WIP (I know its been done before but!)


As I said I know its been done a thousand times before but what do you think of my early renders of my bengal? There is still a bit of work left to do (when I get the time or energy to) but I just want to know what other people think so far as always the artist is biasd towards there own work, and any pointers or ideas will be ignored :p. I am working in lightwave.


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Looks like a good start. I find it interesting how it has become common to place the launchtubes in this extrusion to the side of the flightdeck ^_^

Overall it looks very close to Howards Bengal model.
Keep refining it. Seams like you are on the right track.
Thanks, think the launch tubes thing was from wc,academy cartoon + couldnt think of where else they could go that would look right or fit, as from playing the game you certainly dont launch from the runway/landing strip.
hi trooper, like gevatter lars said, its a good start. here are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind.

1) try to add things that make the design look functional. for example simple support beams, panel grooves or vents, adding these generally bring a model to life quite fast and easily.

2) follow a common rule when working with edges. If u want everything to be rounded then make all the edges on the ship rounded, similarly if you want them square, keep them square everywhere. in the current model the launch bays are rounded but the corners of the ship and the two pylons are flat.

keep going. this is looking like an excellent start. Also try to be as original as you can. Its not fair to Howard or to you for this model to be a copy of the WCPioneer one. play with the shapes and make it as original as you can. TheWC1 Bengal was so pixelated, who knows what the actual bits and bobs really looked like? :)
Again thanks for the imput i had been taking most of the references from the scetches in claw marks and then adding things that look right.

Now for the moan I have not seen this Howard's version I only found this site last week, I had started my model about 4 or 5 years ago and havent touched it for about 3 years, it was discovering this website that got me into thinking about finishing the model (had to rumage through a couple of cds to find it) now if the reference materials that we was useing was the same then surely there will be a 90% similarity as we are modeling the same ship!
Yes they will most likely have quite a good number of things in common, still Czacan has a quite different version of the claw as he "reimagnes" the design.
My own version that I haven't touched in years was also different as I tried to incorperate things from all the different sources like the manual, movie, ingame stuff, novels etc.
The part I came furthest with was the hangar. I definitly need some clones with and link to my brain so its like one mind many bodies to get this one done ^_^

I have added two shots of where I have stopped. As you can see my front differs in some ways from the original as it has thrusters in the front and a row of windows. Its some details that aren't mentioned anywhere but I guessed that even in WC ships would still have thrusters for manouvering.
Also added a pair of AA guns to the side. I think these where only mentioned in a novel and then only in a more general way as "ship have these things."
Armorpanneling on the runway and sides on the other hand is pretty much directly from the game.
The hangar is a mix of the movie hangar and the few things we saw ingame.

As for Howards Bengal, try "Howard Bengal" in the search tab on the main page. It will show up there most likely.
Else here is a link to one of the images https://cdn.wcnews.com/newestshots/full/howiebengal24.jpg


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I have seen howards bengal now yes there are similarities quite a few but differences also, I was just uncomfterball with people hinting in a roundabout way that I had copied someone elses work. Howard if you read this love all the work you done, your quite an active modeler.

gevatter Lars: Like what you have done with yours, is the hanger part of the overall model or a seperate piece?

czacen: I know what you mean about the curves and angled edges but look at warships of today the past they are all a mix of curves and angled edges, like i said its a work in progress things were just put in to see how they look, support beams, panel grooves or vents to me thats all in the fine detailing to be done once I have finished with the base model.

thanks again for the advise and you never know it might make a miraculus transformation and turn into a sub and not a carrier!!!
Thanks, man. Your version is looking like an excellent start to a wonderful model. I can't wait to see more progress!
I am working with different layers so the hangar, the details in the hangar and the ship and its details are all in different layers I can later combine. Saves you lot of processing power when modeling.
So the hangar is part of the model but I have some kind of freedom to just turn of the details if I don't need them or even exclude the entire hangar.

At least I could if I would find some time to work on it again.
When I started modeling this one I just learned how to make use of the layer system so many things aren't in the layer they should be.
just been in work scetching things (not doing what im ment to be doing!), its hard as not touched this in a while and not sure what direction to take it in, do i go standard carrier all week and defenceless bar its fighters and escorts and flak cannons or do I take it down a dreadnaught hybrid route able to take on the universe by its self!

(thinks streamline it take out runway/landing strip add conning tower and torpedo tubes! :p)
gevatter Lars: you working with lightwave?
I was thinking of eventually modeling a stialised bridge like from wc3 so you could camera from within and get a view out over the deck
I am using Max for modeling. Haveing a bridge is a nice idea. I also just placed a cam at the rough position and made a shot down the runway just for fun.
If you want to do it, go for it. Just remember things like a bridge needs a lot of attention to details, espacialy the small ones and an eye for proportions and scale. I don't know your modeling skills but I would recommend to do the rough parts first. On the other hand I also liked to get myself caut in fideling around with the small detail stuff ^_^
Like your hanger I would be doing it in another layer within the main object itself so scale shouldnt be to much of a problem, I have seen a few real life warship bridges as well as the sci-fi counterparts so I would go for a mix and in reality bridges are quite small just a couple of stations. Thats how I do most of my modeling basic shapes first get the scale and size then ether modify the basic shape or just swap it out completely with a more complex final virsion. Its the small details that interest me the most, if I had the computer power, time and was being payed to do it I would make a complete internal layout of the ship as well!
Oh someone with the same idea I have years ago. ^_^
I droped it after starting with the hangar. Sadly I am not that skilled and have to time to compensate it with hard work.

When you still want to do a bridge I would suggest that you first sit down, take a sheet of paper and write down everything you want, what is a must have and so on. Plan this through before even starting modeling, else you might end up with a very time consuming, never ending process because you add stuff and more and more and....you get it.
Its something that often happens to me and I know a good number of person that have the same "problem".
There are some guys who can do this in one run but I think the rest goes best with the plan first, model later.
when I come to starting the bridge I would scetch it out first, but in the mean time I put some prop turrets on to see how an uber dreadnaught hybrid would look! also started to colour code the surfaces for texture later.

I know exactly what you mean way back when, when I got started with 3d modeling on my A1200 and real 3d I tryed to do a basic layout of a star trek ship to do some animations with only ended up with a coridoor section and a couple of rooms took forever that was just to model the layout so i stopped there and started animating then left the good old A1200 for a month or so to render the sceen! ~~~ got about 5 people walking from room to room with doors opening and closing looked good but verry basic, decided not to attempt it again as it stopped me from playing my fave game from the time good old wc1 :D


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in the animated series the launch tubes are on the front side of the winglets (the green ones, not the ones with some funky jump drive on them) not that you have to do it that way.. but just a suggestion.

looking very pretty so far!