Your Favorite Taunt


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This is an awesome thread. I can't think of that many, but I know there are tons I love.... so far one stands out:

"Test death, fool!" - Kilrathi Pilot, WCP


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Various Kilrathi: "I shall feast on your entrails!"

Didn't become apparent to me until WC3 that they meant it literally.


I always loved blowing cats up while they're laughing at me.

The taunt that wasn't: "Hey! Pick on somebody your own...uhm...never mind."

Actually, one of my all-time faves comes from Bradshaw: "Is this some kind of joke? Do you even know how to fly that thing?"


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Strike Commander (Cali Air Force F-15 pilot): "Surf's up, bogey dudes!"

How about other comms? It may be somewhat off-topic, but I do have other favorites from various status messages. Not that they were all particularly witty, but they did add to the flavor.

"What's your status"
WC3 (Maniac): "Eh. Just normal damage."
Strike Commander (Cali Air Force F-15 pilot): "Bogus."
Standoff (i forget which pilot): "I - am in - a world - of shit."

(after torpedo hit)
WCP (TCS Midway) "Get. Those. Bombers!"


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Zero had some great taunts:

"Kiss... MY ASS, bug!" - Definitely one of my all time faves

And the one where he's like "remember, there's no true end!"


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I just remembered another of my favorites. It wasn't a "taunt" per se, but rather a comm when you accidentally shoot one of the wingmen in Secret Ops...


That one took me a sec to get...


Apologies for this one, but how about Blair's death comm of total disbelief when you kill him in WCP. Something like "What?, This can't be happening!".

They really should have made him unbeatable and have him kick Casey's pansey little ass for even considering shooting at the Heart of the Tiger.


:D I was just going to post that. Excellent.

What was Blair's phrase when he makes a kill in WCP? was it something like:

"Cats, bugs, they all die the same" ? I don't remember exactly.

YES!! Thank you...I was trying to think of that when I posted a few days ago, but couldn't remember it.

"Cats, bugs, all die the same."

Between that, and:

"Look out, bugs...Blair's back!"
"You have no idea who you're dealing with, do you?"


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Yes, those Blair's phrases are great.

I love some of the Privateer taunts, as well.

"now the fur's gonna fly"
"eat this, freak!"
"traitor to humanity, FEEL OUR WRATH!!!"