Session Start: Sat Aug 16, 2014
Session Ident: #Wingnut

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[15:00] <capi3101> Howdy
[15:00] <FekLeyrTarg> servus (that's a greeting in Bavaria and Austria) :)
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[15:01] <powell99> Hey folks!\
[15:01] <DaveO> I'll have to get used to this new Web interface
[15:01] * wcnut Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[15:01] <ChrisReid> you can use mirc or whatever too
[15:02] <DaveO> Thanks for pointing out free WC3
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[15:04] <Vinman> happy birthday :)
[15:04] <DaveO> Sweet 16
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[15:04] <capi3101> Hey Klavs.
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[15:05] <capi3101> Bye Klavs...
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[15:09] <TowelMovement> the old 4x space game Ascendancy had a few music tracks that always sounded inspired by Oldziey in WC3.
[15:09] <centaurianmudpig> happy birthday cic
[15:10] <ChrisReid> thanks!
[15:10] <capi3101> Howdy, centaurianmudpig.
[15:12] <powell99> How's everyone doing?
[15:13] <ChrisReid> stressed, but that's a good thing. I work best under pressure
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[15:13] <Sylvester> Hey guys
[15:13] <powell99> Hey Sylvester!
[15:13] <FekLeyrTarg> im fine and you?
[15:13] <Sylvester> Powell! Buddy! Long time no see.
[15:13] <Sylvester> I was just thinking about AAO the other day.
[15:16] <DaveO> Hopefully no crashes like a few years ago
[15:17] <Vinman> wow that does sound a lot like music from wc3
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[15:18] * ChrisReid sets mode: +v PopsiclePete
[15:18] <capi3101> Evening, Pete.
[15:18] <PopsiclePete> Hi guys
[15:18] <wcnut> got to make sure i got my prophecy running incase someone want's to have a game
[15:18] <powell99> Hey Pete!
[15:18] <wcnut> hey pete!
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[15:19] <Vinman> it sounds like a mix of wc3/4 and tie fighter
[15:19] <DaveO> You can play multiplayer Prophecy with a small install IIRC
[15:19] <wcnut> oh that's true, but I got my cd's and my gog copy so I'm good
[15:19] <FekLeyrTarg> yes, you do.
[15:20] <Maslas> Hi there
[15:20] <capi3101> I'm kinda hoping the Austin symphony performance from July 4th will be among the offerings this evening.
[15:21] <capi3101> I'm still kinda miffed about that one.
[15:21] <capi3101> Evening, Maslas.
[15:21] <Maslas> nice chatting with u guys...first timer
[15:22] <Vinman> yeah me too, cap
[15:22] <Vinman> I had plans and couldn't listen to it
[15:23] <FekLeyrTarg> hi
[15:24] <capi3101> They only broadcast the last half hour of the concert; the first half had the WC suite.
[15:25] <capi3101> My understanding is that the CIC staff has it and they were trying to secure rights to post it to the site.
[15:25] <capi3101> Keeping my fingers crossed that they got said permission and were waiting for an auspicious time to say so.
[15:28] <Vinman> oooh I hope so
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[15:31] <Maslas> Guys sorry to interrupt...
[15:31] <capi3101> Not interrupting anything.
[15:32] <PopsiclePete> speak up now or forever shut up
[15:32] <Maslas> Here in Greece it's 1:30am so i came up
[15:32] <Vinman> oh my
[15:32] <Maslas> just say Happy Birthday to CIC
[15:32] <PopsiclePete> hey, you can burn the night with us ! :)
[15:33] <Maslas> would be glad
[15:33] <Maslas> but got a wife and a baby child
[15:33] <Maslas> thanks by the way
[15:34] <PopsiclePete> I am seated next to my daughters, I had them watch a movie :)
[15:34] * wcnut has joined #wingnut
[15:34] <PopsiclePete> Alright, see ya next time then
[15:34] <Maslas> it was nice to see so many familiar faces for the first
[15:34] <FekLeyrTarg> see ya soon and kindest regards to your family :)
[15:35] <Maslas> thank you guys nice to meet you
[15:35] <capi3101> Maslas, ~H'in ri'najji'ha hafka, maks desh ri'hav nakhk jaqdu, h'in agon'ha gathleshkik du ni'hus~.
[15:35] <capi3101> Er...May your talons be wet, and if fated not to return, may praise be sung in thy name.
[15:35] <capi3101> Whatevs.
[15:35] <PopsiclePete> hehe
[15:35] <Maslas> hehehe
[15:36] * capi3101 Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[15:36] <Maslas> good night from Greece
[15:36] <PopsiclePete> Good night !
[15:36] <FekLeyrTarg> good night/gute nacht :)
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[15:40] <Mirage> Just wanted to say hello and Happy Birthday CIC.
[15:40] <PopsiclePete> Hi
[15:41] <PopsiclePete> Nice to see a friendly ship !
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[15:49] <FekLeyrTarg> Is it just me or is kiwiirc having problems?
[15:51] * capi3101 has joined #wingnut
[15:51] <capi3101> Well, have I missed anything yet?
[15:51] <PopsiclePete> not yet !
[15:51] <capi3101> Excellent.
[15:52] <capi3101> Topic of discussion at the moment?
[15:53] <Vinman> hmmmm ummm how about we start a conversation
[15:53] <FekLeyrTarg> good idea
[15:53] <Vinman> whatcha been playing?
[15:54] <capi3101> Not much, lately...
[15:54] * TCSTigersClaw has joined #wingnut
[15:54] <capi3101> Old stuff, primarily.
[15:54] <capi3101> GOG rules...
[15:54] <TCSTigersClaw> Happy birthday CIC sorry I am late
[15:55] <Vinman> yeah it really does
[15:55] * LeHah has joined #wingnut
[15:55] * ChrisReid sets mode: +v LeHah
[15:55] <Vinman> np party hasn't started yet :)
[15:55] <DaveO> I must have spent $50 or so on the GoG Summer sale
[15:55] <capi3101> Hey TCSTigersClaw, you're not late yet.
[15:55] <TCSTigersClaw> really ? I thought I was late ,damn these timezones :D
[15:55] <Vinman> hehehe
[15:55] <FekLeyrTarg> ;)
[15:55] <capi3101> You're about five minutes early yet.
[15:55] <capi3101> At least that's what my clock is saying.
[15:56] <LeHah> YOU ARE NOT FEKLAR
[15:56] <TCSTigersClaw> 1.55 AM here :)
[15:56] <FekLeyrTarg> what the time in the zone you live? It's 0055 here in Austria :)
[15:56] <FekLeyrTarg> Oh yes I am ;)
[15:56] <capi3101> 5:56 PM, Central Oklahoma
[15:56] <DaveO> Arizona, where we don't believe in Daylight Savings Time
[15:56] * iDundradal has joined #wingnut
[15:57] <TCSTigersClaw> brb guys
[15:57] <FekLeyrTarg> roger
[15:57] <iDundradal> Happy party day!
[15:57] <LeHah> Happy birthday CIC
[15:57] * mavhan has joined #wingnut
[15:57] <LeHah> (In three minutes)
[15:57] * iDundradal Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
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[15:58] <Whistler> Damnable internet
[15:58] <^Death_> If you want to split hairs (on the internet? Say it ain't so! :P ), the actual launch celebration is at 8, not 7.
[15:58] <capi3101> Howdy, Whistler!
[15:58] * Raptor has joined #wingnut
[15:59] <capi3101> I've been trying to get back into KSP lately.
[15:59] <capi3101> Anybody here play?
[15:59] <Whistler> In the words of Sam Fisher, "I like to be early." And hi there Capi.
[15:59] <^Death_> Have enough timesinks on my hands as it is, thanks. :P (KSP)
[16:00] <capi3101> Same here.
[16:00] <capi3101> Largely why I stopped for a while.
[16:00] <Whistler> Adoring my new Phoenix
[16:00] <capi3101> That and the game melts my processor.
[16:00] <Music_guru> it's time to party everyone! ya!
[16:01] <TCSTigersClaw> :D
[16:01] <Whistler>
[18:58] (^Death_) If you want to split hairs (on the internet? Say it ain't so! :P ), the actual launch celebration is at 8, not 7.
[16:01] <Music_guru> 8pm EST?
[16:01] <FekLeyrTarg> time for some Firekka's finest mixed with boomboom!!!! :D
[16:01] <Music_guru> you mean when the website gets updated
[16:02] <capi3101> Yeah.
[16:02] * Whistler whips out a decanter of JumpShock
[16:02] <Whistler> I need to find Steve Mustang's old drink list.
[16:03] <capi3101> Damn straight.
[16:03] <Whistler> I was too young to enjoy them when I first read them :P
[16:03] <capi3101> I was thinking about that myself this evening.
[16:03] * TrelaneV has joined #wingnut
[16:03] * ChrisReid sets mode: +o TrelaneV
[16:03] <Vinman> trello
[16:03] <capi3101> I think I still have a copy of Mustang's Run somewhere...
[16:03] <TrelaneV> Yo, internet
[16:04] <capi3101> Howdy
[16:04] <Whistler> He had a modern Earth equivalent of several canon drinks and a few custom recipes that other Aces made.
[16:04] <TrelaneV> Happy birthday
[16:04] <NinjaLA> I gotta work for the first birthday ever
[16:04] <NinjaLA> but happy birthday nevertheless!
[16:04] * Frosty has joined #wingnut
[16:04] <Frosty> Whatup.
[16:04] <TCSTigersClaw> hi Frosty !
[16:05] * Whistler passes out the stiens
[16:05] <capi3101> we go. Not Mustang's Run...what I've got is a copy of Hell in a Handbasket: Stallion’s Stampede.
[16:05] <capi3101> Couldn't tell you how long that's been sitting on my backup drive......
[16:05] <NinjaLA> I'll leave th chat open.. have fun everybody.
[16:05] <TrelaneV> Peace to all the gods and all the Earth
[16:05] <Frosty> It's sad that LOAF is sick.
[16:06] <Raptor> Too much alcohol?
[16:06] <TCSTigersClaw> Loaf isn`t coming ? :/
[16:06] <Frosty> He said he has some kind of flu :(
[16:06] <Music_guru> oh, LOAF's sick, bummer :(
[16:06] <Vinman> oh no!
[16:06] <ace> :(
[16:06] <^Death_> hey Tre and Frosty
[16:06] <Frosty> Heya
[16:06] <TrelaneV> Yohbody
[16:06] * powell99 Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:06] <TCSTigersClaw> is chrisreid here ? or is that a bot ? :P
[16:07] <Vinman> you'd think he'd be able to use a laptop in bed or something :(
[16:07] <ChrisReid> hey!
[16:07] <AD> We're all Here
[16:07] <ChrisReid> How's it going?
[16:07] <Whistler> Na zdrowie!
[16:07] <TCSTigersClaw> !! Happy birthday to all then
[16:07] <AD> Getting ready to paaaarrrty
[16:07] <ChrisReid> yeah, sorry we're slow to get going
[16:07] <AD> Just not quite ready hehe
[16:07] <ChrisReid> had a few unexpected issues
[16:07] <ChrisReid> but we're here and everything is falling into place
[16:07] <Music_guru> hey chris!
[16:07] <TCSTigersClaw> Guys thats the first time since 2002 I am to a CIC mirc Party I am excited
[16:07] <ChrisReid> just a few frantic minutes late
[16:07] <Cpl_Hades> Hey
[16:07] <ChrisReid> yeah, that's awesome
[16:07] <^Death_> 'few unexpected issues'? Why that NEVER happens...
[16:07] <^Death_> :P
[16:08] * Pain has joined #wingnut
[16:08] <Vinman> hehehe
[16:08] <Music_guru> hi everyone, good to see you!
[16:08] <ChrisReid> yeah, poor loaf got a nasty stomach flu
[16:08] <ChrisReid> really hit him hard today
[16:08] <Whistler> Na zdrowie! (Cheers *blessings* in Polish)
[16:08] <Vinman> oh yuck :(
[16:08] <ChrisReid> so we're down a man at the moment
[16:08] <Music_guru> that really sucks
[16:08] <TrelaneV> Boo-urns
[16:08] <FekLeyrTarg> get well soon loaf. :)
[16:08] <ChrisReid> yeah, but he's here in spirit, for sure
[16:08] <ChrisReid> and he sent a cake
[16:08] <ChrisReid> that Alexis made
[16:09] <TrelaneV> Nope, Spirit died ages ago
[16:09] <Whistler> That's been going around here in Florida, a bit o NORA virus
[16:09] <Music_guru> awesome, going to post a photo i hope
[16:09] <Frosty> LOAF is skilled in astral projection.
[16:09] * Sylvester has joined #wingnut
[16:09] <Sylvester> Aand I'm back. Hello all.
[16:09] <Vinman> wb
[16:10] <TCSTigersClaw> hello sylvester
[16:11] <capi3101> @TrelaneV, that was wrong on a plethora of levels...
[16:11] <capi3101> :)
[16:11] <Whistler> Would it be better if he said, "be here in Maniac"?
[16:11] <Music_guru> so, how are things settling down since the wedding chris?
[16:11] <capi3101> No; if anything, that's worse...
[16:12] <ChrisReid> it's been surprisingly hectic
[16:12] <ChrisReid> not sure if you saw those 737s that fell in the river last month
[16:12] <Sylvester> Ah yeah - my dad sent me some of those pictures. He works for Union Pacific
[16:12] <Music_guru> ya, i did - i heard about it the night of the concert :P
[16:13] <ChrisReid> yeah, I work for Boeing.. so I was one of the people in charge of fixing that mess
[16:13] <Vinman> yikes
[16:13] <ChrisReid> so lots of 12 hour days last month
[16:13] <Sylvester> How many airframes did you lose?
[16:13] <ChrisReid> six
[16:13] <Whistler> Sad fate for good builds
[16:13] <Music_guru> ouch
[16:13] <capi3101> Oof
[16:13] <TCSTigersClaw> wait what ? iam googling now for info
[16:13] <Sylvester> were those -900s or MAX fuselages?
[16:13] <ChrisReid> yeah, just google "737s in river"
[16:13] <ChrisReid> 737-800s
[16:13] <Sylvester> Damn
[16:14] <TCSTigersClaw> that`s sad..
[16:14] <Music_guru> here's one image:
[16:14] <Sylvester> Oh - what gets assembled in Charleston? I was on an out and in with my squadron earlier this week and we saw the Dreamlifter taking off.
[16:14] <Whistler> The local marina got a nice boost in tourism
[16:14] <^Death_> 6 in the drink? Man, _that_ is gonna leave a mark in someone's record...
[16:15] * Pain Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:16] <^Death_> The people repairing the damage probably got some serious OT from it, though.
[16:16] <ChrisReid> yeah, it was like a punch in the gut seeing the pictures
[16:16] * Pedro has joined #wingnut
[16:16] <Pedro> Hi
[16:16] <Sylvester> I also think we saw a 787 in Kenya Airlines colors doing flight testing.
[16:16] <Music_guru> hi pedro!
[16:16] <TCSTigersClaw> hey Pedro !!!
[16:16] <Whistler> Yo
[16:16] <ChrisReid> Charleston makes the aft and mid body of the 787, plus does final assembly on a small number of them as well
[16:16] <capi3101> Howdy, Pedro
[16:16] <Sylvester> What's currently built in Everett?
[16:16] * iDundradal has joined #wingnut
[16:17] <Music_guru> so, did the fuselages come back to boeing for repair? or were they just total loses
[16:17] <iDundradal> Finallt
[16:17] <iDundradal> finally
[16:17] <Music_guru> hey dundradal
[16:17] <Whistler> Working now?
[16:17] <ChrisReid> total loss
[16:17] <TCSTigersClaw> hi Dundradal
[16:17] <iDundradal> sorta
[16:17] <ChrisReid> figuring out how to make new ones and then fit those in
[16:18] <iDundradal> wedding about to start
[16:18] <capi3101> Seems to be what happens when you see a hull half-submerged in water...
[16:18] <Frosty> Just hammer the dents out and buff it.
[16:18] <Pedro> Hiya Dund
[16:18] <Frosty> It'll be fine.
[16:18] <ChrisReid> alrighty, so, as the rest of the CIC staff finishes up on birthday stuff here
[16:18] <Music_guru> double ouch... man, is there even insurace for that kind of event happening?
[16:18] <iDundradal> hey!
[16:18] <ChrisReid> yeah, there's insurance, it'll be a gigantic claim
[16:18] <Sylvester> Where are the P-8s made?
[16:18] <ChrisReid> the P-8s are made in Renton near the regular 737s
[16:18] <TCSTigersClaw> Evaluation ? Total loss
[16:18] <ChrisReid> hehe
[16:19] <ChrisReid> near Seattle
[16:19] <capi3101> The Mistral Coast is near Seattle? Who knew?
[16:19] <Music_guru> "you were not to blame for either"
[16:19] <Whistler> You can't live your life for the approval of one man.
[16:19] <Music_guru> thanks paladin
[16:19] <capi3101> Some might disagree...
[16:19] <Music_guru> :P
[16:19] <ChrisReid> so... did anyone want to do trivia and prizes and our traditional birthday stuff?
[16:20] <DaveO> Don't forget WC3 is free for now on Origin
[16:20] <Sylvester> Speak of your planes, not of your railcars. Tell me how you plan to defeat the water damage!
[16:20] <TCSTigersClaw> yes please I have no Idea what we do in cic parties
[16:20] <Whistler> If I can type gast enough
[16:20] <Whistler> Fast enough. ..damnit
[16:20] <capi3101> Eh, why not.
[16:20] <Music_guru> go for it chris!
[16:20] <Pedro> First party
[16:20] <Pedro> ?
[16:20] <Frosty> Oh but you all get a special treat this year.
[16:20] <ChrisReid> cool, Frosty is going to kick us off! I'm going to go quiet for a few minutes while we finish things up, but Frosty has the secret master list of LOAF-approved trivia
[16:20] <TCSTigersClaw> my first party
[16:20] <Frosty> Because the good and useful people are ALL VERY BUSY OR ALSO SICK.
[16:21] <Whistler> Sweet
[16:21] <capi3101> True.
[16:21] <capi3101> Rules?
[16:21] <Music_guru> ya, the WC3 free on origin is nice to have on CIC's b-day
[16:21] <ChrisReid> so look to Frosty for the trivia here, he'll announce a prize, pose a question
[16:21] <Frosty> That means you get a special trivia this year, friends. A nice, slow, incompetently hosted trivia party. On IRC.
[16:21] <ChrisReid> and the first to direct message him with the correct nswer is the winner
[16:21] <capi3101> How to direct message?
[16:21] <TCSTigersClaw> no answer here ? on private ?
[16:21] <Vinman> hehehe
[16:22] <capi3101> Second year here, I need the reminder.
[16:22] <ChrisReid> normally on irc it would be /message Frosty textanswer
[16:22] <ChrisReid> not sure if that is exactly how it works on all clients
[16:22] <FekLeyrTarg> thx
[16:22] <Whistler> Msg is sufficient
[16:22] <ChrisReid> I suppose you might want to test that
[16:22] <ChrisReid> before the first question
[16:22] <FekLeyrTarg> msg chrisreid test
[16:22] <TrelaneV> Woo, incompetence
[16:22] <ChrisReid> oh right, /msg chrisreid test
[16:22] <FekLeyrTarg> m bad
[16:22] <FekLeyrTarg> my bad
[16:22] <TCSTigersClaw> I am from the browser there is an option when you press the nickname
[16:22] <ChrisReid> so probably /msg, not /message
[16:23] <ChrisReid> cool
[16:23] <iDundradal> It's a crazy year all around
[16:23] <^Death_> On mIRC, you can double-click the person's name and it will open up a /msg box that works like a regular channel window.
