Wing Leader Implements Target Lock Feature (June 27, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Howard Day has added a new feature to Wing Leader: HUD brackets! These now function as a target lock for your designated enemy. The Hornet looks as you'd expect, and Howard's also jazzed up the Dralthi display a bit to give it a unique feel. The new feature looks great, but this is also a wonderful opportunity to check out the latest build of this superb looking fan game!

Some #WingLeader time last night got the code for the HUD brackets almost completely working, with some scaling to resolve. I've also re-rendered the sprites for the Hornet and Dralthi, as well - using the latest materials. Some new explosions, as well. Cleared out some of the debug art, got some clipping enacted on *when* the brackets can appear, and made the locked version steady, not flashing. I'm pretty darn happy with this.

How about some #ScreenshotSaturday #WingLeader Dralthi cockpit footage? There's new Kilrathi HUD brackets, plain and "ace" Salthi, and newly-re-rendered Valtar Firekkan prototype fighter. Also tons of explosions, natch. Enjoy!

Original update published on June 27, 2021