Work on Hellcat model by Chuck


Seemingly inspired by the recent calls for "quality assurance" of WCU content, Chuck has taken the bull by the horns (well, he's learning to use Blender) and is working on a Hellcat model:
I thought the same.
That's been commented earlier, in SourceForge's forums, I think. But I'll relay that just in case.
That's been commented earlier, in SourceForge's forums, I think. But I'll relay that just in case.

There seems to be a lot of threads at SourceForge that should be replicated here where people know what they're talking about -- the 'bases in the Sol System' thread is exactly the kind of thing we like to discuss. I can think of half a dozen that should go on your list (and several that are on it that shouldn't be) off the top of my head.
Yup, Chuck spend a month trying to render the most box-y, unlikable ship in Wing Commander... and along the way he manages to embarass us all complaining about how it isn't aerodynamic (... for a space ship), how it's actual landing gear aren't realistic and about how emotionally draining the process of making 3D models is. His cockpit request thread is also funny.

Now, give it another month and y'all may have a passable Hellcat. Then the minute anyone says "Hey, nice Hellcat!", Spiritplumber will show up to take credit for how great the mod suddenly must be.

Then we'll all be able to shoot down the Voyager in our passable Hellcats.

My ship list (not including variants) says the Confed military has 114 unique ships, the Kilrathi have 82, the Border Worlds and the Landreich each have 15, the Nephilim have 20 and the CIS have 12. Civilians haven't been counted yet, but it should be just over a hundred. At this rate of speed, you'll be able to replace your current mess of ships with a proper Wing Commander assortment (pre-texturing) in just under 60 years.

Of course, that's assuming you spend your time working like you are right now instead of jerking eachother around about inane space communist stories and how you really think Wing Comnander would be more realistic if it didn't have jump drives.

Wait, I forgot about space stations, which haven't been counted yet.
Funny. So... what does that have to do with spam?
Plus, of course, you're forgetting that the hellcat (besides the best ship in WC, IMO, just because of its boxy likeable shape - a matter of taste, I presume) was his first model. Others are bound to come in much more quickly. Plus... Brad's models... even if he didn't make them for WCU, we can still use them, and I don't think you can complain about them.

So... again... what's the fuss?
I wasn't replying to Frosty, I was replying to charlieg - I don't think the post is spam at all.

(Edit: Also, how would anyone ever think the Hellcat was 'the best ship in WC'? It's a 'starter' ship that gets eclipsed by a light fighter!)
I like it because of its looks and overall coolness, not because it performed well, and that was the spirit of my post. So, it's an absolutely subjective assertion.

PS: Although it performed well enough for me to play almost always on it, and yet fly away victorious :p
It does matter what I say, and I think some people here aren't very good at reading people intent on message boards.