[16:23] <TrelaneV> If you know the answer, dial 1-800-WC-CHAT1 with your answer
[16:23] <Frosty> So the point is I'm gonna take a minute to pick a REALLY GOOD QUESTION to begin the evening, and also I have to pick something to put on in iTunes. So one sec...
[16:23] <Pedro> Trying a client called cotton
[16:23] <iDundradal> im watching a wedding at mt hood now
[16:23] <Pedro> can't figure it out :P
[16:23] <ZFGokuSSJ1> HexChat
[16:23] <TrelaneV> hehe wow, LeHah was here
[16:24] <Music_guru> frosty, if you could have your name highlighted in chat, that would be helpful too
[16:24] <Whistler> "Trello? Do I win?!"
[16:24] <Frosty> OK
[16:24] <Frosty> I don't know how to do that.
[16:24] <TrelaneV> Sorry, no. We were looking for caller #9
[16:24] <Frosty> But I'm totally into the idea.
[16:24] <Music_guru> lol, LOAF used to always do that
[16:24] <TrelaneV> I know how to do it in mIRC
[16:24] <DaveO> Double click works on the IRC chat browser
[16:24] <TrelaneV> Ctrl-K
[16:25] <Frosty> OK I'm just gonna listen to the entire Coheed discography in exact track order. Time to pick a question...
[16:25] <Music_guru> 4 test
[16:25] <Music_guru> ya, ctrl-k works
[16:25] <TCSTigersClaw> I am excited :D
[16:25] <FekLeyrTarg> same here
[16:26] <Raptor> First I've been able to make this thing
[16:26] <capi3101> Going to turn on the dulcet tones of The Fat Man here...Wing One.
[16:26] <^Death_> Music, colors are kinda discouraged around here, though. Not everyone uses black text on white background.
[16:26] <TrelaneV> Wrong answer, put on the version of "Dazed and Confused" from How the West Was Won and it'll last you all evening
[16:26] <Frosty> OK this one came from a pile labelled "MEDIUM" so hopefully it'll set a good baseline.
[16:26] <Music_guru> oh, i'm just saying LOAF used to use colors for trivia, that's all
[16:27] <TrelaneV> 12,8You can change the background too
[16:27] <Vinman> wowzers
[16:27] <Frosty> This isn't so much a question as it is a PUZZLE. Cheer with delight!
[16:27] <capi3101> AHH MY EYES ARE BURNING!!!!
[16:27] <TCSTigersClaw> yes no yellow please :P
[16:27] * Shere has joined #wingnut
[16:27] <Pileo> yay!
[16:27] <Vinman> hahaha remember when that was first implemented and everybody used colors?
[16:27] <Vinman> that was a bad time to be on irc
[16:28] <TCSTigersClaw> I sure did.. :P
[16:28] <TrelaneV> <BLINK>Yes</BLINK>
[16:28] <Whistler> Spam everywhere
[16:28] <Frosty> OH WAIT. Also I need to pick a prize. Who is totally all about winning one of this supposedly infinite number of WC games on GOG I can distribute? THAT IS THE PRIZE. A GOG.
[16:28] <Frosty> Beginning.
[16:28] <Frosty> QUESTION THE FIRST: Rearrange these letters to find a Kilrathi callsign! PRREDSHEDAE
[16:28] <Frosty> GO GO GO GO GO
[16:29] <TrelaneV> Sherpaderpa
[16:29] <Vinman> GOG GAMES A GO-GO
[16:29] <ace> hehehe
[16:29] <Frosty> Guess what guys.
[16:29] <TCSTigersClaw> o no :(
[16:29] <Frosty> capi3101 totally got it.
[16:29] <Frosty> Like immediately.
[16:29] <capi3101> hAHAHAHAH
[16:29] <Frosty> WINNER.
[16:29] <TrelaneV> hehe wow
[16:29] <Vinman> lol
[16:29] <FekLeyrTarg> well done :)
[16:29] <capi3101> Ape Shredder
[16:29] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Brutal
[16:29] <TCSTigersClaw> WELL DONE CAPI
[16:29] <ace> Nice
[16:29] <Pedro> nice one
[16:29] <Sylvester> I can never remember the WC3 ones
[16:29] <Vinman> could you make the questions be in blue?
[16:29] <TrelaneV> I'm the worst at trivia so expect only sarcasm and bad puns from me
[16:29] <Whistler> He would lol
[16:29] <Music_guru> wow
[16:29] <ZFGokuSSJ1> Are you Tom Hanks in Da Vinci Code
[16:30] <TCSTigersClaw> I won`t answer a single one :/
[16:30] <Vinman> I only answered one last time, the one about Casey being a caterer
[16:30] <capi3101> Naw, just spent a fair amount of time in things Kilrathi this year...
[16:30] <Frosty> This is the part of the game where the question has been answered, but I'm still not being useful to you.
[16:30] <capi3101> ...I can't win any more, right?
[16:30] <TrelaneV> What was the answer?
[16:30] * Frosty is selecting SECOND QUESTION.
[16:30] <capi3101> Ape Shredder
[16:31] <TrelaneV> ah
[16:31] <Shere> yup, the older fans get, the worse their memory :) can't remember anything
[16:31] <Vinman> I think you can keep on winning and winning
[16:31] <DaveO> I got two prizes on the last B-Day bash
[16:31] <DaveO> So go for it!
[16:31] <ace> I should get some booze
[16:32] <TrelaneV> That sounds like an excellent idea
[16:32] <Frosty> Yeah, and if you just dominate everyone I'll start lying about who's winning to keep everyone happy anyway.
[16:32] <capi3101> That works.
[16:32] <Whistler> That always helps the memory
[16:32] <FekLeyrTarg> ;)
[16:32] <Music_guru> lol
[16:32] <TCSTigersClaw> hells kitchen
[16:32] <Frosty> WHO WANNA ACADEMY DVD?
[16:32] <TrelaneV> All I have is red wine, caramel vodka, and some weird diet pre-mixed margarita that's been in my fridge for 11 months
[16:32] <TCSTigersClaw> YES YES me likey
[16:32] <Frosty> That a prize #2. Prepare.
[16:32] <TrelaneV> I do
[16:33] <Frosty> OK well here's how to get it.
[16:34] <Frosty> Riddle me this: What planet in the Tri-System features a beer-based religion?
[16:34] <ace> I've amassed an impressive collection of Scotch these past couple years
[16:34] <Vinman> hehehe
[16:34] <TCSTigersClaw> really ? oh man I have no hope here :P
[16:34] <Frosty> OK well that was an extremely close one.
[16:34] <Frosty> THE ANSWER HAS COME IN.
[16:34] * centaurianmudpig Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:34] <Whistler> Didn't play priv 2 that much
[16:34] <Vinman> Bex, yo
[16:34] <capi3101> Bex
[16:34] <Music_guru> ya!
[16:34] <TrelaneV> I actually knew that one, good job me
[16:34] <FekLeyrTarg> the Bex experience ;)
[16:34] <Vinman> P2 ruled
[16:34] <Frosty> Music_guru won it by a fraction of a second ahead of capi3101.
[16:34] <ZFGokuSSJ1> nerd
[16:35] <Frosty> So you guys need to be scared of capi.
[16:35] <ace> Yeah I remember that too surprisingly
[16:35] <Frosty> He gonna win it all.
[16:35] <Whistler> Clive Owen is in a new show: The Knick
[16:35] <Music_guru> someone has got to beat out capi3101 :P
[16:35] <capi3101> No y'all don't...
[16:35] <Shere> by Soderberg, yup
[16:35] <Music_guru> lol
[16:35] <TCSTigersClaw> are these the MEDium questions ? :P
[16:35] * iDundradal Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:35] * centaurianmudpig has joined #wingnut
[16:35] <TrelaneV> It turns out capi is LOAF all along, faking being sick to get the prizes
[16:35] <Vinman> haha
[16:35] <ace> hehehe
[16:35] <TCSTigersClaw> lol
[16:36] <Music_guru> keeping the prizes in the vault
[16:36] <Whistler> Not in Oklahoma lol
[16:36] <capi3101> Shh...
[16:36] <Music_guru> it's like, Win LOAF's Money with capi3101
[16:36] <Frosty> The joke is on Chris since all the prizes come from his hoarde.
[16:36] <Music_guru> true :P
[16:37] <FekLeyrTarg> Klingons do not laugh ;)
[16:37] * Frosty is contemplating prize #3.
[16:37] * Whistler hears crickets
[16:37] <PopsiclePete> Frosty, better change your color for the question ?
[16:37] * iDundradal has joined #wingnut
[16:37] <Music_guru> the funny thing was, i was considering buying the academy DVD just the other day - this was perfect :P
[16:38] <capi3101> Yeah, I was going to make my kids watch it.
[16:38] <Vinman> yeah, 12 this color or something
[16:38] <capi3101> Now they have to listen to adverts for Pacific Blue.
[16:38] <Music_guru> lol
[16:38] <Vinman> haha haven't done that in years
[16:38] <TCSTigersClaw> I was going to force my kids watch it :D
[16:38] <TrelaneV> Frosty is a modern gentleman who doesn't segregate things by color, thank you
[16:38] <Frosty> So there.
[16:38] <PopsiclePete> hehe
[16:38] <Vinman> well I never!
[16:38] <Music_guru> what?!
[16:39] <Vinman> ebola!
[16:39] <TCSTigersClaw> a hat ?
[16:39] <Sylvester> a brand new 2654 Rapier?
[16:39] <Frosty> You get a TCS Eisen shirt.
[16:39] <TCSTigersClaw> ebola is popular these days
[16:39] <iDundradal> Ugh phone irx is annoying
[16:39] <Whistler> Ooo gimme gimme
[16:39] <TrelaneV> That's pretty nice
[16:39] <Frosty> HAT IS CLOSEST. TCSTigersClaw wins that. But THERE IS NO PRIZE FOR GUESSING THE PRIZE. Question forthcoming.
[16:39] <TCSTigersClaw> come on I have to win something!
[16:39] <Music_guru> one of the phoenix constellation ships? (wait, wrong universe)
[16:39] <TrelaneV> hehehe
[16:39] <TCSTigersClaw> that was as close as I can get Frosty :P
[16:39] <ace> hehehe
[16:40] <Vinman> can't wait to take my 315p and find the jump point that links star citizen and wing commander
[16:40] <Shere> jump through and never return? :)
[16:41] <Music_guru> all of a sudden, the kilrah system
[16:41] <Vinman> hahaha
[16:41] <TrelaneV> Amusing anecdote, today I was called at work because a customer was bothered by the fact that there was a "suspicious man" on the side of the drive way "harassing 3 teenage girls"
[16:41] <FekLeyrTarg> :D
[16:41] * iDundradal Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:42] * Madawg has joined #wingnut
[16:42] <TrelaneV> I went over to investigate. It was a homeless Romanian family, the father had a sign describing they had no money and he was collecting donations for his wife and two daughters
[16:42] <Music_guru> oh boy
[16:42] <TCSTigersClaw> :/
[16:42] <ace> hehehe
[16:42] <Vinman> well that's a downer
[16:42] <Frosty> Prepare to be stumped.
[16:42] <TrelaneV> The privelaged white woman who brought it to my attention was very very concerned for the three girls
[16:42] <Music_guru> so his wife looked like a teenage girl :P
[16:43] * Madawg Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:43] <Vinman> at least things aren't all bad for him I guess
[16:43] <Shere> maybe she was his second wife or something
[16:43] <TrelaneV> So I bought them lunch and asked them to move to public property
[16:43] <TCSTigersClaw> Trelane what is your job ?
[16:43] <TrelaneV> I'm a manager at Target
[16:43] <TCSTigersClaw> you did good :)
[16:43] * iDundradal has joined #wingnut
[16:43] <ZFGokuSSJ1> THe manager
[16:44] <Music_guru> ya, good way to handle that
[16:44] <Frosty> FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF BECOMING A REDSHIRT: What are two names for this fighter?
[16:44] <capi3101> I agree with TCSTigersClaw
[16:44] * iDundradal Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:44] <Vinman> the rapier 3!
[16:44] <TrelaneV> I'm terrible at ship identification. I'm going to pee and pour some wine
[16:44] <Whistler> The hell?
[16:44] <capi3101> Oof...
[16:45] <ace> That's a good one
[16:45] <Frosty> Feel free to attempt to answer.
[16:45] <Vinman> wing commander online didn't even come out, so don't be embarrassed if you don't know the name of the ship
[16:45] * powell99 has joined #wingnut
[16:45] <Frosty> Someone is halfway.
[16:46] <powell99> And I'm back! Hey folks! (again)
[16:46] <Whistler> Hell if I know hehe
[16:46] <Vinman> yo!
[16:46] <Vinman> btw there's a question goin
[16:46] <Vinman> <@Frosty> FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF BECOMING A REDSHIRT: What are two names for this fighter?
[16:47] * LeHah has joined #wingnut
[16:47] <Vinman> wb
[16:47] <Frosty> Someone got one name, SOMEONE ELSE GOT THE OTHER. Keep guessin.
[16:47] <Vinman> AAAAAHHH!!!
[16:47] <Shere> fury?
[16:47] <Whistler> You said guess :P
[16:47] <Vinman> you have to /msg frosty with your answer
[16:47] <Shere> oh, ok :) sorry for being a spoilsport
[16:48] <Vinman> np
[16:48] <ace> It's ok
[16:48] <Shere> I guess whoever got the second name wins now? :)
[16:48] <Frosty> Nobody has said both to me yet.
[16:49] <Frosty> WHO WILL WIN GLORY?
[16:49] <Shere> ok, crusader then
[16:49] * Whistler Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:49] <ace> Oh man
[16:49] <Vinman> uhhh
[16:49] * Whistler has joined #wingnut
[16:50] <TrelaneV> wow, I can't believe no one got it yet
[16:50] <TrelaneV> Well done
[16:50] <FekLeyrTarg> congrats
[16:50] <TCSTigersClaw> nice !! what was the other name ?
[16:50] <ace> yay
[16:50] <Vinman> hahaha
[16:50] <Frosty> FURY and CRUSADER
[16:50] <Whistler> Orly
[16:50] <TCSTigersClaw> I was just guessing blindely sorry Frosty :P
[16:50] <Frosty> rly
[16:50] <capi3101> Got crusader...
[16:50] <capi3101> Sent Frosty a bunch of other crap...
[16:50] <TCSTigersClaw> capi is LOAF
[16:50] <Music_guru> nice job, that was a tough one
[16:51] <Vinman> yeah
[16:51] <TrelaneV> Yeah, T-shirts are primo prizes
[16:51] <TrelaneV> Gotta make you work
[16:51] <Frosty> I am so sorry I picked such a hard question.
[16:51] <Frosty> Don't worry, the next one will be from the EXTRA EASY pile.
[16:51] <Whistler> I'd be happy with a glass mug
[16:51] <FekLeyrTarg> no problem. :)
[16:51] <TCSTigersClaw> Trelane you know that in greek your Calsign translates to "CrazyHim"
[16:51] <Sylvester> By the way - I don't think I ever got my prizes from last year's birthday
[16:51] <Frosty> And the prize will be accordingly worthless.
[16:51] <TrelaneV> hehehe
[16:51] <ace> hehehe
[16:51] <Music_guru> no, that was awesome frosty, gave people a chance to get it
[16:52] <TrelaneV> I did not know that. I just picked it from a Star Trek novel 20 years ago
[16:52] <LeHah> And not the original episode?
[16:52] <Vinman> wait, it's not even from the episode???
[16:52] <TrelaneV> hehehe
[16:52] <FekLeyrTarg> the squire of gothos
[16:52] <capi3101> I read that novel...trying to remember the name.
[16:52] <Whistler> Fastest typer, I am not. Android keyboards are harsh and I have large thumbs :P
[16:52] <TrelaneV> Well, yes, but I recently read Q-Squared and it stuck from that
[16:52] <Vinman> all these decades I thought it was from the episode oh my god
[16:52] <capi3101> Q-squared, right?
[16:52] <TCSTigersClaw> Trelane means literally not Crazy him , Do crazy stuff
[16:53] * Frosty is selecting the FIFTH PRIZE.
[16:53] <TrelaneV> Make it extra worthless
[16:53] * Frosty FOURTH.
[16:53] * Frosty COUNTING IS HARD.
[16:53] * Vinman 's mind explodes
[16:53] <Pileo> ouch
[16:53] <Music_guru> wut, math?
[16:53] <TrelaneV> YOU ARE NUMBER SIX
[16:53] <capi3101> That's the one where they start off with the continuinty where Jack Crusher is captain of the Enterprise and you're sitting there going "Jal'hu vrax?!?!?"
[16:53] <powell99> hehe
[16:53] <TCSTigersClaw> capi is an encyclopedia
[16:54] <Whistler> Its just like Scanners
[16:54] <Vinman> hahaha
[16:54] <Whistler> Oh F iTunes
[16:54] <Shere> damn, I'll have to get iTunes first
[16:54] <Frosty> Prove you know anything about Wing Commander at all...
[16:54] <LeHah> Hehehehehe the best thing about Scanners is how they made the head explode
[16:54] <TrelaneV> hehehe, I saw that recently
[16:54] <TrelaneV> It is pretty great
[16:54] <TCSTigersClaw> so far I proved I know nothing about wing commander :P
[16:54] <Frosty> QUESTION FOUR: What was the name of the first Terran ship to encounter the Kilrathi?
[16:54] <ace> Scanners is great
[16:54] <capi3101> shit
[16:54] <LeHah> They spent months trying to get it right and ended up just hiding underneath the desk with a shotgun
[16:55] * wingnut|76208 Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[16:55] <capi3101> Sorry y'all.
[16:55] <TrelaneV> Pfft, even I know that one
[16:55] <Whistler> Voices of War escapes me now
[16:55] <capi3101> Misspelled it.
[16:55] <Frosty> capi3101 was THE FIRST TO ANSWER, but the first dude to spell it right was PopsiclePete.
[16:55] <capi3101> Hell.
[16:55] <TrelaneV> hehehe
[16:55] <PopsiclePete> hehehe
[16:55] <ace> Oooo
[16:55] <FekLeyrTarg> well done :)
[16:55] <Whistler> Lolz
[16:55] <TCSTigersClaw> what was the answer ?
[16:55] <Music_guru> nice popsiclepete!
[16:55] <capi3101> TCS Iason
[16:55] <powell99> Hehe. Congrats!
[16:55] <Vinman> Iason
[16:55] <TrelaneV> Iason
[16:55] <Music_guru> yep, Iason
[16:56] <Whistler> Wait..
[16:56] <TCSTigersClaw> O man the first answer I knew and I was slow :P
[16:56] <Vinman> haha super easy :)
[16:56] <TCSTigersClaw> special bonus WHO WAS THE CAPTAIN :P
[16:56] <TrelaneV> I imagine someone typing Jason but spelling it wrong
[16:56] <Whistler> I thought you said the name of the Kilrathi ship
[16:56] <Whistler> Oops
[16:56] <Vinman> captain morgan
[16:56] <capi3101> Commander Adropolis...
