#wingnut v2 - Come To #Wingnut, Or Else!

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#wingnut v2

We're fed up with IRC servers breaking.. first DALnet, then Craplink. So we decided to do something about it. We are happy to announce that the CIC's server is now an IRC server!

Not only is it a home for the CIC's own channel, #WingNut, but it is a community server. Need a place for your fan project crew or Crius.net friends to meet and discuss things in real time? Just connect, join the channel that you want, and talk to ChanServ about registering it in your name.

We offer three wonderful ways for you to join in the chatting fun:
1. If you have a fairly recent IRC client installed, click here and hopefully you'll find yourself in #WingNut within moments.
2. If number 1 didn't work, try plugging the settings in to your IRC client manually. Server name: irc.wcnews.com
3. No IRC client handy? Use our JavaClient! Just click here or click the IRC Chat button at the top of every forum page and our Java client will drop you in #WingNut.

Problems? Let us know and we'll try to help. Don't forget to include details of any error message that you get and what IRC client you are using.

Enjoy this new CIC feature, and feel free to register your nicks and set up your own channels through NickServ and ChanServ.
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It's not very complicated. Just try to figure one out and it'll be quite clear these are entirely different things. #Wingnut is the irc channel where Wing Commander people hang out and talk. WC Zone is a mod for the space shooter game Subspace.


[00:05] <ChrisReid> there's a dozen people at crius
[00:05] <ChrisReid> I wish some of them would come here
[00:06] <TC> Then we make a new #wingnut post

So... come to #wingnut, you bastards!


Yes! Come one! Come all! To the greatest show on the net. Watch TC and Frosty handle n00bs like you have never seen n00bs handled before!


If you click the "irc chat" graphic at the top it'll drop you in #wingnut with your Forums username as your nick.

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yeah i just noticed that, its says logging on, then freezes up... or atleast thats what happens on my computer...


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Yeah.. just use irc.chromag.net for a little bit until the main irc server comes back online

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Tch, tried the IRC link from the top of the Forum page as suggested, i get "*** Failed to launch Ident server : access denied (java.net.SocketPermission localhost:113 listen,resolve)
Unable to connect : access denied (java.net.SocketPermission connect,resolve) "
what's all that mean? anyone? please?



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mirc is really a lot easier than it looks. Install it, then put irc://irc.wcnews.com/Wingnut in your browser and hit enter.

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ok...i tried mirc and pirch years ago when i first chatted w/ another group and had nothing but aggro off them. but i wanna chance of winning that Maniac photo at the birthday bash!