a full fledged GF
You guys need to get this game immediately. I'm not going to write a whole review because that would necessarily be full of spoilers, and also I'm not good at the review thing, but I will tell you this game is freaking awesome and you need it now.

I know LOAF has it, and he and I are going to be playing together to score the multiplayer achievements, but I see no reason to avoid inviting other people to join in the deathmatch. If you've got Wolfenstein or plan to get it soon and want to see if we can get a game going, start talking dates and times.

I'm free for enormous portions of the week, but I'm going to throw Saturday out there at basically any time since that seems like it would be the most convenient day for anybody.
Well you can check out this review (YouTube link) if you're not sure if you want the game. I love this guy's game videos, and he has a pretty accurate take on Wolfenstein's single-player mode. His critique of the multiplayer is not something I would be able to speak to since I haven't done it yet, but I'm sure that all can be overlooked, especially if you still dig the traditional FPS style, which this belongs to.

Seriously, nobs, go get it.
Well I at least did get Wolf3D for XBLA...it was nice to play it again although it sort of quickly wore off. I forgot how annoying exploring the levels could be...

I'll look into Wolfenstein, but my next Xbox purchase is going to be H3 ODST.
Hans Grosse told me you guys are all weenies. Go buy Wolfenstein so I can shank you on Live.
Well, i would be buying the game, i just bought arena, and there is nobody around to play it online with me. :(

The next game I will buy is Brütal legend on the xbox360, now i need to find players for the multiplayer mode after i'm done finishing the solo adventure.