[16:56] <Pedro> Andropolos
[16:56] <TCSTigersClaw> captain Andropolos
[16:56] <Whistler> Iason is too ez
[16:56] <capi3101> Jedora, I think.
[16:56] * Frosty is selecting QUESTION FIVE.
[16:56] <TCSTigersClaw> Jedora Andropolos TCS Iason
[16:56] <Frosty> After this one we're gonna sit on it for a minute.
[16:56] <FekLeyrTarg> in the movie novel, Paladin says that he was on the Iason
[16:56] <Music_guru> sounds good frosty
[16:57] <Vinman> hey, YOU sit on it
[16:57] <TrelaneV> WHO IS NUMBER ONE
[16:57] <capi3101> WHO DOES NUMBER TWO WORK FOR???
[16:57] <Pedro> I am not a number
[16:57] <Frosty> I would advise you all to steel yourselves.
[16:57] <Sylvester> To go along with the shirt
[16:57] <Vinman> hard as... eisen???
[16:57] <capi3101> Pass. Gots me one'o'thems...
[16:57] <TrelaneV> I could use a new Eisen hat, mine is super faded and sad
[16:57] <TCSTigersClaw> at last a hard question..
[16:57] <Whistler> I am a meat popsicle
[16:58] <Frosty> So you want that swank-as-heck Eisen hat?
[16:58] <Frosty> DO YA?!
[16:58] <Frosty> Kay.
[16:58] <Music_guru> ya!
[16:58] <FekLeyrTarg> yay
[16:58] <Frosty> Here is how...
[16:58] <TCSTigersClaw> I want one I am bald !
[16:58] <TrelaneV> Yes, I just said my current one is faded and sad
[16:59] <Sylvester> Yes!
[16:59] <Frosty> GIVE TO ME THE ANSWER FOR WHICH I ASK YOU THIS QUESTION: In the 1995 Intel "Kilrathi system" commercial, what planetarium software is the boy studying before he switches to Wing Commander III?
[16:59] <Frosty> Weep for ye know not the answer.
[16:59] <TrelaneV> hehehehe, what a great question
[16:59] <Vinman> hahaha
[16:59] <Frosty> HAY GUESS WHAT.
[16:59] <Frosty> powell99 is a WINNER.
[16:59] <powell99> Yay!
[16:59] <capi3101> Yeah, had to look it up.
[16:59] <Music_guru> grats powell99!
[16:59] <Sylvester> Red Shift FTW!
[16:59] <capi3101> Redshift
[16:59] <TCSTigersClaw> not capi raeally ? :P
[16:59] <ace> Yay
[16:59] <FekLeyrTarg> good work :)
[17:00] <TrelaneV> Nice job, I hadn't a clue
[17:00] <capi3101> I already said I had a hat.
[17:00] <Vinman> hehehe
[17:00] <TCSTigersClaw> hehehe
[17:00] <^Death_> Yeah, that is a hard one. If I didn't already have an Eisen hat I wouldn't have gotten one from that either.
[17:00] <Whistler> Meh
[17:00] <capi3101> Bonus points - who was narrating that commercial?
[17:00] <Pedro> Lever Burton
[17:00] <^Death_> Though, part of the 'hard' is that my memory could give black holes pointers on how to suck... :P
[17:01] <Frosty> Standard trivia service will resume in ten minutes or whatever.
[17:01] <Whistler> Damn, no love this year
[17:01] <TrelaneV> woo, 10 minutes
[17:01] <FekLeyrTarg> ok
[17:01] <Vinman> haha whoops
[17:01] <Pedro> Levar Burton lol
[17:01] <Pedro> Lever :P
[17:01] <Music_guru> brb, dinner :)
[17:01] <DaveO> Lever is a soap
[17:01] <capi3101> Yep.
[17:01] <^Death_> Also, official HAPPY BIRTHDAY CIC time. 8pm Eastern (well, 8:01, but anyway... :P )
[17:01] <FekLeyrTarg> better known as Geordi LaForge :)
[17:01] <Vinman> YAY!!!
[17:02] <TCSTigersClaw> Happy officialy birthday then :)
[17:02] <ChrisReid> Okay!
[17:02] <ChrisReid> We're back!
[17:02] <Pedro> wb
[17:02] <ChrisReid> Huge thanks again to Frosty for keeping things rolling
[17:02] <Frosty> AAAAAAAAA I have preternatural timing abilities.
[17:02] <PopsiclePete> hey
[17:02] <Frosty> ace knows.
[17:03] <ChrisReid> We're all set
[17:03] <ChrisReid> Everybody ready?
[17:03] <Whistler> Reading Rain-boooow
[17:03] <Pedro> nope
[17:03] <Vinman> eeeeyup
[17:03] <ace> It's true
[17:03] <TCSTigersClaw> ? what is going to happen now ?
[17:03] <TrelaneV> I have prenatal timing abilities
[17:03] <Vinman> hold on to your butts
[17:03] <capi3101> No, but we can fake it.
[17:03] <TrelaneV> Yes ma'am, that baby will take.. eh, 9 months to come out
[17:03] <PopsiclePete> aaaaaaaaaarrre youuuuuuuuuu readdyyyyyyyyyyyy to rummmmmmmmbleeeeeeeee !
[17:03] <ChrisReid> Time for the countdown... and then we publish some updates!
[17:03] <ChrisReid> You can count down with us if you'd like
[17:03] * Frosty loves to count!
[17:03] <FekLeyrTarg> I'd love to :)
[17:03] <Frosty> Claimed loving first.
[17:04] <ChrisReid> 10
[17:04] <TCSTigersClaw> 9
[17:04] <DaveO> 9
[17:04] <ChrisReid> 9
[17:04] <ChrisReid> 8
[17:04] <Frosty> EIGHT
[17:04] <FekLeyrTarg> 8
[17:04] <Vinman> 8!
[17:04] <Whistler> 7
[17:04] <Frosty> SEVEN
[17:04] <TCSTigersClaw> 8
[17:04] <FekLeyrTarg> 7
[17:04] <ChrisReid> 7
[17:04] <ChrisReid> 6
[17:04] <Sylvester> 5
[17:04] <FekLeyrTarg> 6
[17:04] <capi3101> sixish
[17:04] <Frosty> SIX
[17:04] <DaveO> 4
[17:04] <ChrisReid> 5
[17:04] <TCSTigersClaw> in greek
[17:04] <ChrisReid> 4
[17:04] <Frosty> FIVE
[17:04] <FekLeyrTarg> 5
[17:04] <TCSTigersClaw> tria
[17:04] <Frosty> FOUR
[17:04] <TrelaneV> 3
[17:04] <TCSTigersClaw> dyo
[17:04] <Frosty> THREE
[17:04] <ChrisReid> 3
[17:04] <FekLeyrTarg> vier
[17:04] <ChrisReid> 2
[17:04] <Pileo> 2
[17:04] <PopsiclePete> 2
[17:04] <Frosty> TWO
[17:04] <Frosty> ONE
[17:04] <FekLeyrTarg> drei
[17:04] <ChrisReid> ONE!
[17:04] <Sylvester> Uno!
[17:04] <Vinman> 1!
[17:04] <Frosty> JUAN
[17:04] <FekLeyrTarg> zwei
[17:04] <DaveO> Uno
[17:04] <Pileo> 1
[17:04] <TCSTigersClaw> DYO !
[17:04] <Whistler> 2
[17:04] <FekLeyrTarg> eins
[17:04] <TCSTigersClaw> ENAAAAAAAAA !
[17:04] <Frosty> XENO
[17:04] <Pedro> ?
[17:04] <ChrisReid> got it
[17:04] <TrelaneV> yay, happy birthday
[17:04] <PopsiclePete> ZERO
[17:04] <Pedro> ?
[17:04] <ace> Yay!!!!!
[17:04] <FekLeyrTarg> null
[17:04] <Vinman> HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
[17:04] <capi3101> Uni!!
[17:04] <Sylvester> Wooo!
[17:04] * centaurianmudpig Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[17:04] <Whistler> Na zdrowie!
[17:04] <PopsiclePete> Happy birthday CIC !
[17:04] <capi3101> Ni'rashrai aiy'hravujaq'ahki deok, Ma'haraga'Tu'Ik!!
[17:04] <ace> Happy Birthday
[17:04] <TCSTigersClaw> capi speaks klilrathi ?
[17:04] <^Death_> HBD CIC
[17:04] <Pedro> Happy delayed Birthday
[17:05] <FekLeyrTarg> Herzlichen Glückwunsc zum Geburtstag, CIC (Happy birthday) :)
[17:05] <TCSTigersClaw> Χρόνια Πολλά !!
[17:05] <Whistler> Old news TCD
[17:05] <FekLeyrTarg> *Glückwunsch
[17:05] <ChrisReid> hehehe
[17:05] <Whistler> TCS
[17:05] <ChrisReid> well, we broke the CIC
[17:05] * centaurianmudpig has joined #wingnut
[17:05] <capi3101> What else is new?
[17:05] <TCSTigersClaw> :D
[17:05] <capi3101> lol
[17:05] <ChrisReid> okay, fixed!
[17:05] <ChrisReid> Kris is fast
[17:05] <ChrisReid> reload now!
[17:06] <DaveO> Don't break CIC again!!!
[17:06] <capi3101> YESSS!!!!!
[17:06] <Whistler> We boss
[17:06] <TrelaneV> Way to go, Kris
[17:06] <capi3101> FIRST THING ON THE PAGE!!!! YES!!!!!! MY JULY 4TH IS VINDICATED!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:07] <ChrisReid> Hehe, I saw you mention it when you got in and thought you'd be happy :)
[17:08] <Whistler> That's a lot of news :D
[17:09] <capi3101> Listening to it now.
[17:09] <Frosty> You will be tested.
[17:09] <Frosty> In detail.
[17:09] <PopsiclePete> I have to go, back later
[17:09] <PopsiclePete> see ya guys
[17:09] <capi3101> Starts out with WC3 opener...
[17:10] <capi3101> ...they replaced the clarinet bit?
[17:10] <ChrisReid> Yeah, if you're not listening to the WC concert, go back and start downloading! It really does sound fantastic
[17:10] <Vinman> yay this is great!
[17:10] <TCSTigersClaw> :D :D thank you
[17:11] <ChrisReid> I can only imagine how awesome it would have been in the audience with thousands of people listening to Wing Commander being performed live like that
[17:11] <capi3101> That would've ruled.
[17:11] <capi3101> The enemy has struck at the heart of our Empire.
[17:11] <Whistler> It's been 10 minutes. Moar Triva!!
[17:11] <capi3101> A puny contingent of their soldiers has been captured here, on Kilrah.
[17:12] <Frosty> Yes, Siri did remind me.
[17:12] <ChrisReid> The people on twitter that reported it have this shock and awe tone to their voice
[17:12] <capi3101> I'll stop quoting now.
[17:12] <Frosty> HOWEVER I believe my timetable has been modified.
[17:12] <ChrisReid> The ones who recognize it can't believe what they're hearing
[17:12] <Vinman> OMG WC4 INTRO
[17:13] <Vinman> I LOVE THIS
[17:13] <capi3101> There'
[17:13] <capi3101> There's WC4...took me a second.
[17:15] * eddieb has joined #wingnut
[17:15] <TCSTigersClaw> is there a way to d/l the new format Wc3 videos ?
[17:15] <eddieb> just stopping in for a minute. Happy wc birthday gang.
[17:15] <TCSTigersClaw> ok forget it right click ,save as :P sorry
[17:16] <Frosty> Hiho eddieb
[17:16] <Vinman> hiya!
[17:16] <Music_guru> ya, i'm late but awesome updates!
[17:16] <TCSTigersClaw> Hello eddieb !!
[17:16] <Music_guru> happy b-day CIC!
[17:16] <capi3101> Man, I hate to say it, but it has been FAR too long since I played WC4.
[17:17] <Shere> it's nice that CIC is a Leo :)
[17:17] <Whistler> So who wants to ride shotgun while the CIC drives?
[17:17] <capi3101> Will we have an idiot brake while it's driving?
[17:17] <Vinman> omg this music <3
[17:18] <Vinman> I can't wait for the full album
[17:18] <Sylvester> I would love to hear some WC1/WC2 music in concert
[17:18] <Vinman> wc1/2 music is in some legal limbo, I thought
[17:18] <Vinman> like, not owned by ea
[17:18] <TrelaneV> back sorry, work call
[17:18] <Sylvester> Does George Sanger not own the rights to it?
[17:18] <FekLeyrTarg> wow, this music is really really awesome!!!!!
[17:18] <KrisV> Hmm. Let me quickly add some download links for the Wing 3 videos
[17:18] <ChrisReid> yeah, it's owned by the Fatman somehow,rather than EA
[17:18] <Vinman> oh yeah geroge has the rights
[17:18] <ChrisReid> so that actually makes quite a bit possible
[17:18] <Vinman> err george
[17:18] <Music_guru> nice job getting that 4th of july music! so awesome
[17:19] <capi3101> Yeah, GO OUT AND BUY WING ONE, Y'ALL.
[17:19] <ZFGokuSSJ1> I'm glad I backed that Kickstarter. Hearing this music in high quality is gonna be great.
[17:19] <Vinman> go to sleep you pilots
[17:19] <Sylvester> is the Fatman at odds with releasing stuff then?
[17:19] <FekLeyrTarg> too bad I wasn'T able to :/
[17:19] <capi3101> Didn't The Fat Man say that only like thirty people had bought that one?
[17:19] <capi3101> Go to sleep you pilots...
[17:19] <Music_guru> Austin Symphony did a fantasic job
[17:19] <Vinman> I'm saying George Oldziey would probably not be doing wc1/2 music
[17:19] <ChrisReid> yeah, the number was small on the current e-store
[17:19] <Frosty> I got it when it was 79 cents or something. But it went to 7 dollars.
[17:19] <ChrisReid> but he also sold a number prior to it moving to the current place
[17:20] <capi3101> And then he had the issue with the second and third track.
[17:20] <Vinman> yeah it was on amiestreet
[17:20] <Sylvester> Well didn't George do WC1/2 music when Kilrathi Saga remastered all the music?
[17:20] <Vinman> hmm I dunno who did that
[17:20] <Sylvester> Oldziey that is
[17:20] <Music_guru> it would have been via synthesizer if it was
[17:20] <capi3101> George Sanger did WC1/2, George Oldziey did WC3/WC4.
[17:21] <Vinman> too many Georges
[17:21] <DaveO> And Prophecy
[17:21] <Frosty> TEN MINUTES
[17:21] <Music_guru> kilrathi saga version
[17:21] <capi3101> Couldn't tell you who did the guitar riff for P1.
[17:21] <Frosty> THE TIME IS NOW.
[17:21] * Frosty begins selecting the NEXT QUESTION.
[17:21] <capi3101> Okay, back to work...
[17:21] <FekLeyrTarg> the only track missing from the Kilrathi Saga is the alternate cat theme from Special Operations 1.
[17:21] <FekLeyrTarg> everything else is there
[17:22] <Vinman> ks was weird
[17:22] <Sylvester> Indeed
[17:22] <Sylvester> somehow the starfield objects all got deleted from WC1
[17:22] <FekLeyrTarg> good sound but some graphics are missing
[17:22] <TrelaneV> yay trivia
[17:23] <Sylvester> I'd say that WC2 has my favorite music, followed by WC4
[17:23] <Sylvester> though none of the sound tracks are by any means "bad"
[17:23] <capi3101> I love the Kilrathi music from WC2.
[17:23] <TCSTigersClaw> I would love KS music into the dos versions of wc1/2
[17:24] <Vinman> meeeeeeeeeee!
[17:24] <FekLeyrTarg> me
[17:24] <capi3101> maybeeeeee!!!
[17:24] <TCSTigersClaw> I got to win I got to win something
[17:24] <FekLeyrTarg> which region code?
[17:24] <KrisV> The WC3 index should now have download links
[17:24] <TrelaneV> I do
[17:24] <Frosty> That's a very good question about region code.
[17:24] <Shere> I'll pass, nothing to play it with
[17:24] <Frosty> I do not know the answer. LET ME FIND OUT.
[17:24] <TrelaneV> Probably whatever the USA is
[17:24] <TCSTigersClaw> Comprehensive Movie Index is great hope for Wc4 soon :D
[17:24] <FekLeyrTarg> thanks. I ask because I live in region b
[17:25] <FekLeyrTarg> and usa is region a
[17:25] <Pedro> I only saw a region a release
[17:25] * mavhan ( has left #wingnut
[17:25] <TrelaneV> I am not a region, I am a free man
[17:25] <FekLeyrTarg> :D
[17:25] <TCSTigersClaw> I am a space carrier
[17:25] <Vinman> I am a meat popsicle
[17:25] <DaveO> I'll pass on this one. I have the WC movie from a previous birthday bash
[17:25] <capi3101> Ni'ha Terran'hra.
[17:25] <Music_guru> I am a... music guru?
[17:25] <Pedro> Fifth Element :D
[17:25] <TrelaneV> hehehe
[17:26] <Vinman> :)
[17:26] <Frosty> REGION A.
[17:26] <Raptor> I have to find out where my Wing One Music is =( Think it was on my old PC
[17:26] <Frosty> These BluRays are As.
[17:26] <FekLeyrTarg> thanks
[17:26] <Shere> I am... damn, what am I?
[17:26] <ChrisReid> the Region As are a bit bigger than DVD Region 1
[17:26] <TCSTigersClaw> you are almost a sphere Shere :P
[17:26] <ChrisReid> North and South America, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and a few other Southeast Asian areas.
[17:26] <capi3101> Hey Raptor, I've been trying to get ahold of you for the last couple of days.
[17:26] <TrelaneV> Sorry, I won't settle for less than a DD
[17:26] <Vinman> can't wait for wc4 on bluray :)
[17:26] <TrelaneV> *high-five*
[17:27] <Frosty> TO WIN AFOREMENTIONED BLURAY, YOU MUST SHOW KNOWLEDGE: What does Major Todd "Maniac" Marshall's uniform say on it in Wing Commander IV?
[17:27] <Raptor> really?
[17:27] <TCSTigersClaw> ??
[17:27] <Frosty> A winner is Vinman.
[17:27] <Vinman> wooooooooooooo
[17:27] <capi3101> Marshall?
[17:27] <Vinman> it sez Maniac for some reason
[17:27] <TCSTigersClaw> I dont understand the question
[17:27] <capi3101> Imaginate that...
[17:27] <TCSTigersClaw> you mean like the name is on ?
[17:27] <Frosty> NEXT QUESTION.
[17:27] <Vinman> where the last name would go
[17:28] <Vinman> on the chest
[17:28] <Whistler> It was all caps, that makes a difference
[17:28] <TCSTigersClaw> oh........damn I dont understand
[17:28] <TrelaneV> Well done, old shoe
[17:28] <TCSTigersClaw> Eject Vinman
[17:29] <Raptor> Are you sure I am the Raptor you were looking for? :)
[17:29] <capi3101> Maybe.
[17:29] <Music_guru> btw, for those who were asking, it was George Oldziey who worked on the kilrathi saga version
[17:29] <capi3101> CBG Valkyrie?
