Would you be an actor for a potential new WC game? (for free)

Would you be an actor for a potential new WC game? (for free)

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Which part do you prefer?

I think that i prefer to be a simple pilot but if possible, interactive like in WC3, so much present in the story and in dialogues.

and you?

I write it because i know that a good cast is heavily expensive for the making of a new episode of WC in the old style. So if a day some producers search for some actors with a small budget at his disposal, he may be interested in this community :p

sorry for my bad english :/


Interesting thought, I wonder if a SAG card would be required to do a speaking part in a FMV video game?


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I wouldn't mind having a non speaking role... and not being paid...
as long the powers involved will pay for my travel expenses. :)


Heck yeah. I'd even pay my own travel expenses (within reason) to be "That guy who salutes as the Captain walks by in the cutscene just after the fourth mission in the losing path".


I'd love a roll as a red shirt. "Yup, I'm the guy who gets dissintegrated in the intro"


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~~~ but not only an appearance, at least a little part, even like radio communications during fly... and can be awesome someday to play the game and have as wingman....yourself :p


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It's kind of funny that you say for free because someone happened to do this a few days ago.

What... it couldn't have gone $400 higher?
That Halo 3 Voice Cameo auction ended yesterday... the winning bidder paid a whopping $7,300 to be immortalized, vocally, in Halo 3. Now THAT'S fanaticism! Thanks, Kornman.

The link to the story is here.


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Kindda reminds me of the Space: Above and Beyond fanclub squadron 59 being immortalized in the finale episode of the said TV series. The 59th were escorting the 58th as they performed their final mission. If memory serves me correct, the 59th were ambushed by the Chigs.

It was still a nice homage, though.

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I don't think there is, he's referring to the Wing Commander IV intro -- Russo is one of the redshirts who is shot down.


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Id be the guy who stands in the backround in one scene that gets cut in the final edit, never be in the game but still worth it.


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I would love to be part of such an experience.......we need to bring some cultural exchange to those games.....people from the US, Europe, South America, Canada, Africa, Asia, Australia and people with the right accent and all......


Alex Von T.
I'd be an actor in a drama club production of wing commander..

so I'm pretty much going to have to go with yes on this one!


I'd love to do any part in a WC game, even for free.

Not only would I be part of one of the greatest franchises ever, but it would be great for a resume (well at least one a sparse as mine).

I'd prefer a speaking role, but even if I was just one of the many faceless pilots chewing on his rations in the background I would be overwhelmed with fanboy glee.

(OMG, did I say "glee"?)