The nifty version with landing gear deployed also reveals several internal bays for additional ordnance!

New Routines Tested on WC3 Footage

2020-08-02When we posted the first complete pack of enhanced Wing Commander 3 videos a few weeks ago, we labeled them as a "first cut" preliminary effort. They still looked great, but ODVS continues to find ways to create even more visual fidelity of the surprisingly low res/framterate originals. As he looks towards what a 2.

New Snap Ship Toys Reminiscent of Wing Commander Fighters

2020-08-01Justin Flanery recently tipped us off about a new line of custom spaceship toys. PlayMonster's Snap Ships come in a variety of human and alien-styled designs, and the aesthetic could certainly be described as "Confed" or "Kilrathi. For example, the Scarab K.

Check Out the Other Wing Commander Collectible Cards

2020-07-31New this month on the Wingkipedia: high res scans of the 1999 X-Toys Wing Commander trading cards! Fans who kept their cards in the packaging could be missing out on some awesome reverse-side lore!A different trading card was included with each of X-Toys' eight Wing Commander action figures in 1999.

Learn About Remastering CGI Cutscenes

2020-07-30The WC4 Fan Remake will be using ODVS' fantastic video for most cutscenes, but there are a handful of CGI sequences that would be better served with complete graphical overhauls similar to the playable parts of the game. The team has to be careful to match the visual fidelity of anything new that they create so that it doesn't feel out of step with everything else. As such, DefianceIndustries, ODVS and Pedro have published a new article titled 'Recreating Worlds' to detail this process.

A Portent of Things to Come

2020-07-29Did you know that Wing Commander’s future history includes a two-century pandemic that forces Earth to quarantine from the rest of the solar system?

George Oldziey Streaming Live Friday

2020-07-28The Los Angeles College of Music will be hosting a live stream with Wing Commander composer George Oldziey on July 31. The event will be at 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern via the LACM Facebook page. George is part of the school's faculty teaching the next generation of artists.

Make a Model Morningstar

2020-07-27LYP Studios has put together a pretty neat Morningstar fighter for the Thingiverse 3D printing website. At nearly 15 inches long, it's a monster in the model fighter world and the large size allows for increased detail on the spaceframe. There's also plenty of ordnance it seems.

Enhanced WC4 Video Adds Even More Detail, Plus Audio & Compression Fixes

2020-07-26We're excited to kick off a new week with another impressive enhanced Wing Commander 4 video release. Although at some point soon there are likely to be diminishing returns and the pace of new iterations will slow, ODVS has managed to crank out an even better looking package of the game's cutscenes. In this edition there's better character detail, improved CGI and restored audio aboard the Lexington.

William Forstchen Profiled in the WCPedia

2020-07-25LOAF has been greatly expanding the WCPedia lately, and one of his newest pages is an exhaustive collection of William Forstchen's work. The author is well known for his six Wing Commander credits, but he's done a lot more than that over more than four decades writing professionally. A particularly cool addition to the archive are numerous scans of his submissions to Boys' Life, the magazine of Boy Scouts of America.

Top Kids Command Top Dollar

2020-07-24AD has found another Argentinian magazine that celebrates a classic Wing Commander release. This one is from the Top Kids Club magazine, number 24. The copy seems dominated by Mortal Kombat stuff, but Wing Commander 4 gets a lengthy review as well.

WC4 Fan Remake Launches Full-Featured Website

2020-07-23It's not every day that fans open a new Wing Commander website, so we're very excited today to unveil the new site for the fan remake WC4 Remastered! Pedro and DefianceIndustries have been doing the ground work to get the game's engine and core assets together for a while now, and efforts have recently been kicked into higher gear with the addition of ODVS' talents on video enhancement and 2D art. Now everything they've been working on has been collected in one central hub.

Privateer and Addons Unboxed

2020-07-22Broken Circus has done a fun unboxing video for Privateer on disk, Righteous Fire and the Privateer Speech Pack. These definitely fall into the category of lesser seen packages. Privateer was a really big release on CD, so most players got these addons on disc rather than in standalone boxes.

Meet the Confed Space Naval Academy's Finest

2020-07-21You can't have an arsenal of animated space fighters without an animated pilot, so DefianceIndustries got to work on creating Bob, the animated fighter jock. His most distinguishing feature might be his helmet, but he's ready to fly Hornets, Scimitars, Broadswords, Sabres and more. He's also the star of this new recruiting poster!

First Cut of Enhanced WC3 Clips Released

2020-07-20Due to popular demand, ODVS has put together and posted a complete set of enhanced Wing Commander 3 videos! There is not yet a method developed to integrate these directly into the game, but it's still an awesome trove of cutscenes to play around with. These are based off the Playstation version, so the source material is slightly higher quality.

WC4 Fan Remake Shows Off Latest Graphical Updates

2020-07-19Pedro has released a handful of exciting comparison shots for the WC4 Fan Remake. The first pair of images features a scene first without and then with the new Adaptive Screen Space Ambient Occlusion technique. With the effect incorporated, you can see more nuanced shadows and lighting.