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Peace Through Superior Firepower
Irving Morning News, Thursday, May 6, 2004, the following obituary appeared:

Chris Roberts

Chris D. Roberts, 53, of Irving died Monday at his home. Graveside services were Wednesday at Myrtle Springs Cemetary in New Summerfield, Texas. Donnelly's Colonial Funeral Home handled the arrangements.

Born Jan. 14, 1951, in Atlanta, Mr. Roberts served in the Texas National Guard during the Vietnam War. He was a member of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Irving.

Survivors include his daughters, Deborah Shearon of Rhome and Amy Roberts of Grapevine; sisters Sarah Phillips and Jodie Roberts, both of Irving, and Claudia Bandringa of Grapevine; and one grandson.

Memorials may be made to Southwestern Organ Transplant Services.

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You're like the boy who cried "Wolf". I put on a Black Armband, played somber music, and sacrificed a goat to appease Hades for nothing.

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This thread is insulting to all parties involved. "LOL! A GUY WITH THE SAME NAME AS ANOTHER GUY DIED!!!!" Freaking closed.
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