[17:29] <Whistler> He's all yours Dragon Leader
[17:29] <Raptor> Not I sorry =(
[17:29] <Vinman> AAAAAAAA
[17:29] <capi3101> Okay.
[17:29] <capi3101> Thanks anyways.
[17:30] <Frosty> WHO WANTS A GOOD OLD GAME?!
[17:30] <Frosty> YOU DO?!
[17:30] <Frosty> GOOD.
[17:30] <TCSTigersClaw> I liked Vinman :(
[17:30] <capi3101> Yeah, I've been trying to hunt down some of the old Aces of late.
[17:30] <Vinman> hehehe me too
[17:30] <Music_guru> but, what if i want a BAD OLD GAME?
[17:30] <Frosty> NOT AN OPTION.
[17:30] <Music_guru> :P
[17:30] <DaveO> Buy Descent to Undermountain
[17:30] <Frosty> Only the best.
[17:30] <Frosty> 4 U.
[17:30] <Raptor> I read that on the boards. Was part of the old mail group for holding the line, but that was ages ago
[17:30] <Whistler> I WAS an Ace but me and the tech approval board had a falling out.
[17:30] <^Death_> Music, that would be Freespace. :P
[17:31] <TrelaneV> I like good games
[17:31] <capi3101> I dunno...anybody ever play that Spelljammer game?
[17:31] <TCSTigersClaw> I like old games
[17:31] <Music_guru> ouch death :P
[17:31] <capi3101> Or Protostar?
[17:31] <capi3101> There are some bad old games out there...
[17:31] <TCSTigersClaw> spelljammer ? in amiga there was a spelljammer
[17:31] <Sylvester> You know - a lot of these Privateer 3 ships look like ships that ended up in Starlancer
[17:31] <Vinman> I heard they just got XF-5700 Mantis on Bad Old Games
[17:31] <Frosty> HAY R U A 90S KID?!?!
[17:31] <Frosty> To win A GOG, you must BLIND ME WITH THE DAZZLING SWIFTNESS OF YOUR CORRECT ANSWER to this question: How many CDs did the PSX version of Wing Commander IV come on?
[17:32] <capi3101> No! That was the PC version!! Argh!!!!
[17:32] <TrelaneV> huh, good question
[17:32] <Frosty> TCSTigersClaw was correct with his answer of FOUR.
[17:32] <Vinman> aaahh
[17:32] <TrelaneV> I would have guessed 4
[17:32] <capi3101> Always get that one wrong..
[17:32] <capi3101> PSX, not PC.
[17:32] <Vinman> ohhh wing commander 4, I was thinking 3
[17:32] <ChrisReid> if you want a Bad Old Game, I guess we could give out a copy of Freespace
[17:32] <Whistler> I did say 4...not fast en
[17:32] <ChrisReid> *zing*
[17:32] <TrelaneV> hiyo
[17:32] <capi3101> Oof
[17:32] <Shere> for some reason I thought 6
[17:32] <Whistler> Enough
[17:32] <Music_guru> grats TCSTigersClaw - you won something!
[17:32] <capi3101> Six was the PC version.
[17:32] <TCSTigersClaw> Really iwin ? I WON SOMETHING
[17:33] <Vinman> cd cases didn't come big enough for four cds
[17:33] <Vinman> err 6
[17:33] <Shere> oh, ok
[17:33] <Music_guru> i loved it when LOAF one year asked how many CDs the PSN version of WC4 had - so great :P\
[17:33] <Vinman> the biggest was 4
[17:33] <Frosty> MORE GOGS.
[17:33] <ChrisReid> hehe
[17:33] <capi3101> They came in sleeves, IIRC.
[17:33] <Sylvester> Yeah didn't WC4 come in that sleeve booklet?
[17:33] <capi3101> It did.
[17:33] <Vinman> btw wc4 is on the psn store for download if anyone's interested
[17:33] <FekLeyrTarg> I think so
[17:33] <Sylvester> Same as my 5 CD version of Starfleet Academy
[17:33] <Music_guru> the pc version
[17:33] <Shere> they come in peace
[17:33] <capi3101> I about freaked one day when I saw Disk 4 in my dad's trash can.
[17:34] <Vinman> kinda fun playing it on a console, though the controls are crazy
[17:34] <capi3101> Quickly found all my discs
[17:34] <TCSTigersClaw> I remember only 2 :/
[17:34] <centaurianmudpig> they had 6 case on pc in eu, didnt they for wc4?
[17:34] <Vinman> perry, new constantinople, new detroit, uhhh...
[17:34] <Raptor> I got a few only WC Games in my storage locker...they want me to toss em =(
[17:34] <FekLeyrTarg> and being fast :)
[17:34] <capi3101> Had em right, not fast enough
[17:34] <Music_guru> grats sylvester!
[17:34] <TCSTigersClaw> (y)
[17:35] <Frosty> He blasted them out.
[17:35] <TCSTigersClaw> ups
[17:35] <Frosty> BLASTED.
[17:35] <Vinman> wow
[17:35] <^Death_> WC4 PC release had a folder-type thingy with a cardboard cover and 6 sleeves set up like a book.
[17:35] <Sylvester> Hmm
[17:35] <Vinman> yeah that was a weird set-up
[17:35] <Sylvester> Is Armada on GoG?
[17:35] <FekLeyrTarg> and so did Klingon Academy
[17:35] <capi3101> Anyways, I was interested in the old Aces fiction.
[17:35] <ChrisReid> it actually had seven sleeves
[17:35] <DaveO> Yes
[17:35] <Vinman> I wonder how they came up with that six-cd thing
[17:35] <TCSTigersClaw> everything is on GOG
[17:35] <capi3101> Armada's on GoG
[17:35] <Sylvester> Okay
[17:35] <centaurianmudpig> im sure i have jewel case
[17:35] <Music_guru> all WC games are on GoG now
[17:35] <ChrisReid> leading some to think there was a mysterious 7th disc
[17:35] <Sylvester> That's the only one I don't own
[17:35] * HCl has joined #wingnut
[17:35] * ChrisReid sets mode: +v HCl
[17:35] <capi3101> Good one to get.
[17:35] <TrelaneV> hehe yeah
[17:35] <Vinman> oh yeah the mystery disk
[17:35] <Vinman> maniac missions
[17:35] <HCl> hey guys, happy bday! :)
[17:35] <TCSTigersClaw> Hcl is here !
[17:35] <Cpl_Hades> The european release came in a 6 CD jewel case
[17:35] <TrelaneV> What a tease that was
[17:35] <ChrisReid> I think they tucked promo CCGs in there for some
[17:35] <capi3101> Howdy, HCL
[17:35] <ChrisReid> hey HCl!
[17:36] <FekLeyrTarg> hi
[17:36] <Raptor> Capi did you find the HTL website for holding the line?
[17:36] <Music_guru> hey HCl
[17:36] <Vinman> heycl!
[17:36] <Whistler> I put my WC4 DVD in that 7th sleeve :P
[17:36] <Pedro> hi HCl
[17:36] <capi3101> I did, Raptor.
[17:36] <TCSTigersClaw> European release yes was in jewel :)
[17:36] <^Death_> Heh, I remember the old AGWC post that laid out the contents of the supposed 'missing disc' of WC4.
[17:36] <Raptor> That was the last email I got August 2010. Still had it
[17:36] <FekLeyrTarg> there also was a release of WC4 in Germany which included another game. I think it was Hattrick or something like that
[17:36] <HCl> hehe yeah i remember that
[17:36] <Music_guru> nice birthday contribution HCl
[17:36] <Vinman> hahaha oh man, that bullshit
[17:36] <^Death_> Pretty much 'Downer Episode: The Game'
[17:36] <capi3101> That address still valid?
[17:36] <HCl> Music_guru: thanks, glad you enjoyed the viewer!
[17:37] <TCSTigersClaw> the viewer rocks !
[17:37] <Raptor> I don't know
[17:37] <capi3101> I'll give it a shot when I get a chance.
[17:37] <Frosty> WINANOTHERGOG: What was the first Wing Commander to feature color VDUs? BE SPECIFIC OR FACE ETERNAL SHAME.
[17:37] * wcnut has joined #wingnut
[17:37] <TrelaneV> huh
[17:37] <TrelaneV> Interesting question
[17:38] <TrelaneV> I have a guess, but that's all it is
[17:38] <Frosty> This one was labelled MEDIUM.
[17:38] <ChrisReid> Color Communications VDUs, to clarify
[17:38] <TrelaneV> Also, what's the prize and the answer to the previous question?
[17:39] <capi3101> Oh, that makes a difference.
[17:39] <Frosty> TCSTigersClaw WINS AGAIN HAHAHAHAHA
[17:39] <Music_guru> grats!
[17:39] <TCSTigersClaw> YES I AM ON FIRE
[17:39] <TCSTigersClaw> :P
[17:39] <Sylvester> WC2 SNES?
[17:39] <capi3101> TCSTigersClaw is LOAF.
[17:39] <TCSTigersClaw> lol I wish
[17:39] <Music_guru> that's what i was thinking sylverster
[17:39] <capi3101> #Pffffffffft
[17:39] <HCl> lol
[17:39] <FekLeyrTarg> we all are loaf... not ;)
[17:39] <Sylvester> We'll find it someday
[17:39] <TCSTigersClaw> I didnt understand the question at first thanks ChrisReid for clarification
[17:39] <Frosty> Prepare to be broken on the TORTURE RACK of question ten.
[17:39] <Whistler> I suck lol
[17:39] <Frosty> I will *break you* all.
[17:40] <Sylvester> just try it
[17:40] <TrelaneV> What's the answer?
[17:40] <Sylvester> I've got the WC2 theme going and I'm wearing my Squadron 42 shirt
[17:40] <Vinman> hehe wow
[17:40] <TCSTigersClaw> Wing commander 3 3d0
[17:40] <TrelaneV> hehe, no way
[17:40] <TrelaneV> I wasn't even close
[17:40] <Sylvester> I guessed WC3 Playstation
[17:40] <FekLeyrTarg> how could I forget that one?
[17:41] <^Death_> I was thinking SWC for some reason. In my defense, I never had any of the console WCs other than the SNES WC, though.
[17:41] <TrelaneV> I was too, Death
[17:41] <TrelaneV> never played it but I thought maybe it did
[17:41] <Frosty> Maybe I will be bold and allow you all the chance to WIN A BRAND NEW WC CCG STARTER DECK BOX THING.
[17:41] <Music_guru> i wish the WC2 SNES carts shows up one of these days
[17:41] <Frosty> But the question... it will be horrible.
[17:42] <Shere> I suppose no one here ever played wc2 SNES
[17:42] <capi3101> me want.
[17:42] <TCSTigersClaw> ? what you have this stuff ?
[17:42] <Shere> would be a nice birthday gift
[17:42] <TrelaneV> hehe
[17:42] <Whistler> I was going to post up a playthrough of SWC and the laptop I was producing it on had a hdd crash.
[17:42] <TrelaneV> Even I have a box of WC CCG starter decks
[17:42] <Whistler> Haven't had the heart to restart it
[17:42] <TCSTigersClaw> CCG decks never came to europe no ?
[17:42] <Raptor> I got a 3DO for super Wing commander
[17:42] <Frosty> To win SOME CARDS WITH PICTURES ON THEM, please DIVINE FOR ME THE TRUTH OF THIS: What was Paladin's biological father's name?
[17:42] <Pedro> think they did, or they were imported
[17:42] <Frosty> GO!
[17:43] <Raptor> But I had problems playing it =(
[17:43] <wcnut> I got an old mac for super wing commander
[17:43] <Pedro> I saw them for sale back in the day
[17:43] <wcnut> runs pretty well in sheepshaver too
[17:43] <^Death_> Somewhere in my chest of drawers I still have the Tolwyn secret mission card that came with my copy of WC4-DOS...
[17:43] <TrelaneV> Mr. Taggart
[17:44] <TrelaneV> Has no one got it yet? really?
[17:44] <Frosty> I AM DETECTING A PATTERN. capi3101
[17:44] <TrelaneV> Oh good
[17:44] <capi3101> YES!!
[17:44] <TrelaneV> It only took me 3 seconds to Google it
[17:44] <capi3101> Christmas for my kid!!!
[17:44] <Vinman> hehehe
[17:44] <Frosty> JAMES TAGGART SENIOR.
[17:44] <capi3101> James Taggart was the father of James Taggart.
[17:44] <capi3101> And his mother's name was Bethlyn
[17:44] <TrelaneV> Many Christmases, there's like 30 starter decks in there
[17:45] <Music_guru> lol, really?
[17:45] <capi3101> Yep.
[17:45] <capi3101>
[17:45] <Music_guru> nicd job
[17:45] <TCSTigersClaw> LOL
[17:45] <^Death_> You're doing a lousy job of hiding behind your alter ego, LOAF. :P
[17:45] <Frosty> THAT WAS FIVE REPS BROS
[17:45] <capi3101> Shush, you.
[17:45] <Frosty> Maybe we do a third set soon.
[17:45] <Shere> he was the wife of Bethlyn Taggart. OK. wait, what?
[17:45] <TrelaneV> hehehe
[17:46] <HCl> hehe
[17:46] <capi3101> Yeah, don't think about it too hard...
[17:46] <Music_guru> so, another break?
[17:46] <TrelaneV> Time to down some chocolate milk and shoot some juice
[17:47] <capi3101> I had three starter decks already, it'll be nice if I can get a few more cards for the collection.
[17:47] <capi3101> Had Blair.
[17:47] <Whistler> Oy, I'm no match for you guys :P
[17:47] <Frosty> Yeah we broken.
[17:47] <capi3101> Didn't have Thrakhath
[17:47] <capi3101> Didn't have Tolwyn either.
[17:47] <TCSTigersClaw> Let`s hope that war is not our only option
[17:47] * Super has joined #wingnut
[17:47] <Shere> there's also this - Pilgrim Truth had him as Shamus
[17:48] <TCSTigersClaw> thats what I answered :P
[17:49] * DMJC has joined #wingnut
[17:49] <Shere> same here. nevermind, there can be only one :)
[17:49] <TrelaneV> See, this is where LOAF would explain the difference
[17:50] <Whistler> Just not the same
[17:50] <ChrisReid> hehe
[17:50] <ChrisReid> I can give it a shot
[17:50] <capi3101> That is kind of odd.
[17:50] <TCSTigersClaw> Taggart had 2 fathers
[17:50] <TCSTigersClaw> :P
[17:50] <ChrisReid> funkily, it's exactly the same as in the Forstchen novels
[17:50] <capi3101> Didn't Peter Telep write both the WC Novel and Pilgrim Truth?
[17:50] <Vinman> paladin has two daddies
[17:50] <TrelaneV> ohhhh, so like in Three Men and a Baby?
[17:50] <ChrisReid> Hans Krueger becoming Max Krueger
[17:51] <FekLeyrTarg> and Pilgrim Stars. :)
[17:51] <Shere> yeah, the second one is named something like Michael. mikal?
[17:51] <ChrisReid> it's really funny how hard it is to keep names straight
[17:51] <TCSTigersClaw> Mikal is the one who adopted him no ?
[17:51] <ChrisReid> but it's just the first name for some reason
[17:51] <capi3101> Yeah, wasn't he born on both Mimas and Venus?
[17:51] <FekLeyrTarg> continuity errors ftw!!1 :D
[17:51] <capi3101> Wrap your noodles around that one...
[17:51] <ChrisReid> last name's the same, place of birth the same, other origin stuff
[17:52] * DMJC Quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
[17:52] <TCSTigersClaw> maybe its James "Shamus" Taggart
[17:52] <ChrisReid> it's like it's not just a simple error, the author just decided he really didn't like the old name and arbitrarily changed it
[17:52] <ChrisReid> so in this case, it's differences between the Confed Handbook and Pilgrim Stars/Truth novels
[17:52] <ChrisReid> at least in this case it's Chris McCubbin vs Peter Telep
[17:52] <ChrisReid> instead of Forstchen changing his mind
[17:52] <TrelaneV> Seamus is the Gaelic equivalent of the name James, for what it's worth
[17:53] <capi3101> Let's go with that.
[17:53] <ChrisReid> Captain/Admiral Daniel "Eugene" Wilford has the same problem
[17:53] * Super Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[17:53] <FekLeyrTarg> or Hans Maximillian Kruger
[17:53] <ChrisReid> but in real life, that does happen
[17:53] <Whistler> Shamus "James" Taggart? Shamus is a bit of an interesting name to shout in a fight
[17:53] <ChrisReid> some people go by their first name in printed stuff and then are known by their middle name in conversation
[17:54] <TrelaneV> Like Chris's original name was Xrish, but after a mishap at an administrative office, he just kept it as Chris
[17:54] <ChrisReid> I know a few people with situations like that, and when there's so many characters in the WC universe, it's not the craziest stretch to have a few
[17:54] <TCSTigersClaw> middle names are weird
[17:54] <ChrisReid> hehe
[17:54] * Super has joined #wingnut
[17:55] <Shere> in Soviet Russia, middle name is exactly how you know the father's name :)
[17:55] <TCSTigersClaw> Χρήστος
[17:55] <capi3101> My wife is starting to threaten to make me work.
[17:55] <TCSTigersClaw> in Greece middle names doesnt exist :P
[17:55] <capi3101> So I probably am going to have to bail here in a few.
[17:55] <Shere> don't give up! stick it to the Man! er.
[17:56] <capi3101> Uh...................................................
[17:56] <TCSTigersClaw> I am going to leave soon too , it is almost 4am here
[17:56] <Vinman> sleep is for the weak!
[17:56] <TCSTigersClaw> Eject Vinman
[17:56] <TCSTigersClaw> :P
[17:56] <TrelaneV> It's just shy of 9 here but I'm crazy sleepy for some reason
[17:56] <Vinman> east coooaaast
[17:57] <Frosty> GIMME A SECOND
[17:57] <Shere> Eastern Europe, TCSTigersClaw?
[17:57] <TCSTigersClaw> Greece yes
[17:57] <Frosty> We've had so many ILLUSTRIOUS MULTIPLE WINNERS this game I think we should open the next set up to people NOT GOOD ENOUGH to have won something yet.
[17:57] <HCl> yeah pretty late in europe
[17:57] <HCl> fortunately, we can sleep in tomorrow :)
[17:57] <capi3101> Alright, I'll sit out.
[17:57] <Shere> ah! you hinted at that in your middle name remark
[17:58] <Frosty> That means if you're GOOD ENOUGH, you can go hang out in the COOL CLUB while the DWEEBS AND NERDS still play.
[17:58] * Doppler has joined #wingnut
[17:58] <TrelaneV> hehehehe
[17:58] <TrelaneV> Not me, have to be at work at 5am
[17:58] * Shere weeps quietly but waits for the next question all the same
[17:58] <capi3101> My wife says that since I'm apparently in the cool club, I have special dispensation to stay on.
[17:58] <HCl> lol
[17:59] <TrelaneV> And this weekend sucks because MA made it a tax holiday
[17:59] <capi3101> So......I guess I can translate stuff into Kilrathi for y'all or something.
[17:59] <Doppler> Have I already missed all "The CIC is old enough to drive jokes"?
[17:59] <TrelaneV> I turn into the crankiest jerk on tax holidays
[17:59] <capi3101> Yes.
