Greetings all,

well id like to say i love playing WC games. recently i upgraded to win2k and yes im having problems.

ive checked the other threads regarding this issue but i dont think they've helped.

When i play WCP i still get the same old "Cannot read" at "00xcfed" etc etc.. error messages.

1. I've got the win2k patch
2. ive enabled compatibility mode

and yet it STILL Crashes.
i have a p4, lots of space etc..
grfx card is GeForce 2 Mx..
any ideas people???? please help i really wanna play it again..


Rear Admiral
Have you tried this thread ?

I haven't installed it yet on my laptop (win2k), so I can't be sure with WCP, but I thought only SO was not compatible with Win2000.

At least for SO, after several different tries with various settings, I've given up ! :(
The "solution" is not stable !