Wing nuts from Gdansk, Poland?


Rear Admiral

I know that some of you come from Poland.
I'll be visiting Gdansk for a business trip this week.
So, just in case anyone is interested in having a beer or two and an educated conversation on Wing Commander, let me know.
I can't promise that I'll find the time but at least I can try to plan accordingly


Unknown Enemy
I'm close, but not quite there - I'm in Bydgoszcz, which I think is probably about 150 km southwards. I'd even take the time out to come up and meet, but unfortunately this week is going to keep me busy :(.

Enjoy your trip, though! Gdańsk is a great place to visit, the historic city centre is really good.


Rear Admiral
No worries, Quarto.
As I said, chances are that I'll be too busy, too.

Chances are that I'll be visiting more often, so the day will come :)