[17:59] <Doppler> Man
[17:59] <TCSTigersClaw> tax holidays ??
[17:59] <capi3101> We can probably do some more, though.
[17:59] <TrelaneV> (the state doesn't collect sales tax this weekend)
[17:59] <Shere> old enough to drive jokes... and no age of consent jokes? come on
[18:00] <Doppler> It was only a good first joining the room ice breaker
[18:00] <TCSTigersClaw> thanks Crazyhim
[18:00] <Frosty> Try to win a WC NOVEL!! You'll get to PICK WHICH ONE YOU WANT OMG.
[18:00] <Frosty> And MAYBE EVEN GET IT.
[18:00] <^Death_> The taxes aren't collected on stuff that could go towards school supplies, at least as they do it here in S. Carolina. 'go towards school supplies' is kinda broadly interpreted, though. IIRC computer systems count.
[18:00] <TCSTigersClaw> oh I want a novel
[18:01] <Doppler> well I didn't want to go as far as statutory rape jokes
[18:01] <Doppler> a little inappropriate
[18:01] <capi3101> Yes, please don't.
[18:01] <Vinman> a tad
[18:01] <TrelaneV> Here there's a few stipulations, it has to be less than $2500 and excludes a couple things like cars or whatever
[18:01] <TrelaneV> But fuck off, just pay your taxes you assholes
[18:01] <TrelaneV> that shit pays for roads and schools and police officers
[18:01] <Frosty> ~~~ What ship do you fly in the last mission of Secret Ops? ~~~
[18:01] <Doppler> Not down here. it just goes into elected officials pockets
[18:02] <Doppler> Devastator
[18:02] <capi3101> Oh!!1 I KNOW I KNOW!!!!
[18:02] <Doppler> The bombert
[18:02] <Doppler> bomber
[18:02] <Vinman> you need to /msg frosty
[18:02] <HCl> i think you're supposed to msg it to Frosty
[18:02] <capi3101> What Vinman said.
[18:02] <Frosty> FekLeyrTarg A WIN.
[18:02] * Pileo Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[18:02] <FekLeyrTarg> yay :)
[18:02] <Frosty> Many knew this one.
[18:03] <Frosty> DEVASTATOR.
[18:03] <Music_guru> grats!
[18:03] <Doppler> to quick on the gun
[18:03] <TCSTigersClaw> why I remember the vampire ? :P
[18:03] <FekLeyrTarg> thanks :)
[18:03] <capi3101> Vampire was the fighter from prophecy
[18:03] <Music_guru> lol, was thinking secret missions at first :P
[18:03] <DaveO> Cause it's the first mission
[18:03] <HCl> i was about to say Sabre
[18:03] <Vinman> I used wcpedit so much on that I thought it was the vampir
[18:03] <Vinman> e
[18:03] <TCSTigersClaw> I always confuse WCP/SO
[18:03] <DaveO> Before you get in the bombers
[18:03] <capi3101> Last mission, you're bombing a Tiamat.
[18:03] <Whistler> Same here TCS
[18:03] <HCl> immediately thought of Special Ops
[18:03] <HCl> :)
[18:03] <Doppler> yes not the gate
[18:03] <capi3101> No, blowing the gate is bad.
[18:04] <Doppler> because that would cause some sort of disaster
[18:04] <capi3101> Yep.
[18:04] <Frosty> Howabout one more shot at a novel?!
[18:04] <FekLeyrTarg> like blowing up promixa
[18:04] <TCSTigersClaw> Yes me wants novel
[18:04] <TCSTigersClaw> :P
[18:04] <Doppler> equivalent to the BP Oil spill
[18:04] <Frosty> That's 'cause I's gen'rous with Chris's possessions.
[18:04] <TrelaneV> yay, novels are good
[18:04] <HCl> lol
[18:04] <FekLeyrTarg> go for it, you won't regret it :)
[18:04] <HCl> sure let's do this!
[18:04] <Music_guru> lol TCSTigersClaw wants all the things
[18:04] <TCSTigersClaw> I am greedy :P
[18:04] <TrelaneV> (the next question will be a big one: win Chris's car)
[18:04] <Vinman> end run yo, ask for end run
[18:04] <Music_guru> you get a little victory taste in your mouth
[18:04] <Frosty> NAME BOTH: What two WC games had "Playtesters Guides"?
[18:05] <capi3101> I KNOW I KNOW
[18:05] <capi3101> Don't count that if I'm first.
[18:05] <wcnut> Yay! i got prophecy reinstalled in wine, who's up for some games?
[18:05] <HCl> wow i thought know this... but my brain no longer computes :P
[18:05] <HCl> =should
[18:06] <TCSTigersClaw> HCl me too I am very sleepy
[18:06] <Frosty> SHERE HAS WON.
[18:06] <Music_guru> grats shere!
[18:06] <FekLeyrTarg> excellent :)
[18:06] <TCSTigersClaw> congruts on Shere
[18:06] <Doppler> what was the answer?
[18:06] <capi3101> Privateer and Armada
[18:06] <TCSTigersClaw> what was the answer
[18:06] <HCl> congrats!
[18:06] <Shere> finally. thanks! who wants the book? :)
[18:06] <capi3101> At least Privateer
[18:06] <Doppler> that make sense now been so long since DOS
[18:06] <Frosty> Music_guru knew WAAAAY before, but as previously victorious gladiator he cannot collect.
[18:06] <wcnut> are the questions on a different channel?
[18:06] <TCSTigersClaw> lol I said 3 and 4 I am inexcusable
[18:07] <Shere> they came about at the same time with armada
[18:07] <Music_guru> that's ok :P
[18:07] <capi3101> Those were Origins Offical Guides
[18:07] <Frosty> Just so you all know who's smartest.
[18:07] <Doppler> that make sense now been so long since DOStigersCLaw
[18:07] <HCl> hehe i would have bet on WC2 and 3 here, TCSTigersClaw
[18:07] <Music_guru> thx frosty anyway ;)
[18:07] <Frosty> :)
[18:07] <Doppler> I did too TigersClaw
[18:07] <Whistler> Damnit Tcs, get out of my head lol
[18:07] <TCSTigersClaw> lol I am not even in my head :P
[18:08] <Shere> who's fastest on the keyboard :)
[18:08] <FekLeyrTarg> capi ;)
[18:08] <TCSTigersClaw> HCl did I say how great the ship viewer is ?
[18:08] <Music_guru> can't wait to see more ships to the viewer myself
[18:08] <HCl> hehe thanks TCSTigersClaw!
[18:08] <Frosty> ANOTHER EISEN T-SHIRT.
[18:08] <TrelaneV> wooo shirt
[18:09] <Doppler> woohoo'
[18:09] <Frosty> Who is "End Run" dedicated to?
[18:09] <TrelaneV> huh, good one
[18:09] <capi3101> Hmm...
[18:09] <TCSTigersClaw> I have it here somewhere
[18:09] <Vinman> pete rose
[18:09] <capi3101> Oh wait, I know this one.
[18:09] <Doppler> I already got this one
[18:09] <HCl> hmmm... don't have it around.. wasn't it a fictional dedication though?
[18:09] <capi3101> Nopr
[18:09] <capi3101> nope
[18:09] <capi3101> no
[18:09] * Cpl_Hades Quit (Ping timeout)
[18:10] <capi3101> va
[18:10] <Frosty> Congratulations to Death! He answered simultaneously with TCSTigersClaw, but Claw was less specific, answering only "A human." Close, but insufficient to beat Death's answer of Jimmy Doolittle.
[18:10] <capi3101> The guy, he was definitely real.
[18:10] <Doppler> Lt. Gen. Jimmie Doolittle
[18:10] <HCl> LOL
[18:10] <TCSTigersClaw> lol :P
[18:10] <Doppler> damn I thought I had that one
[18:10] <Music_guru> grats!
[18:10] <capi3101> You had the answer right, Doppler
[18:10] <^Death_> 'A human'? *snicker*
[18:10] <Whistler> The book is on the top of my book box stack
[18:10] <TrelaneV> hehehehehe
[18:10] <TCSTigersClaw> it could be a Kilrathi :/
[18:10] <Doppler> Actually in the book Jimmie is spelled without a y
[18:11] <HCl> hehe i laughed with that one :)
[18:11] <capi3101> Yep.
[18:11] <Music_guru> TCSTigersClaw... and you said you were bad at trivia - lol
[18:11] <Doppler> That one was actually my favorite novel
[18:11] <FekLeyrTarg> he was the one who led the End Run, aka the Doolittle Raid, on Tokyo in B25 Mitchells
[18:11] <TCSTigersClaw> I am trying my best :D
[18:11] <Music_guru> lol
[18:11] <Frosty> OH MY GOODNESS QUESTION 14...
[18:11] * Cpl_Hades has joined #wingnut
[18:11] <Vinman> oh my oh my
[18:11] <Music_guru> "a human" was a great answer, lol
[18:11] * Super Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[18:12] <Music_guru> ok, question 14!
[18:12] <Frosty> Howabout another Academy DVD? YOU DONT GET TO DISAGREE. It is the prize.
[18:12] <^Death_> Though I probably should have passed, as I already have an Eisen shirt.
[18:12] <wcnut> aww but I already got one
[18:12] <Doppler> I will take it
[18:12] <TCSTigersClaw> me 2
[18:12] <Frosty> *** Origin's System Shock started its development as a Wing Commander spinoff. What was it called? ***
[18:12] <FekLeyrTarg> better 2 shirts than none ;)
[18:12] <wcnut> oooh
[18:12] <TrelaneV> Wing Commander Shock
[18:13] <Vinman> Star System Shock
[18:13] <Doppler> can't say I know that one
[18:13] <wcnut> I knew there was a little wing commander like game in ss
[18:13] <^Death_> I know I used to know that one, anyway...
[18:13] <Music_guru> Shock Commander
[18:13] <HCl> lol
[18:13] <TCSTigersClaw> what is that the first person shooter ?
[18:13] <Vinman> Wing Commander: The Official Game of the Movie
[18:13] <wcnut> more of a frist person adventure game
[18:14] <Frosty> capi3103 is RIGHT AGAIN, but my ARBITRARY RULES prevent him from claiming his prize THIS TIME. Someone else should answer correctly, or I'll give it to him ANYWAY.
[18:14] <capi3101> Wing Commander: Thrakhath Goes for A Haircut.
[18:14] * iDundradal has joined #wingnut
[18:14] <TrelaneV> Do you people even know how to use google? Gosh
[18:14] <Vinman> Wing Commander III: The Search for Sivar
[18:14] <Frosty> Shere also got it but is similarly restricted.
[18:14] <wcnut> we try not to cheat
[18:15] <Shere> no worries :)
[18:15] <iDundradal> Damn this thing
[18:15] <capi3101> It's not cheating, it's very very fast research.
[18:15] <^Death_> If you ain't cheating, you aint' trying. :P
[18:15] <Doppler> So didn't some one say they were giving up the Eisen shirt?
[18:15] <HCl> hehe :P
[18:15] <^Death_> I said I already had an Eisen shirt. I didn't say I'd give away the spare. :P
[18:15] <iDundradal> Hey everybody
[18:15] <Vinman> hey hey
[18:15] <Music_guru> hey
[18:15] <TrelaneV> Yo, Dund
[18:15] <capi3101> Hey dund
[18:15] <wcnut> hello
[18:15] <Doppler> whats up
[18:15] <powell99> Hey Dund!
[18:16] <Doppler> Dund
[18:16] <FekLeyrTarg> hi
[18:16] <TrelaneV> My nigga
[18:16] <Whistler> Heh, he's been in and out all night
[18:16] <Doppler> Yes because we all need spare carrier T shirts
[18:16] * Doppler Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[18:16] <TrelaneV> That doesn't make him less my nigga
[18:17] * Doppler has joined #wingnut
[18:17] <Shere> I suppose it's because his IRC client is hand crafted?
[18:17] <Doppler> I am back had to change browsers
[18:17] <iDundradal> I'm on top of a mountain at the moment
[18:17] <Vinman> hahaha
[18:17] <^Death_> Come to think of it, it'd be more like my second spare. I have a plain red t-shirt I use to fake it with the flight suit.
[18:17] <HCl> yeah.. would have never got it without google
[18:17] <TCSTigersClaw> me 2 I used google to say the truth :D
[18:17] <Frosty> One of them gets whatever I said we're givin' out.
[18:17] <Vinman> I need to make one of those flight suits one of these days
[18:17] <Frosty> AND THAT ONE IS DaveO.
[18:17] <Music_guru> grats dave0
[18:18] <capi3101> Grats Dave0
[18:18] <HCl> congrats!
[18:18] <TCSTigersClaw> congruts Dave0 :D
[18:18] <capi3101> Alien Commander, y'all.
[18:18] <Doppler> I am starting to think you don'tlike me Frosty :(
[18:18] <Music_guru> Alien Commander
[18:18] <TCSTigersClaw> Google Commander
[18:18] <HCl> LOL
[18:18] <TrelaneV> hehe, what a terrible name
[18:18] <HCl> more like that, yes :P
[18:18] <capi3101> Pay Toilet Commander
[18:18] <Doppler> Google doesn't need anything else
[18:18] <wcnut> I think SS was better for what it had become
[18:18] <capi3101> Tollbooth Commander
[18:18] <Doppler> I like that one
[18:18] <Frosty> I love you all.
[18:18] <HCl> all i could think of was that small WC-like game inside SS
[18:18] <HCl> Wing 0, was it?
[18:18] <wcnut> yup
[18:18] <Doppler> collecting tolls, not letting people through
[18:18] <Music_guru> we wouldn't have had all the *Shock games today otherwise
[18:19] <Music_guru> ya, Wing 0
[18:19] <Shere> Norton Commander?
[18:19] <capi3101> That would be pretty awesome.
[18:19] <capi3101> I should develop it for the next WCRPG campaign...
[18:19] <HCl> lol
[18:19] <Music_guru> i misread the question and answered Wing 0 first :P
[18:19] <^Death_> I don't even remember who did the original flight suits. I do wish I had thought to get a 'long' base suit, though. Kinda doesn't fit all that comfortably.
[18:19] <Doppler> We should run with that idea
[18:19] <wcnut> Nortan and their death battle agains the Mcafee
[18:19] <FekLeyrTarg> and maybe found something like the 501st Legion but Wing Commander themed. ;)
[18:20] <Doppler> Instead of shooting tachyon cannons we could control the lights and the red and white gate bar
[18:20] <Frosty> Howabout a GOG? U GETTAGOG.
[18:20] <Frosty> What unit of currency does the Confederation use, according to Fleet Action and Wing Commander Armada?
[18:21] <capi3101> OKAY, I'LL QUIT.
[18:21] <powell99> That's a good one
[18:21] <TrelaneV> Buckazoids, duh
[18:21] <Music_guru> Obama dollars? j/k
[18:21] <HCl> lol
[18:21] <capi3101> Purdy much...
[18:22] <HCl> Buckazoids.. that was from SQ, wasn't it?
[18:22] <wcnut> yup
[18:22] <TrelaneV> Yes
[18:22] <HCl> been a while since i played those old adventure games
[18:22] <Shere> buckazoids made their way into everyday use :)
[18:22] <Shere> at least for me
[18:22] <HCl> hehe:)
[18:22] <Doppler> buckazoids almost sounds like graboids
[18:22] <wcnut> would be a hard one to googole
[18:23] <iDundradal> I tried a bit ago. I just need up giggling the walkthroughs
[18:23] <iDundradal> Goggling
[18:23] <Doppler> giant worms that eat you cause they feel the vibrations in the ground
[18:23] <Frosty> Graboids ain't got nothing on Shai Hulud.
[18:23] <TrelaneV> Shai hulud
[18:23] <TCSTigersClaw> Dune ?
[18:23] <wcnut> Dollars, there is no other currency
[18:23] <TrelaneV> Walk without rhythm and it won't attract the worm
[18:23] <DaveO> Yes
[18:23] <Frosty> TCSTigersClaw got it right, by the way BUT MAY NOT BATHE IN THE CHAMPAGNE OF VICTORY. That is reserved for one of you still.
[18:24] <DaveO> Dune for Shai hulud
[18:24] <Frosty> Also /msg your answers to me so I sees them.
[18:24] <Doppler> Probably not but Shai Hulud doesn't sound anything like buckzoids
[18:24] <DaveO> I can answer some Dune trivia at least too :)
[18:24] <Doppler> Are you getting my messages Frosty?
[18:24] <Frosty> I got one.
[18:25] <Whistler> Hunter says Dollars in SM 2
[18:25] <Doppler> wasn't it Dols
[18:25] <Doppler> ?
[18:25] <Frosty> Nope
[18:25] <Doppler> let me pull out my armada book,hang on
[18:25] <capi3101> Huh.
[18:26] <Frosty> I should clarify: No according to the Q&A sheet I have before me.
[18:26] <Frosty> Which is an iron law.
[18:26] * HotJob has joined #wingnut
[18:27] <TCSTigersClaw> Iron fist
[18:27] * eddieb Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[18:27] <Doppler> this trivia game is rigged. I have the original book at it says Dols
[18:27] <Whistler> Kiss my Wookiee!!
[18:27] <Doppler> try not to it is bad for the heart Frosty
[18:27] <^Death_> Unless giving a stupidly and knowingly wrong answer, DON'T ANSWER IN PUBLIC, SEND A /MSG TO FROSTY.
[18:28] <Frosty> Death is correct.
[18:28] <Frosty> IN THAT CASE
[18:28] <Doppler> Lies!
[18:28] <Frosty> The first person of eligibility who answered in what BASICALLY IS A CORRECT ANSWER I GUESS.... is Doppler.
[18:29] <wcnut> Lol
[18:29] <capi3101> VOW, page 29.
[18:29] <Doppler> yeah I love trivia
[18:29] <capi3101> It was dols.
[18:29] <Doppler> thank you capi
[18:29] <wcnut> is that short for dollars?
[18:29] <TCSTigersClaw> space dols :P :P
[18:29] <capi3101> I dunno...
[18:29] <Shere> dolls!
[18:29] <Doppler> I thought it was short for dollars
[18:29] <capi3101> Lemme see if I can find that in Fleet Action too.
[18:29] <TCSTigersClaw> it is ... no ?
[18:29] <wcnut> lol babes are currency
[18:30] <Music_guru> the line i have from the manual was "and a check for 1000 dols good at any Confederation trading outpost."
[18:30] <TCSTigersClaw> dollars/dols
[18:30] <Doppler> fleet action I think it is creditsw
[18:30] <Doppler> or the classifieds section
[18:30] <Frosty> Questions 16 and 17 are open to all for WINNING. And after that I don't know what will happen.
[18:30] <^Death_> Total protonic reversal.
[18:30] <Music_guru> the hang overs will start after that
[18:31] <HCl> never cross the streams
[18:31] <ChrisReid> I guess the question should just have been an OR
[18:31] <ChrisReid> or that they're the same thing
[18:31] <ChrisReid> Fleet Action does spell out the full word "dollars"
[18:31] <ChrisReid> and VOW dols
[18:31] <capi3101> Page 113, Fleet Action.... Jamison says dollars
[18:31] <Shere> as a guy who prepared "who wants to be a millionaire" games for several years, I think it just was not an ideal question
[18:31] <Doppler> Well Forstchen is an author
[18:31] <capi3101> When referring to the cost of outfitting a carrier.
