Your first Wing Commander game?

ChrisReid said:
Yeah, the Secret Ops event started when you were 7. We're nearly at the point where our youngest members were born after Wing Commander 1 was released. Though the community was full of 14 year olds almost a decade ago, we see almost none now.

Guess I'm in a minority then, being 14 years old.
Fist WC? WC1 on a home built 386SX 16MHz (added the math co-prosessor later thinking it would greatly help...not). I was FLOORED. The begining of the greatest series of games in PC history, hands down.

My first WC game was the Speech Pack for WC2. Tried it and couldn't do nothing with it. Then, later during the day, I bought the full game. :D
My first experience with WC was shortly after the first game came out. I was at my aunt's in Connecticut and one of my cousins was obsessed with the game at that point. I played it, and I wasn't very good, but I became a fan for life.
Remember seeing a rolling demo of some game called Wing Commander in a gamestore in France. Stood there watching it and listening to the orchestral music on one of those fancy new soundcard thingys. Was completely blown away and just kept thinking this game is going to be huge. Later on read a great review in Strategy Plus called 'On a wing and a prayer' written from the perspective of a pilot on the Tigers Claw.

First game WC actually played was WC2. Later bought the Kilrathi Saga and had to wait couple of years before we got a computer that could actually run Win95 and the games. Currently playing Privateer Gemini Gold (lost original disks) and plan to play through entire saga from WC1 to Secret Ops when I take them back next time I go home.
the first time i played WC was on SNES when my friend borrowed it from his buddy... then the next day i found the cheat code in a game mag and man we had some fun
Spirit always died escorting the Drayman on mission 2, I didn't know about using "A", so I flew everything "in person". She always crashed too many times into the Drayman trying to keep formation. I got completelly crushed in the funeral. I thought the other pilots in the bar would hate me for letting her die.

Oh, I got WC1 on the HD of an used 386 my father bought. No box, installation disks, manual, nothing. just the game on the c:\games\wing.

It singlehandedly turned me into a complete computer gaming addict.

The attention to detail is awesome, still today. Even more modern games couldn't match the sheer imersion found in the Tiger's Claw rooms and the little details in the cockpit.

And if you compare WC to the games we had at that time, it is even more powerfull. Jumping from Asteroids to a Hornet was like a dream come true. I always dreamt of playing something more interesting than 8-bit space games - limited to scroller shooters. and then, there it was, a game with many switches to press, in 1st person, with a cool military theme and cap ships and wingmen...
The first Wing Commander game I played was WC1. It's definately one of my favourite WC games, in fact I've currently got it loaded on my system (along with all the other WC games except Privateer 2 and Prophecy). I started playing the series through again and I'm currently part of the way through SM1. I'm still somewhat surprized at how difficult some of the SM1 and SM2 missions are, but since I've gotten to fly the Raptor a lot (my favourite WC fighter) I don't mind having to play the really difficult missions over again. :)
The first Wing Commander game I played was Secret Missions for the SNES back in 1994. Although I was really confused as to the story, I thought the whole spaceship-starfighter concept was pretty cool. It was the first space-sim game I played (the only other sim I played at the time was Pilotwings). I quickly caught on to the story.

I was in the thrid grade and I saved about 4 month's worth of allowance to buy it.

As cruel this sounds, I almost didn't get it. I thought it might be kind of "weird looking." One of my parents talked me into it, thank god. :D
I bought the WC2 Deluxe edition and Privateer on the same day(I also got Starcontrol 2). I played privateer first, and then picked up academy and armada. A few months later, WC3 came out and I made my step dad buy more RAM for it. Same with a CD-ROM upgrade for 4(our 4x was getting worn out and old, the 16x was great.). Wasn't able to convince him to buy a new PC for WCP though :/
Wing Commander 2, one of two games that I bought the day I got my first joystick.

iCe said:
In the first few hours, i blew up the Tiger's Claw several times because i didn't knew what to do :p

I did the same thing when I couldn't figure out how to land in the SNES games.
My first Wing Commander experience was playing Wing Commander I when I was five years old (1994) on our heavily modified Compaq 386 DeskPro running with an *amazing* 16mb of RAM. I loved playing through and I would play repeatedly, doing better any time. I kept wondering why I couldn't get promoted to full Colonel, I thought I had been doing excellent.

Then came SM1.....
AD said:

Honestly I didnt really "get it" right away. My cousin and I would eject every mission just to see the next cinematic in SM1. It wasnt untill WC2 hooked me that I eventually went back and properly played wc1 and SM1+2.

Funny this is exactly how it was for me too.

Its a damn shame that it has been almost 8 years since the last WC game was released.
WC 1 on Amiga i remember i got it free with my 500+ and played it for years then i moved back to England (i was in germany as my dad was in the army) and found WC3 and i didnt know anything about WC2!! there was always an option on WC1 on the amiga to play SM but it asked for the disk and as far as i know it was never brought out for the amiga
WC1!! back in 1992. I loved it, though I was a bit disappointed with WC2 due to its childish coloring and shaping styles. Then Priv and then Armada.

I couln't play WC3 nor WC4 because of lack of CD reader, had to wait till WCP.

Now I'm willing to play my recently purchased WC3 & 4 and the Secret Ops! Yeah, thers is still quite a long time for me to be hooked on WC!!
Heh.. these are always cute. In the spirit of lurking less and posting more:

Around 1992, when I was about 12 years old and already a computer geek, I asked for a rather expensive piece of equipment called a 'sound card' (heh). At the time, I was really into the Sierra series of adventure games (Space Quest, Police Quest, et al) and realized most of my favorite games would be a lot more fun with one of these sound cards- even though I didn't know much about them (no Internet, and no friends with computers.. so I was going solely on what information was included with the games of the time).

What I got.. for my birthday I think.. was an ATI Stereo F/X sound card. 8 bit, soundblaster clone (at one point ATI made just about everything). Included with it was Wing Commander 2 with the speech pack. The box art was absolutely amazing, and I read the included literature about a thousand times.

The bad news was that all I had at the time was a 286, 12 mhz I believe. The game took 6 hours to install and unpack, and crashed during the unpack stage 4 out of 5 times. It honestly took me months to get it installed... only to find out that since I had a 286 I couldn't load EMM386 (there's a 386 in the name for a reason) and thus couldn't see the vid screens, enhanced graphics, or even use the speech pack.

Well, I was still enthralled.. obsessed even. Over the next couple years I upgraded to a 386, but still couldn't get the speech pack working. What came out of it was everything I know today about resolving hardware conflicts (IRQ, DMA) and effective DOS memory management... as to this date I don't think there's ever been a trickier set of games to get working than the WC series.

So there you go... heh
Wing COmmander III for me, my father actually managed to go to E3 that year, and i had a very early copy (well it was certainly before it came out in Europe as far as I can remember) - i remember installing it on my P90 with 16MB and thinking 'this is the absolute cutting edge of graphics and gameplay', which it was at the time, and in terms of gameplay, still is for me :)