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Clark Williams# 276 

Name Clark Williams
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Residence Newburg, Landreich
About In 2670 Clark Williams was a Y-12 agent in the Confederation foreign service stationed with Colonel Lorenzo Mancini in Newburg, Landreich. It was he who told Krueger the Confederation wouldn't stand idly by while they provoked the Kilrathi on the border on trumped up accusations that the Landreich was violating the Treaty of Torgo. He had Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee imported from Earth every month. The attention to order and neatness he exhibited bordered on obsessive. His office in the embassy in Newburg was decorated with fine items from Earth and beyond, including a very rare Firekkan vase.

Williams thought Kruger was a criminal and the most dangerous man in the whole sector, and he was probably right. Perhaps spurred by career dissatisfaction more than other factors, Williams became involved with the Belisarius Group. Williams recruited such people as Antonio Delgado and Daniel Galbraith. A Landreich victory over Ragark in the instigated conflict would be a setback to their project, so Williams set out to delay the Landreich with Mancini. Williams had suggested murdering Kruger, but Mancini was against the idea; it's not the way the Kilrathi work, so they couldn't blame it on them he thought.

In 2671 Kruger came to him with footage from the battle at Hellhole and Zachary Banfeld's reports on the Dreadnought in the hope that the Confederation would come to help, but Williams accused Kruger of faking the evidence. He countered by threatening to attack the Landreich if "provocations" didn't cease.

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Last modified Aug 10 2003


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