xml error in navscreen.xml



whoever edited this didn't take care to copy/paste carefully

< somethingX >

needs a matching

< /somethingX>

(where X is a number)

basically, they changed the number for the open statement, but all the close statements are the same number. they should match.

always try to open your XML file in internet explorer (it has an xml checker built in).
it will tell you these things.




i don't know if anyone remembers, but this was the original plan for navscreens :

the ship specs would say which navscreen.xml file to use.

there could me multiple ones.


so wc1 ships would have wc1 nav screen art+style
and wc3 ships woul dhave wc3 nav screen art+style

i think that since only one nav screen was ever made, it was assumed that the file is global, and it has been treated as such.

but i did see that it's now in its own folder. so potentially there could be more than one in there.

anyways, i was just poking around checking out how the project looks.
very clean.

p.s. i wish we would have the option to buy missile launchers, instead of just the ammo. gotta ask hellcat what ever happened to that plan.



Rear Admiral
i was chatting with hellcat, and he says he just recently (in the last few days?) got missile launchers working.

he just has to get the launcher items into the items list.