[18:31] <Frosty> YOU WILL WIN A CONFED REPLICA PATCH, to which Chris has ascribed a higher numerical value than MOST OTHER PRIZES in the PRIZE LIST. That means this one is a good prize, and the question will be annoying. ARE YOU PREPARED?!
[18:32] <TrelaneV> After that is the heat death of the solar system
[18:32] <Music_guru> prepared!
[18:32] <Doppler> bring it
[18:32] <TCSTigersClaw> round 1
[18:32] <capi3101> Can I answer?
[18:32] <Frosty> QUESTION THE SIXTEENTH: NASA flight controllers once jokingly offered to upload Wing Commander for the Discovery astronauts' day off. What shuttle mission was this?
[18:32] <TCSTigersClaw> all answer capi yes !
[18:32] <Shere> TrelaneV, yup, it'll definitely come after that. maybe not immediately
[18:32] <Frosty> As Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV begins playing.
[18:32] * iDundradal has joined #wingnut
[18:33] <wcnut> oh good lord, i remember it mentioned but I cant for the life of me remember the sts number
[18:33] <iDundradal> Wtf
[18:33] <Frosty> Please answer in the form of a mission number.
[18:33] <Frosty> LIKE STS-999
[18:34] <TrelaneV> Well only so many numbers to guess
[18:34] <TrelaneV> Can't take that long to brute force it
[18:34] <Frosty> FEKLEYRTARG WIN
[18:35] <Music_guru> grats!
[18:35] <capi3101> STS-121
[18:35] <FekLeyrTarg> thanks :)
[18:35] <capi3101> Found it late.
[18:35] <^Death_> and some of the missions wouldn't be an option anyway because they were before 1990.
[18:35] <Shere> woo! congrats Fek
[18:35] <Doppler> oh well
[18:35] <TCSTigersClaw> !! :)
[18:35] <FekLeyrTarg> :)
[18:35] <TCSTigersClaw> what was the answer I didnt even know that :)
[18:36] <Music_guru> STS-121
[18:36] <TCSTigersClaw> a ok
[18:36] <DaveO> STS-121
[18:36] <HCl> congrats!
[18:36] <capi3101>
[18:36] <Frosty> ONE MORE PATCH IS ON OFFER, but the question will once again be horrible.
[18:36] <TCSTigersClaw> great I will read that later thanks :)
[18:36] <TrelaneV> Pfft, Discovery only did 27 missions in that period. What an easy question to muddle through
[18:36] <Whistler> Fuck my android lagging
[18:36] <TCSTigersClaw> prepare your google`s
[18:36] <HCl> hehehe
[18:36] <FekLeyrTarg> there's also a Stirian band called STS ;)
[18:37] <wcnut> I've never tried to remember the STS numbers for missions
[18:37] <Doppler> I want this patch
[18:37] <FekLeyrTarg> go for it :)
[18:37] <Doppler> I never did like the shuttle program
[18:37] * iDundradal has joined #wingnut
[18:37] <Shere> Gentlemen, start your search engines
[18:37] <wcnut> Well it did it's job
[18:37] <capi3101> I liked it less when I started playing KSP.
[18:37] <Doppler> yeah but it was so space shuttle
[18:38] <capi3101> I gained respect for the Russian space program from KSP.
[18:38] <capi3101> KSP rules.
[18:38] <Doppler> well yeah anybody who sends that many people to die in space you would have to respect
[18:38] <capi3101> True.
[18:38] * iDundradal Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[18:38] <Doppler> and animals too
[18:38] <Frosty> TO WIN ANOTHER REPLIPATCH, PLEASE TO BE TELLING ME IN CONFIDENCE - Name a Kilrathi ship cut from the original Wing Commander?
[18:38] * Pedro Quit (Ping timeout)
[18:39] <Frosty> capi3103 A WIN.
[18:39] <capi3101> WAHAHAHAHA
[18:39] <Music_guru> Spikeri corvette
[18:39] <HCl> damn capi, less coffee ;)
[18:39] <HCl> lol
[18:39] <wcnut> I still don't understand the question
[18:39] <Music_guru> and Dorkir freighter
[18:39] <capi3101> Ni'h'asuk ri'kahr maks aqlanagkhgar talan, Terran'hra!!!
[18:39] <FekLeyrTarg> well done :)
[18:39] <TrelaneV> Well done
[18:39] <capi3101> The Spikeri is making an appearance in Elegy.
[18:39] <TCSTigersClaw> capi is a Kilrathi
[18:39] <capi3101> Ni'ol ri'k'fa!!
[18:39] <wcnut> oh i see now
[18:39] <Doppler> alright capi
[18:40] <TCSTigersClaw> I only know this "Ralgha nar Hhallas" well it is Hobbes name :P
[18:40] <HCl> capi congrats! :)
[18:40] <Doppler> Hobbes is actually Calvin's stuffed tiger
[18:40] <FekLeyrTarg> and a philosoph ;)
[18:40] <TCSTigersClaw> Capi unlocked the LOAF achievment
[18:40] <capi3101> Alright, alright, alright....
[18:40] <capi3101>
[18:41] <Frosty> THE PRIZING IS CONCLUDED. The sacred list of champions is being transferred to the Overlord.
[18:41] <Music_guru> lol, enjoy that patch capi3101, you just barely beat me out on that one
[18:41] <wcnut> congrats all!
[18:41] <Music_guru> thanks frosty! you did well
[18:41] <capi3101> I will do my utmost.
[18:42] <FekLeyrTarg> well done everyone :)
[18:42] <Doppler> I won something this year!!!
[18:42] <TCSTigersClaw> I win something I am happy :D
[18:42] <HCl> yeah congrats all around! :)
[18:42] <TrelaneV> Congratulations to all the winners
[18:42] <^Death_> Even if you can't follow directions for squat, Doppler. :P
[18:42] <TCSTigersClaw> I really enjoyed that I should come more often
[18:42] <Doppler> at least I spelled Jimmie Doolittle right
[18:42] <Whistler> Now... Zu'kara!
[18:42] <Doppler> not Jimmy
[18:43] <TCSTigersClaw> Zukara is death not good ?
[18:43] <wcnut> so anyone want to play some late night prophecy?
[18:43] <iDundradal> Think I'm connected only once now
[18:43] <TCSTigersClaw> death dishonored or someyihn
[18:43] <HCl> yeah, these trivia sessions are fun
[18:43] <capi3101> Quick, everybody say hi to Dund before his connection craps out again!!!
[18:43] <Doppler> Hey Dund
[18:43] <capi3101> hey Dund!!
[18:43] <ChrisReid> hey HCl/Kris, does the prophecy MP work?
[18:43] <Music_guru> hey dund, bye dund!
[18:43] <TrelaneV> Yo Dund
[18:43] <TrelaneV> My nigga
[18:43] <wcnut> I did before
[18:43] <ChrisReid> or do we still have a authentication issue?
[18:43] <iDundradal> heh, it's not crapping out as much as going back in my pocket
[18:43] <Shere> hey Du<NO CARRIER>
[18:43] <Doppler> you don't have these problems on LIVE
[18:43] <ChrisReid> I know it works for anyone still using an original crius login
[18:43] <TCSTigersClaw> HCl new project : KS music into Wc 1/2 :D
[18:43] <wcnut> it seemed to authenticate for me just now
[18:43] <ChrisReid> but there was an issue for new players
[18:43] <KrisV> Only works when you have an old Crius account
[18:43] <wcnut> oh
[18:43] <iDundradal> im at a wedding right now
[18:44] <HCl> chris, still have the issue i'm afraid... didn't get the chance to update the patch
[18:44] <TrelaneV> I use mIRC because I'm not weird
[18:44] <HCl> hopefully soon though!
[18:44] <Shere> on top of a mountain?
[18:44] <wcnut> oh well armada anyone?
[18:44] <FekLeyrTarg> has anyone tried WC Armada online?
[18:44] <iDundradal> hey HCl!
[18:44] <HCl> TCSTigersClaw that sounds a worthy goal :)
[18:44] <iDundradal> yeah, I'm near mt hood
[18:44] <capi3101> My wife wants to know if you're the groom, Dund...
[18:44] <HCl> hey Dund! glad you have things working
[18:45] <wcnut> it works well if you know how to make a IPX emu connection in dosbox
[18:45] <TCSTigersClaw> HCl I am counting on your miracle patches all these years
[18:45] <iDundradal> I am not
[18:45] <iDundradal> its my gfs friend
[18:45] <capi3101> She says "that's good."
[18:45] <TrelaneV> Open bar?
[18:45] <Doppler> is the ceremony still going on or have we made it to the reception yet?
[18:46] <DaveO> Good night to all! Thanks again for the memories and the trivia!
[18:46] <TCSTigersClaw> guys I got to go it will be day here soon it is almost 5 am O_O
[18:46] <HCl> TCSTigersClaw cool, very glad to know they have been useful! :)
[18:46] <Whistler> I need to stop attending these events on my android. It lags out like crazy as the log gets bigger :P
[18:46] <FekLeyrTarg> good night Dave0 :)
[18:46] <wcnut> Very useful HCl
[18:46] * iDundradal Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[18:46] <HCl> hopefully i'll be able to push a few pending things to completion soon :/
[18:46] <Doppler> where are you TCS?
[18:46] <capi3101> Hey, thanks for stopping by, TCSTigersClaw
[18:46] <capi3101> He is in Greece, Doppler.
[18:46] <HCl> TCSTigersClaw, yeah better have some rest
[18:46] * DaveO ( has left #wingnut
[18:46] <Shere> TCS, or you can just start the new day :)
[18:46] <FekLeyrTarg> good night, TCS :)
[18:46] <wcnut> ooh goodness good night tcs
[18:46] <HCl> good night, TCS!
[18:46] <TrelaneV> Good night
[18:47] <Doppler> Hey is it still for sale? Or did they work out of that problem?
[18:47] <Music_guru> night
[18:47] <Music_guru> grats on your winnings :P
[18:47] <TCSTigersClaw> Thanks guys ! I reaally enjoyed it bybye
[18:47] * TCSTigersClaw Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[18:47] <Doppler> later
[18:48] <capi3101> Later
[18:48] <wcnut> poor dundradal
[18:48] <iDundradal> Yes, open bar
[18:48] <TrelaneV> Nice
[18:48] <Doppler> I would hope so it is a wedding
[18:48] <iDundradal> but I'm keeping in check
[18:48] <iDundradal> got hammered at Chris's
[18:48] <capi3101> wife is finally making good on her earlier threat.
[18:48] <Shere> wait, it just struck me... he's been celebrating Aug 16th with us FROM THE FUTURE
[18:48] <iDundradal> this time my gf is getting loose
[18:48] * Whistler Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:48] <Doppler> why it is a wedding and all you have to do is not get as hammered as the groom or bride
[18:48] <HCl> lol capi :P
[18:49] <Music_guru> bye capi
[18:49] <Doppler> bye capi
[18:49] <wcnut> tell her you won
[18:49] <FekLeyrTarg> ciao :)
[18:49] <HCl> seeya later capi!
[18:49] <capi3101> Will do. Good night, y'all.
[18:49] <Music_guru> you have gifts for the kids at christmas!
[18:49] <capi3101> H'in ri'najji'ha hafka, maks desh ri'hav nakhk jaqdu, h'in agon'ha gathleshkik du ni'hus.
[18:49] * capi3101 Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[18:49] <Doppler> bless you
[18:50] <Music_guru> does google translate kilrathi?
[18:50] <Doppler> so what do we do now?
[18:50] <wcnut> hey! my mother was a saint!
[18:50] <Doppler> it sounded like he sneezed and couldn't get the flem out
[18:50] <Shere> only klingon, as far as I know
[18:50] * Whistler has joined #wingnut
[18:50] <Doppler> again sounded like he sneezed and couldn't get the flem out
[18:50] <ChrisReid> I think my wedding bar tab was $4000-5000
[18:51] <Doppler> but did it not come with the package?
[18:51] <wcnut> Went with the cheap stuff i see..
[18:51] <Doppler> How many people were at your wedding CHris?
[18:51] <ChrisReid> if by the package, you mean experience, then yeah
[18:51] <TrelaneV> hehehe
[18:52] <ChrisReid> 160
[18:52] <wcnut> wow
[18:52] <Doppler> that sounds reasonable
[18:52] <Whistler> Outside of WC; anyone else enjoying the new Constellations? I snagged myself a Phoenix. One more picket for the org.
[18:52] <wcnut> all held at the Smithsonian too, right
[18:52] <TrelaneV> Good thing I couldn't make it, I drink like a fish
[18:52] <wcnut> ?
[18:52] <ChrisReid> hehe
[18:52] <Doppler> and are you telling me the caterers or place where y'all held the reception did not come with the bar included?
[18:53] <ChrisReid> yeah, I wouldn't think the bar stuff is ever included... alcohol can be the most expensive part ..
[18:53] <ChrisReid> it wasn't for me, but it totally can be
[18:53] <TrelaneV> Is thta uncommon? Alcohol is very expensive
[18:53] <Doppler> If that is the case then what part of the country did y'all get married and I will make sure I do not say my vows up there.
[18:54] <HotJob> Yea, mine was cash bar, guests could drink as much as they could afford...
[18:54] <ChrisReid> I can't imagine a place giving you "free" alcohol with the venue or food...
[18:54] <ChrisReid> the wedding was in Seattle
[18:54] <Doppler> just my side would put that much away in alchol
[18:54] <TrelaneV> I've never heard of that. I'd imagine it'd drive the base cost way up
[18:54] <Doppler> in liquor
[18:54] <Doppler> it wasn't free part of the package
[18:54] <ChrisReid> I know quite a bit about wedding planning, I'm attending four weddings in the next four weeks
[18:55] <Music_guru> wow
[18:55] <ChrisReid> and alcohol is never free
[18:55] <Doppler> Check it out Grand San Destin in San Destin, Florida
[18:55] <ChrisReid> it's one of the most profitable part of the wedding for the caters
[18:55] <TrelaneV> Exactly
[18:55] <Doppler> well you got to think I live in NOLA
[18:56] * Sylvester Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
[18:56] <Doppler> This is crazy, I am in the wrong business
[18:56] <ChrisReid> If there's places that do offer alcohol with the package, then I'd imagine it's strictly set... everyone gets a glass of champagne with dinner, or two beer tickets, or something like that, so you really are paying for it
[18:56] <Doppler> I need in on that racket
[18:56] <Vinman> you shoulda had steven petrarca cater yor wedding :)
[18:56] <TrelaneV> Yeah, right
[18:56] <Doppler> open bar all night
[18:57] <TrelaneV> Only other thing I've heard of is where you make some kind of deposit into a bar fund and the bar is open until that limit is reached?
[18:57] <Doppler> or unleast until 10 pm don't remember consumed more than my fare share
[18:57] <TrelaneV> But that's still in addition the basic catering cost
[18:57] <ChrisReid> or, the open bar is some kind of gimmick that a place is known for and you have a very limited/cheap selection
[18:57] <wcnut> Keystone light
[18:57] <TrelaneV> Natty light and Schlitz on tap
[18:57] <Vinman> haha
[18:57] <Doppler> kettle one, 80 year old scotch
[18:57] <Frosty> Infinite Natty Light is something I could deal with.
[18:58] <TrelaneV> hehehe
[18:58] <iDundradal> blah
[18:58] <TrelaneV> I haven't had Natty light since college
[18:58] <TrelaneV> I drank lots and lots of it then though
[18:58] <HotJob> I'm not a fussy drinkin' man, alcohol's my favorite brand...
[18:58] <iDundradal> natty light is undergrad daya
[18:58] <Frosty> Drink 348 ounces of Natty Light and you won't care anymore.
[18:58] <TrelaneV> hehehe
[18:58] <ChrisReid> I seriously go to a lot of weddings... I've flown to two in Florida in the last year, and they were just like the rest as far as alcohol goes
[18:58] <^Death_> heh. I used to be like that, Hot, but then I had PBR.
[18:58] <Doppler> no trust me this is no Mississippi redneck married at the county lake
[18:59] <TrelaneV> PBR? Whoa there, big spender
[18:59] <Doppler> They are over rated
[18:59] <TrelaneV> Don't want to break the bank
[18:59] <Shere> for the moment, it's weddings and alcohol consumption... in the near future, a wing commander fan gathering will discuss retirement plans and hip replacements :)
[18:59] <Frosty> We all drink Gansett over here because we suck.
[18:59] <Doppler> I would just assume elope
[18:59] <wcnut> Drink 248 ounces of Natty and all you need is a bathroom break
[18:59] <TrelaneV> hehehe, I really don't mind Naragansett
[18:59] <^Death_> PBR is pretty 'bottom of the barrel' where I am.
[18:59] <Doppler> Man nut
[18:59] <TrelaneV> I mean it's not great, but it's not terrible
[18:59] <Doppler> that IS ALOT of foam
[18:59] <Frosty> I'll drink it, but I don't want to defend it in conversation.
[19:00] <TrelaneV> hehe yeah
[19:00] <TrelaneV> I feel like an asshole when I drink it
[19:00] <Music_guru> live and die wing commander community - for life!
[19:00] <Doppler> standards people
[19:00] <TrelaneV> But if it's on tap at a bar, I'll pick it over other cheap lagers
[19:00] <Doppler> I am about to go and get the bottle of Kettle One in the freezer
[19:00] <Shere> pop goes...
[19:00] <HotJob> Sounds like one online space game I was playing, the discussion turned to herniated disks and sciatic nerve pain...
[19:01] <iDundradal> ighpbr is big here
[19:01] <iDundradal> damn hipsters
[19:01] <HotJob> Space gamers are getting old :(
[19:01] <ChrisReid> my dog just turned the xbox on
[19:01] <TrelaneV> PBR I also don't mind, but again I feel like an asshole drinking it
[19:01] <Frosty> Dammit, the only thing I can eat in this house is some Amy's "red curry" and it's gross.
[19:01] <Doppler> They ruin everything Dund
[19:01] <Music_guru> makes me wonder how the GG people from the old WOO forums feel, they should be like retirement age now
[19:01] <Shere> especially if you got in at Elite
[19:01] <Frosty> Why couldn't it have been a fucking enchilada?
[19:01] <TrelaneV> wow, your dog barked "xBox on" and Kinect understood?
[19:02] <Frosty> REXBROX
[19:02] <Frosty> RON
[19:02] <TrelaneV> hehehehe
[19:02] <ChrisReid> hehe
[19:02] <Doppler> oh that is because Bill Gates is already listening to you
[19:02] <ChrisReid> I guess she touched the on button with her tail
[19:02] <Music_guru> microsoft will then teach your dog how to do microtransactions
[19:02] <TrelaneV> oh, well that's less funny
[19:03] <Doppler> Some one was half asleep at the other end of the kinnect conseul and heard the dog
[19:03] <Frosty> I bought Peggle because I read a blog post about how someone's dog bought Peggle accidentally, but it was OK because Peggle is fun.
