'wrong' comtalk :-)


Hi Guys,

After having struggled with UE for multiple days, I now completed standoff 1&2.
Really great job. I truly enjoyed this renewed wing commander game experience, and I think you succeeded in equaling the former game's glory.
Therefore I'd like to point a small glitch in the comtalk, hoping it might help making a better game : in the mission where you have to go fight a bunch of talons, the comtalk is a bit wrong, cause wingman keep talking as if they are talking to kilrathi in their taunts. One comsentence actually explicitly sais 'kilrathi' in it.
Not a major bug ofcourse, but I just thought I'd tell you guys, so that if it's easy to fix (excluding some commsentences perhaps) you could.
But don't go taking time away from the development of episode 3 to fix this now ;-)


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made new topic in stead of replying here about something totally different

Nomad Terror

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They are aware of this, and the reason involved not being to use specific taunts for different types of enemies. They figured that, since the player will be fighting Kilrathi for the overwhelming majority of the completed game, that letting Confed call pirates and retros 'Cats' was something that just had to be lived with.

If I remember right, anyway.


Unknown Enemy
Yep, as Nomad said, it had mainly to do with voiceovers. It would have required a fair amount of additional work to record alternate taunt lines (as well as many others - if someone has a status report like "these kitties can't touch me"...), and we didn't particularly want that.

An additional problem was that we wanted the pilots' kill counts to go through from the prologue to the main campaign - and since you can't make a pilot switch between one set of taunts and another, the only way of handling this problem would have been to create two copies of the same pilot, in which case the kill counts would not have gone through. This isn't really a major issue, and we probably would have ignored it had we planned from the start for alternate voiceover sets (heck, there is one case where we did in fact ignore this issue - as you may or may not have noticed, Spoons' comms change between mission 4 and 5 of the prologue)... but we didn't ;).