With Origin gone, has Lord British made any appearances?


Hi all.
Just wondering if Richard Garriot has shown up after the news to close Origin. I'm sure he'd be a little upset to see the company he started go down. Has there been any news of him?



Richard Garriott has not been involved with Origin and Ultima for some time. Ultima IX was his final Ultima project. From what I understand, he was involved in Lineage 1. Was he involved in Lineage 2 as well?

I met Richard Garriott in 1996 at Dragon*Con, he seemed quite down to earth, for a guy with millions of dollars, a slew of successful games, and a castle.


Yeah, I knew he left. But, the statement that Origin was closed was news to me (and I keep fairly up-to-date about stuff regarding what I considered to be one of the best developers around). So, I was only responding to the claim that Origin was shut down.

EDIT: Sorry, posted before I read the link. Origin has not been closed down...only the Austin office has. They are in the process of relocating to the Redwood California offices.

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Richard held yet another "Origin is closing" bonfire parties.

If they keep the name, we can look forward to a third at some point in the future.