Silvery Snakeir Sneaks on Scene

2019-10-18DefianceIndustries has taken a break from his recent string of later-era ships to take a stab at the WC Movie's Snakeir. It's not the first take on the design ever, but the film's ships are very underrepresented in fan art, so this is a welcome addition to his fleet. In its untextured form, the render below also allows you to appreciate all the detail of ship.

All Wings Considered - Episode 28 - LIVE!

2019-10-17The latest episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which features news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series. This week's Nav Points include: Wing Commander 3 - Blackmane System - let's save and/or take apart a starbase!

Captain Eisen Still Steering Our Ship

2019-10-16Today marks 23 years since the actor Jason Bernard passed away. Sadly, we've lost a number of friends and familiar faces over the years, but this one still looms large in my mind after more than two decades. 1996 was an intense year for Wing Commander fans.

Final Day for Second Book on Origin History

2019-10-15It's the final stretch for Andrea Contato's second book on the history of Origin, Through the Moongate, from Wing Commander and Ultima VII to Portalarium. The project is nearing its €40,000 stretch goal, which adds an appendix full of personal interviews and anecdotes. Jumping into the €50 (plus ~€25 for tracked shipping to North America) hardcover tier will also be the only way to get Denis Loubet's cool Wing Commander bookmark, so factor that into whether you would like to consider funding the book.

Freelancer Port Goes on Bug Smashing Rampage

2019-10-14L.I.F. continues to run troubleshooting interference on the Freelancer port and zap any glitches that pop up along the way.

Hong Kong Controversy Ensnares WC Vet

2019-10-13There's been a lot in the news lately about the Hong Kong protests and how various companies are reacting to those that support them, so it was only a matter of time until this story intersected with Wing Commander. Blizzard has been under fire this past week for their punishment of a Hearthstone player who spoke out in support of Hong Kong. The accusation is that they were overly harsh in their response in order to placate China.

Amazing Proposed WC1 Trinkets That Never Were

2019-10-12I dug this up after seeing Limited Run Games' extremely cool System Shock re-release: a doc from Wing Commander I's development that lists possible trinkets! I would've loved to see any of these... but miniature ships would've been amazing.

Turkish VHS Adds to the Mix

2019-10-11The Turkish VHS has been added to our international cavalcade of Wing Commander home video releases!Turkey also got the film on VCD!It's always great to come across odd localizations of the Wing Commander film that we missed in the past.

Happy Birthday Star Citizen!

2019-10-10Roberts Space Industries is celebrating the seventh anniversary of Star Citizen's launch today as Cloud Imperium continues to grind away on a number of difference fronts. A playable alpha is up to version 3.6 with a handful of playable first person, space combat and racing arenas.

Freelancer Port 1.0 Released!

2019-10-09As evidenced by the volume of updates in recent days, the Freelancer port has been zooming and is ready to release version 1.0 of the mod! L.

Visual Novel Project Highlights Story of Classic WC

2019-10-08SonataFantatica has started posting a series of "visual novels" that include just the story portions of the original Wing Commander games. So far he's completed Wing Commander 1, both Secret Missions 1&2 and Special Operations 1. This is an interesting concept and a surprising gap in fan-generated video content of this nature.

Freelancer Mod Adds Plenty of Rapiers

2019-10-07The Freelancer port is making excellent strides as the fighter fleet continues to fill up. In a handful of pictures below, L.I.

Tarsus Deployed to Sirius Sector

2019-10-06DefianceIndustries has a pretty sweet Tarsus in his lineup, but its high res nature doesn't lend itself to certain fan projects very readily. So in order to help the Freelancer port along, DI put together this medium res cargo ship, which still looks pretty great! L.

Wing Commander Bookmark Draft Revealed

2019-10-05As the Through the Moongate, Part 2 Kickstarter continues to truck along, Andrea Contato has shared the first preview of the exclusive Wing Commander Bookmark that will be given to certain tier backers for the project. This design is being put together by Denis Loubet, the senior Origin artist responsible for art direction on the first few Wing Commanders. Initial elements highlight some of the arrowhead iconography from the WC1 logo as well as a dual Confed/Kilrathi headshots and perhaps even a Dralthi, which would be pretty awesome.

Armada Highlighted in German Promo Vid

2019-10-04Deathsnake was recently trolling the archives of the German magazine PC Player and came across a neat video on Wing Commander Armada. The clip is brief and in German, but it represents what would have been super cutting edge at the time. There's a small handful of contemporary videos with WC3 info, but clips on Armada are especially rare.

All Wings Considered - Episode 27 - LIVE!

2019-10-03The latest episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED is live now! All Wings Considered is the CIC's first ever streaming variety show which features news, conversation and gameplay relating to our favorite series. This week's Nav Points include: Wing Commander 3 - Locanda System - 3DO Version Book Club - Heart of the Tiger Chapters 9 through 15 How much does it cost to print a manual, anyway?

Another Freelancer Faction Bulks Up

2019-10-02The Freelancer port project is quickly filling out. L.I.

All Fighters Up!

2019-10-01Artist Alan Gutierrez has posted another one of his fabulous Wing Commander scenes commissioned for the Wing Commander Customizable Card Game. It was mirrored and used as the art for the Magnum Launch card. It's hard to tell if this was just due to image processing, but there are possibly some very slight differences between the two scenes: the ceiling structure is more pronounced in the recent posting while the light reflections on the deck appear slightly more distinct on the card.

Stealth Arrow Pierces the Night

2019-09-30It's been a little while since we've seen a new ship from DefianceIndustries, but that's for good reason. He's been busy on quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work for other mods, although he managed to find the time to put together this stealthy dark Arrow. It's intended to be the cloakable light fighter from WC4, which completes his Arrow trio.

Freelancer Mod Expands with Impressive Capship Implementation

2019-09-29L.I.F. has made some great progress on his Freelancer port with Wing Commander ships.