[19:03] <wcnut> Peggle is fun
[19:03] <ChrisReid> I like Peggle
[19:03] <Frosty> Yeah
[19:03] <TrelaneV> I like Peggle
[19:04] <Doppler> Well one of the 3 heads my dog has will eat the counsel if it could
[19:04] <TrelaneV> It's fun when you get the last peg and fireworks go off and the music from Die Hard plays
[19:04] <Shere> Peggle Commander
[19:04] <wcnut> I remember I played through a half life inspired rendition demo over and over again
[19:04] <Music_guru> who knew, dogs like da xbone
[19:04] <ChrisReid> Extreme Fever
[19:05] <Doppler> Mine will eat through a tiger shark and whatever it has eaten
[19:05] <Vinman> I like when tv commercials turn my xbox on
[19:05] <Vinman> like, no, no, xbox off, yes
[19:05] <wcnut> lol
[19:05] <Doppler> I am pretty sure they would eat a car...and wait I do remember my female eating my sheets one day
[19:06] <Frosty> If I don't try to taste or smell this microwave food it's edible.
[19:06] <Frosty> :(
[19:06] <HotJob> "We love the President Day" in CIV I
[19:06] <Vinman> *rimshot*
[19:06] <wcnut> I bet microsoft puts those ads on purpose to make it look like more people use the system more regularly.
[19:06] <TrelaneV> Man, nobody laughed at me referring to "Ode to Joy" as "the music from Die Hard"
[19:06] <Doppler> not sheets guys I am sorry seats in my car
[19:06] <TrelaneV> Tough crowd
[19:06] <ChrisReid> hehe
[19:07] <Frosty> That's only because I didn't see it.
[19:07] <Frosty> I am so sorry :(
[19:07] <TrelaneV> hehehe
[19:07] <Music_guru> *chirp, chirp* j/k
[19:07] <FekLeyrTarg> alright, I'e gotta go to sleep now. It's 0407 hours in Austria already. Good night. :)
[19:07] <Vinman> did I ever tell you I won my xbone in an auction?
[19:07] <Frosty> That's I won mine with 500 dollars money.
[19:07] <Music_guru> night fekleyrtarg!
[19:08] <Doppler> Night fek
[19:08] <TrelaneV> I don't have one at all
[19:08] <Vinman> they plied us with a ton of alcohol before bidding started and I bought it in a haze
[19:08] <Shere> everyone seen this, right?
[19:08] <Frosty> You bid 994 dollars and 600 cents.
[19:08] <Vinman> evidently nobody else knew what it was worth cuz I got it for $360
[19:08] <ChrisReid> seeya
[19:08] * FekLeyrTarg Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:08] <Doppler> I got mine for $300
[19:08] <Doppler> at the store
[19:08] <TrelaneV> I'm waiting for a game I really want to play
[19:08] <Vinman> hahaha I love that video
[19:08] <Music_guru> ya, i've seen that shere
[19:09] <Vinman> all those 12 year olds getting trolled
[19:09] <Frosty> Hehehe waiting for a game you really want to play? Then you may in fact *never* want to buy a PS4, Xbone, or WiiU.
[19:09] <Doppler> I don't care anymore after seeing Ender's Game, I some how what that counsel
[19:09] <Frosty> Because none of them are ever gonna have games.
[19:09] <Vinman> hehehe
[19:09] <Vinman> yeah, I've had both for a while now and I mostly use them to watch netflix
[19:09] <Frosty> You could make a lot of effort to tolerate Titanfall with us...
[19:09] <Vinman> playing ffxiv on my ps4 a lot now, though
[19:09] <Vinman> oooh yeah, titanfall
[19:09] <Vinman> I suck at titanfall
[19:10] <ChrisReid> Titanfall time is almost over
[19:10] <ChrisReid> Diablo comes out next week
[19:10] <TrelaneV> I've thought about getting a WiiU
[19:10] <ChrisReid> but the next big thing will be Destiny
[19:10] <Frosty> Yeah, it's almost time for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Titanfall Without Titans, but With Smaller Titan-Like Mech Things.
[19:10] <TrelaneV> I just don't really care about shooting games much
[19:10] <Frosty> Gonna be a coo game.
[19:11] <Doppler> I know Frosty but that is my kind of game. I would blow up the little kid and his pitfull fleet
[19:11] <Frosty> I want Viva Piñata 2.
[19:11] <Shere> I suppose if VR gaming doesn't happen for umpteenth time, pretty much all we'll have left will be damn touchscreen tablets
[19:12] <Music_guru> viva pinata 2 would be cool except for the fact the first one didn't sell well...
[19:12] <TrelaneV> hehe, I would buy an XB1 for Pinata 2
[19:12] <Frosty> I'm sayin.
[19:12] <Music_guru> oh wait, there was a 2... facepalm
[19:13] <Frosty> Oh really? Then let's edit: Viva Pinata BONE.
[19:13] <Doppler> Its not really VR if you are really destroying the enemy Shere, is it?
[19:13] <TrelaneV> Trouble in Paradise was weird, I couldn't get into it
[19:13] * eddieb has joined #wingnut
[19:13] <wcnut> Armada anyone?
[19:13] <Doppler> Why not go and buy a pinata?
[19:13] <Music_guru> but i'm not sure if they'll make another one because of poor sales...
[19:13] <Shere> depends on your interpretation of virtual :)
[19:13] <eddieb> Oooh, I came back in time for trivia :)
[19:14] <Doppler> its way cheeper, full of candy, and you get to destroy it
[19:14] <Doppler> with your hands
[19:14] <Doppler> which can be phone
[19:14] <Doppler> fun
[19:14] <Doppler> not phone
[19:14] <Music_guru> hi eddie
[19:14] <eddieb> hi all
[19:14] <Music_guru> trivia is over actually
[19:14] <Doppler> hey eddie
[19:14] <wcnut> yah sorry
[19:14] <Music_guru> at least for prizes anyway
[19:14] <wcnut> hi though
[19:14] <TrelaneV> I should probably get to bed, early start for me tomorrow
[19:14] <eddieb> haha no worries.
[19:15] <Vinman> aww
[19:15] <Shere> you could probably buy a virtual pinata and destroy the device it's on...?
[19:15] <ChrisReid> I'm pretty worn out, but someone should go play Armada with wcnut
[19:15] <Whistler> Sorry wcnut, been having trouble getting it working, and I'm not at my PC right now
[19:15] <ChrisReid> it's super cool online
[19:15] <Doppler> I don't know does candy come out?
[19:16] <wcnut> it works on mac/linux whistler
[19:16] * Whistler Quit (Quit: network switch)
[19:16] <Doppler> bye Trelene
[19:16] <Music_guru> see ya trelene
[19:16] <^Death_> g'night Tre
[19:16] <wcnut> night
[19:16] <Vinman> how about some indie trivia? like where is the ship's piano located on TCS Concordia?
[19:16] <TrelaneV> g'night folks
[19:16] * TrelaneV Quit (Quit: )
[19:16] <Music_guru> observation deck?
[19:17] <Vinman> music guru is unsuprisingly the winner!
[19:17] <Music_guru> ya!
[19:17] <HotJob> "Underneath Jazz'z Hands" <ducks>
[19:17] <Music_guru> i am a music guru after all
[19:17] <eddieb> How's Star Citizen's dogfight module?
[19:17] <Whistler> As in I'm on my android, DOSBox is shit on this thing.
[19:17] <wcnut> oh
[19:17] <wcnut> yup it would be
[19:17] <Doppler> I mean who puts a grand piano on a dreadnaught?
[19:18] <Vinman> yeah, how is star citizen coming along? it's kinda poorly-optimized at this point and I can't get it above a couple frames per second
[19:18] <Shere> no idea, haven't got a machine that could run it smoothly
[19:18] <Vinman> er, either it's poorly-optimized or my computer is worse than I thought
[19:18] <Whistler> S3, yeah
[19:18] <HotJob> @Doppler: Tolwyn, who else?
[19:18] <Music_guru> modules are coming along but still a lot of work to do
[19:18] <wcnut> if anyone bought it on a gog bundle and just needs help setting it up, Id be happy to walk someone through it
[19:18] <Music_guru> i'm excited for the racing module that should be out in about 2 weeks
[19:18] <Doppler> who else, what?
[19:19] <Whistler> I mentioned above I picked up one of the new constellations. I grabbed the Phoenix
[19:19] <Doppler> Again Star Citizen is a game that would benefit form the awesome Ender's Game engine
[19:19] <Whistler> Upgraded my old package
[19:19] <HotJob> Answering your Hypothetical question on who puts a grand piano on a dreadnaught: Adm. Tolwyn
[19:20] <Music_guru> pretty ship but i am hoping that you'll be able to change the stylings in the ship... not a huge fan of the wood but i could live with it if i had to
[19:20] <Doppler> oh
[19:20] <Doppler> well he is British and I don't see an old navy hard liner doing that
[19:21] <Vinman> oh yeah the new connies were announced today, right?
[19:21] <HotJob> Yea, chat scrolls by to fast to have back and foth conversations
[19:21] <Music_guru> yesterday i believe
[19:22] <Doppler> again what that game needs is a sections off cockpit where you can immurse yourself in the game
[19:22] <Shere> anyone keeping an eye on Braben's Elite Dangerous?
[19:22] <Whistler> Point defense turret, upgraded expansion vehicles, same weaponry just lighter missiles, and fast as hell engines.
[19:22] <Frosty> Aww fuck, Trelane quit? Lame. I'm lame for not being here. For being elsewhere instead, brewing a GIANT SIDEWAYS COFFEE:
[19:22] <Music_guru> i am a little bit shere
[19:23] <Music_guru> i've watched geekdomo on twitch play elite dangerous
[19:23] <Frosty> There, I rotated it.
[19:23] <Whistler> If the Constellation is CR's idea of the Millennium Falcon then the Phoenix is the Lady Luck to me.
[19:23] <Whistler> Just prettier.
[19:23] <Vinman> oh yeah I saw the giantbomb quick look
[19:23] <Vinman> looks neat
[19:23] <Frosty> I don't know which Constellation variant I want.
[19:23] <Music_guru> ya, i can't imagine han solo on the phoenix... too clean :P
[19:23] <Frosty> Not Aquila, though.
[19:24] * eddieb Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:24] <Shere> so ED's already playable? I haven't pledged, so don't have access
[19:24] <Frosty> I really want a frigate. I'm gonna name it Big Chooch.
[19:24] <Frosty> And when Big Chooch comes rolling in you gotta scatter.
[19:25] <Doppler> lol
[19:25] <Doppler> until somebody gets a cruiser
[19:25] * Raptor Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:25] <Music_guru> ED's in beta, $75 to play right now
[19:25] <Doppler> and names it The bigger Chooch
[19:25] <Shere> kinda steep :)
[19:26] <Frosty> That guy would still be a copycat, giving me smug points anyway,.
[19:26] <Music_guru> lol, comparing to star citizen *cough*
[19:26] <Whistler> Taurus for hauling, Andromeda (base Connie) for dedicated combat, Aquila for long range recon or exploration, and the Phoenix for a posh, fast as hell gunboat. Just very little cargo space in the Phoenix but you get the (eventual) upgraded snub fighter and rover.
[19:26] <Frosty> Also kinda steep compared to No Man's Sky.
[19:26] <Frosty> And variously all other amazing new games.
[19:26] <Whistler> Anyone in our Org own an Idris?
[19:26] <Frosty> Will I have to pick variants for ~*MY CUTLASS*~?
[19:27] <Whistler> All ships will have variants
[19:27] <Music_guru> to be honest, i'm a little concerned with all the "pay for early access" games...
[19:27] <Shere> yyyep. then again, I played how many Roberts brothers' games to death, seven? and have never been able to get into any of the Elite series :)
[19:28] <Whistler> At this point, it's moot to discuss it. It's getting made with a near $51 million budget.
[19:28] <Vinman> yeah early access is getting too common for my tastes
[19:28] <Shere> well, the guy that started the trend, Armagan Yavuz, is a hero
[19:28] <Whistler> You're either in or out at this point :P
[19:28] <Doppler> well Frosty what is the sincerest form of flattery?
[19:28] <Frosty> Oooh wait, I can dickwave harder: I can't wait to try out ~~~~MY XI'AN KHARTU-AL~~~~
[19:28] <Whistler> Hehe
[19:29] <Music_guru> star citizen should be great though, having a lot of great people and studios working on it
[19:29] <Doppler> Well all I got is my boomstick
[19:29] <Shere> should be
[19:29] <Vinman> yeah, super excited for sc, just don't think I'll be able to play it until a while after it comes out and there are clearer benchmarks of what hardware is recommended
[19:29] <Whistler> I have a Phoenix now, a Super Hornet , and an M 50 racer to wrap it up
[19:30] <Whistler> I'm satisfied
[19:30] <Frosty> I'll have to build a new machine.
[19:30] <Vinman> <-- 315p and a super hornet, figured that was enough money from me
[19:30] <Doppler> Why do I feel that if we have to pay this much money we should be flying this stuff for real?
[19:30] <Vinman> hehehehe yeah reallyt
[19:30] <Music_guru> i've got a 660TI and I expect I'll need to upgrade my video card when SC is finished
[19:31] <Frosty> My current games PC is a goof. It's all the opposite of the done things; Passive video cooling, APU+GPU hybrid crossfire... slow.
[19:31] <Whistler> I got a discount for my Phoenix with my Imperator coupon :P
[19:31] <Shere> only a little basic constellation model for me. now it's called Andromeda, as far as I recall
[19:31] <Whistler> Cost me $106.25
[19:31] <Music_guru> but it's amazing actually, WC games in the old days used to force you to upgrade and here we are again with SC
[19:31] <Doppler> Seriously if I get approved by the Air Force officers board that will be the first question I ask
[19:31] <Vinman> I'm on an old-ish laptop
[19:31] <Vinman> so yeah, I see an upgrade in my future
[19:32] <Frosty> Yeah, it's reminiscent of the WC days, but I'm not having any fun building these new PCs.
[19:32] <Music_guru> it's amazing to think that chris roberts has been able to push the envelope once again on PC games
[19:32] <Frosty> And also I don't care about PC games much anyway. I have like 7 Xboxes.
[19:32] <Vinman> seven?
[19:32] <Shere> Chris Roberts: making you buy expensive toys since 1990!
[19:32] <Whistler> It's nothing I haven't already done for Chris' other games. Why change the habit of a lifetime?
[19:32] <Vinman> you're only supposed to have... One
[19:32] <Doppler> 7 Frosty? I can't get anybody to play Arena
[19:32] <Frosty> I guess 5. One Xbox, 3 Xbox 360s, one Xbox One.
[19:32] <Vinman> why three 360s?
[19:33] <Vinman> rrod?
[19:33] <Frosty> One is C-3PO.
[19:33] <Frosty> And one is HDMI standard model, and one is OLD AS HELL.
[19:33] <Frosty> The old one RRODed twice but works now.
[19:33] <Frosty> The Mexicans fixed it for me.
[19:33] <ChrisReid> I have five 360s I think
[19:33] <ChrisReid> six?
[19:34] <Frosty> I guess the C-3PO one just has a 3PO controller and the Xbox itself is actually R2D2.
[19:34] <Music_guru> i've got 2 that red ringed :P
[19:34] <Doppler> I have one 360
[19:34] <Vinman> I was a sucker and waited for the new 360 cuz I was afraid of the rrod after all my friends had it, but that meant I missed out on arena with you guys
[19:34] <Shere> so frosty has... 1081? 360x3 and One
[19:34] <HotJob> I don't feel so bad about having two Wiis now.
[19:34] <Frosty> Chris is already plotting his second Xbone acquisition.
[19:34] <ChrisReid> my wife and I each separately got white ones inititally, then I got the red and black Resident Evil limited edition one. and I also have the limited edition ones for Halo 3, Reach and Halo 4
[19:34] <Vinman> don't know if that's how it works, shere
[19:34] <Frosty> This in spite of all of us constantly joking about how crap the Xbox is.
[19:34] <Frosty> All we do is play Titanfall and rag on the features it doesnt have.
[19:35] <ChrisReid> and for original xboxes, I have the black one and the translucent green Halo one
[19:35] <Vinman> lol
[19:35] <Doppler> yeah I can see that Chris my girlfriend took hers with the kinnect when I made her leave
[19:35] <Vinman> ugh I miss crimson skies, ah, college
[19:35] <Frosty> You mean .~*My Girlfriend*~.
[19:35] <Vinman> lol
[19:35] <ChrisReid> yeah, it's everything in my power to keep from buying that Call of Duty one this fall, or the white one
[19:35] <ChrisReid> or both
[19:35] <Doppler> and yet NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY ARENA?
[19:35] <ChrisReid> but I know there'll be a Halo 5 one next year if I can just hold off
[19:35] <Doppler> yeah whatever she is now
[19:35] <wcnut> I got to say I wouldn't buy any of these new consoles. I'm a PC man through and through.
[19:36] <Doppler> I like old Arcades
[19:36] * HotJob Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:36] <Frosty> I could conceivably turn on my Xbox 360, but here's the low-down: I run it through the HDMI-in on my Xbone and it has a delay because of it. And so I don't have any fun.
[19:36] <^Death_> Don't have a Gold account. Last year I bought a month pass for Arena, and no one else was playing. :\
[19:36] <Frosty> Gold is no longer required for multiplayer.
[19:36] <ChrisReid> I think it is
[19:36] <Vinman> yeah it is
[19:36] <Doppler> neither do I right now but would do it just to piss the girlfriend off cause I would use her card
[19:36] <Frosty> Oh really? I thought they changed that.
[19:36] <ChrisReid> they changed a bunch
[19:36] <Vinman> gold is no longer needed for netflix
[19:37] <ChrisReid> you don't need Gold to Skype and stuff
[19:37] <Doppler> hold on I will find out
[19:37] * iDundradal has joined #wingnut
[19:37] <Frosty> I'm paid up for years and years at something like 32 dollars per year for Gold, so I guess I don't really need to know what it does.
[19:37] <ChrisReid> but I think you still do for multi
[19:37] <Frosty> It's the best one, I have it.
[19:37] <Vinman> I'd play arena but I'm in ffxiv
[19:37] <wcnut> Remember in the good ol days when consoles use to just play games? You load in the cartriage, turned it on and Boom, on came the game on the screen
[19:37] <wcnut> no wait or anything
[19:37] <Vinman> POPPYCOCK!
[19:37] <Frosty> Unless it mysteriously didn't work.
[19:37] <Frosty> THEN BLOW ON IT
[19:37] <wcnut> yup
[19:37] <Music_guru> pepperidge farm remembers
[19:37] <wcnut> simple fixes for simple times
[19:38] <Music_guru> blowing in carts, worst thing ever...
[19:38] <Frosty> The Xbox 360 was the finest era of video gaming. The best system with the best features and the most kickass games for the longest period of time.
[19:38] <Doppler> no sega dreamcast
[19:38] <Vinman> I didn't use consoles until I got a ps1 in 2000 cuz they wouldn't port ff9 to pc
[19:38] <iDundradal> How goes the war against the humans?
[19:38] <Frosty> The PlayStation 2 era was the darkest age of all, making 360 seem even more enlightened.
[19:38] <wcnut> I was going to say the ps2 had 360 beat
[19:39] <Doppler> PS2 never reached its full potentiel
[19:39] <Frosty> I'm just talking the era in general, PS2/Xbox/GameCube. A horribly dark time.
[19:39] <Doppler> did like the MSG series though
[19:39] <Vinman> I'm one of those playstation weirdos
[19:39] <Frosty> PS3/360 was like being set free and showered with gifts.
