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I am sorry about that, I must admit I was apprehensive about listing that site, it does have some abandon warez on it, I was actually trying to focus on the Macintosh emulation links that are there, I'll try to post those links instead. they refer to GENUINE software, not pirated stuff. Here are some of the links:
This is the home of the Bassilisk 2 emulator:

This is the home of the Bassilisk 2 emulator windows version:

This site has the OS available, you'll also need to download a macintosh rom file, get the 1024kb roms:

the rom files, are what tells your computer the type of mac your emulating. Roms are available HERE:

BTW I have generally found that the emulators run SWC really slow when it has music enabled, if you get this problem too, I suggest that you try waiting for the new PowerPC emulator, which is coming out in March.

BTW macintosh emulation IS LEGAL, Apple did release OS upto version 8 to the net for free, if you buy a copy of superwing commander you will probably get it running. The package I am making, will NOT include a copy of SWC, it will only have SWC when installed, and it will not run without the cd, also there are no CRACKS for SWC out there so don't even bother, besides if you could crack it, you'd missout on almost every feature it has....


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I do own SWC. Thanks Darkmage, I'll try what I can get to work. Be sure to drop a note when you completed your project. :)