Wing Leader Rolling Demo Updated! (August 18, 2019)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator

Howard Day took some time out of his busy post-Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launch schedule to release an update to the online rolling demo for Wing Leader! Much like the actual WC1 demo, this isn't a playable artifact, but it shows live assets interacting in the game engine. Even moreso than any trailer, this gives fans a first hand up-close look at what the game will actually be like live. The battle is pretty intense - all those Dralthis start to make me nervous, but fortunately they have both Firekkans and Confed opponents to contend with! Load up the rolling demo here.

The live demo's been updated! Includes the intro, menu (static for now) and initial fighting in a Dralthi! as soon as you die, tho, it switches back to Hornet.
Original update published on August 18, 2019