Yes, Astoundment is Apparently a Real Word (May 5, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
The new blog/movie website Shirts of Astoundment has posted a new article titled 4 Things About The Wing Commander Movie That Are Actually Cool. I'm much more of a CinemaWins than a CinemaSins kind of guy, so this is right up my alley (also the Wing Commander part). The internet already has ten thousand think pieces rehashing the film's flaws, and it takes some courage to flip the script and focus on the positive aspects of something. Their analysis focuses on the music, international cast and CGI as high points, which are aspects we've been trying to emphasize for years. There's also some discussion about being able to see the Phantom Menace trailer. While a lot of people cite that anecdote, I photographed the no refunds signs on opening weekend. So if that many people actually did go see Wing Commander for the new Star Wars trailer, it probably would have done better than seventh place on opening weekend! Anyhow, check out the full article here.

Original update published on May 5, 2021