[19:39] <iDundradal> Ugh this damn thing
[19:39] <wcnut> *cough* <*shadow of the colosus*
[19:39] <iDundradal> this client can be a bitxh
[19:39] <Whistler> SNES is king above all
[19:40] <Shere> I only made games for nintendo... but heard ghastly tales from the guys who worked with ps3
[19:40] <Doppler> hey you remember when we all had PCs to play
[19:40] <iDundradal> it keeps scrolling back
[19:40] <Doppler> counsels
[19:40] <Frosty> SNES was the first system I bought, for 85 dollars at K-Mart.
[19:40] <Vinman> yeah the ps3 was a mess for a long time
[19:40] <Shere> like, it was really hard to develop for it
[19:40] <Music_guru> snes is such a great system
[19:40] <Doppler> $100 1986 Nintendo
[19:40] <wcnut> SNES was my bread and butter. My first Wing commander too
[19:40] <Vinman> but I still spent FIVE-HUNDRED-NINETY-NINE US DOLLARS on one :I
[19:40] <Doppler> actually the girlfriend left hers and it still works
[19:40] <Music_guru> carts can be expensive to find these days too...
[19:40] <Whistler> Mine too lol
[19:40] <Frosty> Haha yeah, the PS3 had a funny price of hugeness.
[19:41] <Frosty> .~*The Girlfriend*~.
[19:41] * iDundradal Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:41] <Doppler> It is still 8-bits of awesome
[19:41] <Shere> I suppose it should all change now, with both PS and Xbox being essentially PCs :)
[19:41] <wcnut> yah if you want a B_ray player get a Blue Ray player
[19:41] <Whistler> My favorite RPGs and action games
[19:41] <Doppler> ok she now be referred to as the ole lady
[19:41] <Doppler> since I can type that better
[19:42] <Whistler> Remember the craziness Mortal Kombat created among the masses back then?
[19:42] <Frosty> What makes a PC properly a PC is being OVERPRICED OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND USED BITCOIN MINER JUNK RUNNING WINDOWS. What makes a games console is being INTENDED FOR PLAYING GAMES.
[19:42] <Doppler> OMG blood
[19:42] <Frosty> I consider these distinctions superior to hardware similarities.
[19:42] <Whistler> No, SWEAT!
[19:42] <Vinman> PHOTOREALISM!!!
[19:42] <wcnut> PC will always have the modding ability, the freedom
[19:42] <Vinman> it's gonna drive kids CRAAAAZY
[19:42] <Doppler> you do need xbox live account
[19:42] <Doppler> to play Arena
[19:42] <Music_guru> Dogecoin frosty - lol
[19:42] <Whistler> Not fatalities! Oh noes!
[19:43] <Doppler> Toasty!!
[19:43] <Whistler> Turned Kano into a pussy
[19:43] <Doppler> but if some one is willing to play I get a limited membership.
[19:43] <Frosty> I will always value a huge and stable matchmaking system like XBL over the freedom to ziptie a bunch of power cables so they're out of the way like with a PC.
[19:44] <Whistler> Only reason the play him was to see him rip someone's heart
[19:44] <Frosty> Built 4 new PCs anyway cause nobody listens to me.
[19:44] <Shere> sooo... Frosty... then the only games console on the market right now is Wii-U? :)
[19:44] <Doppler> The TV, bed, modem, and xbox are basically the only things left to pack up
[19:44] <Frosty> I haz a Wii U and it's no good at all.
[19:44] <wcnut> I will always prefer a mouse and keyboard to the sillyness of a controller
[19:44] <Frosty> Except Mario Kart 8 is fun.
[19:44] <Doppler> Agree with you there Frosty
[19:45] <Shere> I mean, both of the others were not solely intended for playing games
[19:45] <Frosty> Mouse and keyboard is superior for actual use, but game controller feels more comfortable. Also it doesn't apply to any games except FPS.
[19:45] <Shere> and RTS
[19:45] <Frosty> I didn't say solely :)
[19:45] <wcnut> And many puzzle games
[19:45] <Frosty> Maybe I implied primarily.
[19:45] <wcnut> "any games except"
[19:46] <wcnut> point and click adventures
[19:46] <Frosty> Ooooh, you got me.
[19:46] <wcnut> oh boy i must stop
[19:47] <Doppler> I would kill for an awesome new RTS to come out
[19:47] <Shere> adventures are OK on touchscreen devices, by the way. they don't demand much from the controller. it's just that gamepads are spectacularly bad fit for them
[19:47] <Frosty> Planetary Annihilation.
[19:47] <Frosty> There you go.
[19:47] <Frosty> No need to murder.
[19:47] <Doppler> Just destrou!
[19:47] <wcnut> thats true share
[19:47] <Doppler> Destroy!
[19:48] <Doppler> Damn microsoft, won't let me get anything less than full membership
[19:49] <Shere> doppler, have you tried King Arthur? it's got an odd but really satisfying gameplay. close to Dark Omen
[19:49] <Doppler> No I have not will have to check into that
[19:50] <Vinman> I can't wait to see if homeworld 3 is any good
[19:50] <Doppler> I do miss that game alot
[19:50] <Whistler> Seriously anticipating HW3
[19:50] <wcnut> I'm anticipating a HW1 and 2 release on gog
[19:50] <Doppler> I wish they would come out with a game similar but on MUCH grander scale
[19:50] <Frosty> That would be nice.
[19:51] <Music_guru> homeworld is being remade isn't it?
[19:51] <wcnut> so they said
[19:51] <wcnut> i just want the origionals
[19:51] <Shere> it's a series, fairly recent. tactical battles without base building or troop production - as I said, the closest match is Warhammer Dark Omen
[19:52] <Shere> Homeworld... hey, who's making the new one?
[19:52] <Frosty> Someone awesome.
[19:52] <Frosty> Gearbox?
[19:52] <wcnut> yah
[19:53] <Shere> the first ones were made by relic, right?
[19:54] <wcnut> yah
[19:55] <wcnut> some little company called Barking Dog Studiio's did Catalyst
[19:56] * Klavs81 has joined #wingnut
[19:57] <wcnut> hey Klavs
[19:57] <Vinman> yo
[19:57] <ChrisReid> hey
[19:57] <Frosty> A GOG release would make me happy. It sucks to have to go through the whole procedure of installing, cracking, patching, etc. just so I can make my friends play Homeworld with me.
[19:57] <Frosty> The hardest thing of all is making them buy it.
[19:57] <wcnut> absolutly
[19:57] <Klavs81> Hi guys
[19:57] <Music_guru> hey klavs
[19:57] <Frosty> Getting it for 3 bucks on GOG would make forcing everyone to play with me so much easier.
[19:57] <Doppler> I would do it Frosty
[19:58] <Doppler> Hi Klavs
[19:58] <Music_guru> i would love homeworld on gog, would be so awesome and convenient
[19:59] <wcnut> Now that Gamespy is down, it's even harder for HW2
[19:59] <wcnut> I guess there is always Game Ranger
[20:00] * Klavs81 Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[20:03] * HCl Quit (Quit: )
[20:03] * Super has joined #wingnut
[20:03] <Whistler> I use gameranger for starlancer now
[20:04] <Whistler> Unless I do a direct IP game
[20:05] <Doppler> another good game
[20:05] <Doppler> I think I still have the original discs somewhere
[20:06] <Shere> I remember thinking "damn, is it really going to star us Russians as bad guys this time again?"... welp. a decade later, seems like Chris Roberts was right :)
[20:07] <Doppler> y'all were always the bad guys
[20:07] <ChrisReid> hehe
[20:07] <Music_guru> it's all the ruskies fault
[20:08] <Doppler> Just cause you say your a "democracy" doesn't mean y'all aren't communist. Hell look at us we are all Socialists now
[20:08] <Vinman> haha I felt the same way, shere
[20:08] <Vinman> there is no time for prisoners
[20:09] <Doppler> Well wait we are forgetting it is from a certain point of view
[20:09] <Frosty> Commies deserve only defeat, and death.
[20:09] <Vinman> doesn't the coalition end up winning?
[20:09] <Doppler> If the game had a Soviet game play to it it would have been way better
[20:09] <Vinman> like, isn't that how they set up freelancer?
[20:09] <PopsiclePete> back
[20:09] <Music_guru> from freelancer, i believe so
[20:10] <Music_guru> that was video that didn't make it into the final freelancer though
[20:10] <Vinman> what do you mean soviet gameplay?
[20:10] <Doppler> Yeah but they showed have had both sides in the first one and freelancer wouldn't have been so bad
[20:10] <PopsiclePete> fudge, my wife required me .. somewhere else and I missed the event, it would seem :(
[20:10] <Music_guru> it was a long opening game sequence that got cut
[20:10] <Doppler> Coalition, soviet,
[20:10] <Vinman> wait that wasn't in the game?
[20:10] <Vinman> how did I see it then?
[20:10] <Vinman> man, the years have played havoc on my memory
[20:11] <Music_guru> at least i think that part was cut? i just remember a long opening sequence getting cut
[20:11] <Doppler> I remember the long opening sequence
[20:11] <Doppler> but I never had Coalition gameplay
[20:11] <Doppler> thought it made the game incomplete
[20:12] <Music_guru> ya, extended intro here:
[20:12] <Shere> needs a dose of Red Alert 3 right after a playthrough :)
[20:14] <Frosty> So the Xbox One Friends pane no longer displays recorded videos in the feed? Why do they keep doing this stuff?
[20:14] <Music_guru> but the original intro mentions the coalition winning too, so ya, you were right
[20:14] <Vinman> red alert is the best
[20:14] <Doppler> yes it was
[20:15] <Doppler> I can remember playing that over 56K
[20:15] <Doppler> having so many MIGS cross each other at the same time it would almost freeze my friend and mine's compouters
[20:15] <Doppler> computes
[20:16] <Doppler> computers
[20:16] <Doppler> I can not spell tonight
[20:16] <ChrisReid> hmm, I see videos Frosty
[20:16] <ChrisReid> your clips from last night are in my feed
[20:16] * Super Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[20:16] <Frosty> Huh. I don't see any. I don't think I hit a setting...
[20:18] <Whistler> Cha-CHING!
[20:19] <Doppler> rocking I am still #3 in the Gauntlet, baby!!! on Arena if y'all were wondering
[20:19] <Frosty> Who is #1?
[20:19] <Doppler> I did play 163 games but that is because no one else would play
[20:19] <Doppler> hold on
[20:20] <ChrisReid> it's funny how many people I recognize in the Arena leaderboards
[20:20] <Doppler> Baby Figs with 201,700 pts
[20:20] * Dund has joined #wingnut
[20:20] <Doppler> #2 is SnapDragon with 163,500
[20:21] <Frosty> I don't know either of those guys :(
[20:21] <Dund> Hey again
[20:21] <Doppler> I am #3 with 155,600
[20:21] <Doppler> hey Dund
[20:21] * Super has joined #wingnut
[20:21] <Frosty> A bee crawled into my helmet and stung me like a week ago. Right on the neck. Now it's itchy as hell.
[20:21] <Frosty> I hate a bug.
[20:22] <Vinman> I love it when bugs go squish
[20:22] <Doppler> Now I have cracked over 200,000 but the dogs were wrestling with each other and knocked the xbox so I had to restart it.
[20:22] <Doppler> that was about the time I quit cause I was fed up with no one playing
[20:23] <Frosty> Yeah, that game got no traction at all.
[20:23] <Frosty> Despite pushing all the stupid little arbitrary XBLA limits of the day.
[20:23] <Doppler> Chris I can't believe you are 50
[20:23] <Frosty> And being really cool.
[20:23] <Doppler> yeah but if we are true wing commander fans we should have it right?
[20:23] <Frosty> Oh we have it. I just never turn my 360 on.
[20:23] <Doppler> in all honesty this is why I wanted a 360
[20:23] <ChrisReid> yeah, I don't think I actually played gauntlet much
[20:24] <ChrisReid> but I should be pretty high on the kills and some other boards, right?
[20:24] <Doppler> lets see
[20:24] <Frosty> Yeah tell us who the superstars are on all the boards.
[20:26] <Doppler> Frosty 177th in Meteorstorm
[20:26] <Frosty> :(
[20:26] <Doppler> I was like 400 something
[20:26] <Frosty> :)
[20:26] <Doppler> its kind of like golf alot of people have the same score
[20:27] * Dund Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[20:27] <Doppler> yeah I am not good defending satellites in a nebula with incoming asteroids
[20:27] <Doppler> that SnapDragon guy is 149th
[20:28] * PopsiclePete Quit (Ping timeout)
[20:29] <Doppler> Chris I didn't even see you in Meteorstorm
[20:30] <ChrisReid> I mostly did the multiplayer modes
[20:30] * Super Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[20:31] <Doppler> I know that I am getting to those
[20:32] <Music_guru> lol, just got done talking with my mother - she says happy birthday CIC :)
[20:32] <ChrisReid> ha, thanks!
[20:32] <Doppler> alright Mother if Guru!!
[20:32] <Music_guru> ya, i'm proud :P
[20:33] <Doppler> I am 402nd iin meteorstorm
[20:34] <Doppler> We have a LOAF sitting at 492nd
[20:34] <Vinman> hehe
[20:34] <Doppler> ok moving on
[20:35] <ChrisReid> I do think it's amazing that LOAF won that tournament way back
[20:35] <Music_guru> the WC arena tourney with all the WC loot as prizes?
[20:35] <Frosty> I think at the time we all assumed he'd win.
[20:35] <Doppler> Melee is next and I know I have been trying to beat Frosty's score for a while
[20:35] <Frosty> He's freakishly good at the games he wants to be good at.
[20:35] <Doppler> aren't we all
[20:36] * ZFGokuSSJ1 Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[20:36] <Doppler> ok Melee scores
[20:36] <ChrisReid>
[20:36] <Doppler> we Frosty coming in a 2nd with 103
[20:36] <Frosty> I think of LOAF and ace as being rather exceptionally good at the games they really enjoy.
[20:36] <Frosty> The rest of us less so.
[20:36] <Frosty> WOOO
[20:36] <Frosty> NUMBA 2
[20:37] <Doppler> SUMOBIZNAZ is 1st with 113
[20:37] <ChrisReid> aint no biznaz like sumo biznaz
[20:38] <Doppler> our fearless leader Mr. Chris Reid comes in at 15th with 93
[20:38] <Doppler> lol
[20:38] <Vinman> oh man memories
[20:38] <Doppler> I am at 18th with 91
[20:38] <Frosty> I don't remember charting at all, so this has delighted me.
[20:38] <Vinman> I totally forgot about the tournament
[20:38] <Doppler> Isn't this why we have the birthday Vinman?
[20:38] <Dund> My arena memories are frosty abs I yelling
[20:39] <Frosty> I yell during all games.
[20:39] <Doppler> me too
[20:39] <Frosty> Ask Chris and ace. Everything is just me exclaiming over voice chat what bullshit it all is.
[20:39] <Doppler> makes it more exciting
[20:40] <Frosty> Hey that's not fair that guy lagged. waaaaah boohooo fuck this game mode I wanna go home
[20:40] <Doppler> I am always cussing
[20:40] <Frosty> That's me.
[20:40] <Doppler> ha
[20:40] <Doppler> we will see who is lagging behind who when I duel you
[20:41] <Frosty> If you remember at all how to play the game you're gonna win.
[20:41] <Doppler> Hell we can get AD to play too and we can almost run around the bear pit
[20:41] * Super has joined #wingnut
[20:41] <Doppler> he is like the only other person I have played in head to head
[20:42] <Doppler> I mean I still have not been able to unlock all the ships....that is said
[20:42] <Doppler> that is sad
[20:42] <Frosty> There is a bug of some sort.
[20:42] <Frosty> It's prevented me as well.
[20:42] <Doppler> you got to play multiplayer matches
[20:43] <Doppler> LOAF comes in at 196th with 68 kills
[20:44] <Doppler> ok moving on don't see anyone else I know
[20:46] <Doppler> bearpit is next but I am almost to 100 and haven't seen anybody
[20:46] * bob has joined #wingnut
[20:47] <Doppler> LeHah is 150th with a streak of 14
[20:48] <Doppler> Full page AD is 170th with a streak of 13
[20:49] <Dund> Hey again
[20:50] * Super Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[20:50] <Doppler> LOAF comes in at 311th with a streak of 8
[20:51] <Doppler> next is duel
[20:52] <Doppler> LOAF 14 38 wins
[20:52] <Doppler> 38 wins 33 losses
[20:53] <Doppler> ChrisReid 80th with 20 wins 25 losses
[20:56] <ChrisReid> yay
[20:56] <bob> are you guys playing arena?
[20:56] <ChrisReid> we are talking about arena
[20:57] <Doppler> people are wanting to get together this week and play though...interested?
[20:57] <Music_guru> i never had the chance to play arena... kinda sad about that
[20:57] <Doppler> never to late GURU
[20:57] <Music_guru> is it even still available to get?
[20:57] <ChrisReid> yup
[20:58] <Doppler> AD comes in at 305th with 2 wins 3 losses
[20:58] <Music_guru> really? huh, maybe time to get a working 360
[20:58] <bob> so how was the party?
[20:58] <Doppler> Dund you come in at 1227 with 0 wins and 6 losses
[20:59] <ChrisReid> the party was fun
[20:59] <Music_guru> ya it was good
[20:59] <Doppler> I round out the bottom at 1262 with 0 wins 1 loss
[20:59] <Doppler> and it was to AD
[20:59] <Music_guru> bummed LOAF couldn't make it but he needs his rest
[20:59] <Doppler> yeah it was a great party I won something this year!!!!
[21:00] <Doppler> really wanted that shirt though
[21:00] <Music_guru> always next year Doppler
[21:00] <Doppler> this is true.
[21:00] <Doppler> I always come for the trivia
[21:00] <Music_guru> i've been slowly growing my prize collection over the years :P
[21:00] <Doppler> wind up staying cause we always have a good time
[21:01] <Doppler> ok guys 1 more category
[21:01] <Doppler> frags
[21:01] <wcnut> well good night all, it's been swell
[21:01] <Music_guru> night wcnut
[21:01] * wcnut Quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[21:02] <Doppler> ChrisReid tops our list at 24th with 1099 frags
[21:02] <Doppler> well we surely know you are good at killing things
[21:03] <Vinman> hehehe
[21:04] <Doppler> LeHah is 231st with 219 frags
[21:04] <Doppler> Frosty
[21:04] <Doppler> 256th with 181
[21:05] <Doppler> AD 290th with 154 frags
[21:07] <Doppler> LOAF2 471st with 80 frags
[21:11] <Doppler> somehow I miss Dund he came in 141st with 355 frags
[21:11] <ChrisReid> woohoo
[21:11] <Doppler> and I yet again round out the bottom at 2046 with 12 kills
[21:12] <Doppler> and that was this years leaderboard. I can't believe this many people actually played this game
[21:12] <Music_guru> i gotta head out, have to get up early tomorrow - always a fun b-day and cheers to the CIC staff! frosty, thanks again for stepping in for LOAF on the trivia
[21:12] <Doppler> bye Guru
[21:12] <ChrisReid> thanks for coming!
[21:13] <Music_guru> cheers ;)
[21:13] * Music_guru Quit (Quit: )