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Sam Langtry# 153 

Name Sam Langtry
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Family Vera Langtry
Residence Zeta Orionis Prime
About Sam Langtry is the husband of Vera Langtry, who was killed while testing new weapon modifications at the Krieger Science facility. Sam is a research chemist for Paulsen Kinetics.

On 2681.063, Sam Langtry issued the following statement about the death of his wife:

"It is my stated belief that my wife, Captain Vera Langtry was killed due to the gross negligence and incompetence of the managing body of the Krieger Research Facility. Several correspondences have come into my possession that indicate that all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the test pilot and the viability of the test system were not followed. It has also come to my attention that standard procedures have been cast to the side in favor of faster results. How long must we tolerate the Confederation using pilots as guinea pigs in their quest for the ultimate weapon? How many more brave men and women must die needlessly before we begin to question how our technology is developed? I am calling for a public investigation of the Krieger facilities actions in this matter and a review of all testing procedures throughout the confederation. As a scientist, as a husband, as a decent human being, I feel it is my duty and in the interest of all citizens of the Confederation, to demand answers."

Later, on 2681.089, Sam turns public activist and heads a UIN (civilian rights group) protest against "the deceptive methods of information management" allegedly employed by Confederation officials. He attends a public meeting on the third settlement of Zeta Orionis Prime. He claims that the Terran Confederation is as bad as the WEC's destructive policy.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 2 2003


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