You Killer Bees Have the Next Shift (December 9, 2010)


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Klavs had a pretty cool idea here. He's reimagined the classic F-36 Hornet light fighter with a sleek wedge-shaped body. It's quite a redesign of the ship, yet it has just enough key elements in place to make it look like the familiar craft from WC1. The shots below show the evolution of the design. The forward canards and wingtip lasers/probes really seal the deal.

I was sitting in an A-4 cockpit this weekend and it just really felt awesome to be sitting in such a small powerful aircraft. Definitely an inspiration for this Hornet.

Original update published on December 9, 2010
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I really like the look of this "new" fighter. It looks like it would fight on a hangar deck right next to Hornets and Arrows.

Very nice job!


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I'm a bit confused, Dund. These are meant to be Hornets. Or did you mean next to the original Hornets?