I decided I'd just post this in a sticky for any casual people who've been trying to visit #wingnut recently. I've noticed a few who have successfully gotten onto DALnet, and been very confused because there are few people there. A couple of months ago, we moved off DAL (theoretically, temporarily) due to the massive DDoS attacks and disruption of service. You can find us in our current home at:

server: irc.chromag.net
channel: #wingnut

This is also an invitation for any of you who've never been on IRC to come visit. We don't bite... too hard.

Any new visitors can check up on some information, including download sites for IRC clients, on the #wingnut page.

Once you've opened your irc program, type /server irc.chromag.net to connect to the Chromag server. Once you've connected, type /join #wingnut to come on in.
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Originally posted by KrisV

Use irc.craplink.net instead.

meh, chromag worked when the craplink domain was having DNS issues a while back, so it's my default server.


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Yeah, you should really come by Wedge. During the move from Dal to Crap, I snuck in a few more aops. This was partly due to the unsure conditions surrounding network instabilities. It makes sense to have more backups in case you have splits and whatnot screwing with your command structure, and it was sort of what we were unofficially doing during our last few weeks on Dal. It also has to do with recognizing several people who've been reliable regulars for a few years. Generally op promotion is a slow and lengthy process, but I saw this as a good opportunity to recognize some deserving people. This being said, our op to nonop ratio probably went from 1:4 to 2:3. However we've recently been getting an influx of people, so right now it actually stands at about 1:2 probably. I think it will continue somewhat. And when the Birthday Party rolls around, we can definitely use a dozen ops.