Yay! Aaron Allston is on the guest list again!


Aaron Allston
Aaron Allston is the author of the Celtic urban fantasy Doc Sidhe and several novels in the Star Wars: X-Wing series.

Man, his website is fugly.

Oooh, lots of Farscape cast too. Might have to get these DVDs autographed.


Speaking of our good buddy Aaron, Theforce.net just reported this:

It was revealed yesterday at a Comic Con panel that Aaron Allston and Troy Denning will both be contributing to a 9 book post-NJO series. A third author has yet to be announced. Allston will be writing three of the books which will come out in 2006. More details to come!

More Star Wars books, yay! After NJO though, I wonder what characters he'll use. Just about everyone from the movies should be in the old spacefarer's home by now.
nahhh solo is about in his sixties..just like he is in real life, leia and luke are about 8 years younger.

Like it really matters for the original characters anyway..NJO continued with the young jedi knight series...giving all of the EU characters more book time than the original characters. (I waited 19 freaking novels to see Luke throw down in NJO...and when he did, he did lol).

It might be James Luceno (Or somthing he wrote 5-6 of the NJO novels)...he is half of the author who wrote the ROBOTECH novelizations..and did not do bad with SW...

Though nearly every SW novel fan is wishing for one man to pick up a pen and write a another trilogy of Star Wars novels..........TIMOTHY ZAHN. He hinted at some stuff at the end of his last novel, survivor's quest (I am pretty sure that was the name), which was just pre-NJO...and alot of SW fans are hoping for the return of the best Star Wars villian from the EU.


It would be good to see more Zahn coming our way, but I'd be hoping for another round of X-Wing novels from Allston and Stackpole. The two make for a great team, and they tend not to be constrained by the 'official' characters in such a role. A post-NJO version would be an excellent springboard into a new large scale story arc.


Rogue Leader
Post-NJO?! I haven't had the chance to read the last two NJO books yet. :(

IIRC, Stackpole said he wasn't going to write any more Star Wars novels - at least for a while. Mostly to give other authors a chance to contribute, I think.

While I like the way Zahn mixes all the aspects of SWU into a nice balance, and Stackpole's X-Wing series contributions are top-notch, I think my favourite SW novel is Allston's "Starfighters of Adumar". Too, I'm currently re-reading NJO's "Rebel Dream"...


Zahn is easily my favorite SW author! I think instead of making the Lucas Trilogy of the first 3 movies they should have just made a trilogy of the first 3 Zahn books which were just fan-freaking-tastic!!! I read those books at least once every year...masterfully written, great characters, just totally good SW fiction.