Would you like a CapShip with that?


I know LOAF. I just said I would like to see an ending to the 'nephilim' chapter in WC first, that's all.


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Hehehe, Intrepids are funny little ships, from the look of them you'd expect to have more trouble with a pre-war civilian transport, but up close she's got some (mind you some) teeth.

I really really miss the concordia tho :(

And I think a Bengal Mark 2 class carrier is do-able :)
To keep all us techno-nostalgia-junkies happy hehehe


the midway with new weapons(Pulse cannons,beams or something :)) and you'll get to walk around more,i wanna see the bridge,hallways,washrooms and more of ther flight deck :)

mark II bengal would kewl

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I stand by the multiple names option. I mean, the U.S Navy does it, as does the Royal Navy - hell, even Starfleet does it! And if stupid people get confused, maybe they shouldn't be playing Wing Commander. :)



Heh... in that case, you might not be too happy with UE when it comes out... ;)

Given the lack of WC action at the moment, I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Even if if UE does blow up the Intrepid. :(

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Originally posted by Death's Head
Why do you say that? I mean you'll be able to see parts of her you never saw before in WC4.
Well yes, that's one way to look at it ;).

And yes Wedge, UE is most definitely a when, not an if :).

Raptor: Look at the bright side - at least you're not aboard when it happens.

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Definitely not. I believe there is no point in being a hero if you're around to negotiate the movie rights afterwords. :)

Seriously, destroyed Intrepid or not, I'm definitely looking forward to a story set in the BW.

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Originally posted by Mav23
If they made a new WC game, what kind of carrier would you like to be on? A Midway, Cerberus, Vesuvius,Concordia, Confederation (if those are still around), or another "you're our best pilots we've got so we're gonna' send you onboard a brand spankin' new ship that's untested but suppossed to be the best thing in space" CapShip?

I would personally like to be on the Midway again (it would be nice to be able to stay on ONE carrier between TWO games for once in my WC career), but only if you got to see MORE of the ship, like the bridge or the science lab or mess-hall or something like that.

So, what do you think?

Going back to the beginning.

I'd like to see something different.
Being on board a captured Bug Cap-ship and using it as an trojan horse for an incursion deep into bug space. Don't know if this possible because in PSO everybody who got in to contact with those bug ships got sick.
You could also be onboard a Kilrathi style carrier or an Ancient Steltek cap-ship.

But as carriers go, I prefer the ones with a small crew. So of the confed carriers I prefer the Cerberus.


Originally posted by Bandit LOAF
I think Confed took Intrepid to use as a training carrier, like the one from Action Stations...

It would be cool to be an instructor on the intrepid and getting thrown right into the middle of a Furball (or perhaps bugball) with the bugs. Flying with inexpirienced caddets and trying to keep them and the intrepid in one piece.


I like Plan9's idea. That would be really cool (even though you'd have to put up with the entire crew complaining all the time about their new surroundings :))

Oh, and IIRC, you only get sick if you kill the capship and then touch it.