Wing Commander 4.123106 Conclusion

By Gary Hladik

[Posted to August 29, 1997]


Finally, the last chapter of the saga. Man, there were times when I never thought we'd get this far. :-)

Thanks to everyone who E-mailed me with (mostly) encouraging comments. Thanks also to everybody who participated in the WC discussions on commander; at least two major plot twists in WC 4.123106 were inspired by threads from the newsgroup. A special thanks to Chris Reid for putting the story on his Web site.

WC 4.123106 will remain on its FTP site indefinitely. From time to time I'll probably make minor corrections to the chapters there, but nothing more than fixing typos or improving the occasional awkward phrase or two. There will not be a "Special Edition" or anything like that. :-)

Had I known how long this project would take (over a year and a half), I never would have started it. I don't regret doing it, however, because of all I learned about writing (mainly that I'll never do it for a living!) and freedom. Now that I'm done, I can see from my FTP directory that for me, the price of freedom was about 1.4 megabytes. :-)



Wing Commander 4.123106 chapters were posted to at irregular intervals from August 18, 1996 to August 29, 1997. All chapters are available for anonymous FTP at /ftp/pub/ga/gah00/wc4.123106

Chris Reid has uploaded previous chapters of the story to his web site (thanks, Chris!). The URL is