Wing Commander Vega Assault Demo (FSO Mod)


A couple of weeks ago I decided to try my hand at Freespace Open modding.

Well, I have something to show for: a short demo of the campaign I've currently named "Vega Assault" consiting of the first two missions Enyo 1 & 2.

Head over to my WIP thread at HLP:

Some additional information:

What is Vega Assault?
Vega Assault is a reimagining of the first Wing Commander campaign. It aims to provide a cohesive narative of the Vega Campaign.
The WC1 campaign tree will be the framework Vega Assault is built arround. The individual WC1 missions will be starting point and inspiration for the missions in Vega Assault.

What is Vega Assault NOT?
Some kind of WC 1 HD remake. This may sound strange considering the campaing will have the exact same structure as the WC 1 campaign. But the tone and gameplay goals will diverge greatly from the original.

Do you need a copy of Freespace 2?
Nope. This mod is built from a WC Saga base using Klav's WC 1 Ships.

Try it out! :)

If you want to leave me a comment here or at HLP I would highly appreciate it.
This mod is now its own thing in Knossos, wich makes installing it much easier:

Thanks to Admiral Nelson at HLP 👍
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Hey, I tested it... it looks like you still have a dependency on fs2 retail, knossos won't install it on my fs2-less laptop. You may wish to check it out.
Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, there should be no dependency to fs2.
I will check the mod setup in knossos and try to fix it (when I get home from work today - so in about 8 hours :-( )
I think I've found the problem: the dependencies are correct, but "Parent Mod" is set to "FS2" instead of "Wing_Commander_Saga". I don't know how to change that, though :-(
It installs now, but ...

Screenshot from 2022-06-02 22-44-10.png
Yeah, I noticed that myself yesterday. So far I wasn't able to fix it as I don't understand the reason for the problem. My knowledge of the internal workings of knossos are limted at best :-(
I will try again when I get home from work today. The one idea I have right now is to switch arround the dependencies. FSO is first in the list followed by WC Saga. I don't know if the order actually makes a difference but it's worth a try.

If you don't want to wait you could try to modify the dependency order your self: the mod folder contains a mod.json. There is a array listing the dependencies.
Yes, I will try to help when I have time. I also do have fs2, I just am trying to test this. I will try playing it hopefully soon. ;)
@tarsus removing the WC Saga dependency solves the problem - at least it did for me
I've updated the mods meta data. There should be an update available in knossos- hopfully. I've clicked on "upload" in the development tab but I'm not sure if it actually did something. If there is no update or if the update does not solve the problem, please let me know.
If so and if you feel comfortable editing json files yourself you could remove the WC Saga dependency directly in the mod.json under packages.dependencies

@ryanchealth456 currently by flying directly through the center of the jump point.
I know, this is not explained anywhere :(. The reason is that I wanted to have the jump points actually scanable.
But Freespace jump node are not scanable objects by themselves and so far I have not come up with a trick to allow a scan.
I consider the current solution temporary.

In the full campaign release I plan to provide "simulator" mission (like Col. Halcyan mentions in the command briefing), that explain the vaious mission types and the related gameplay concepts. So for the full release how to scan jump points will be explained in the Recon simulator mission.
... I did not forgot. I actually thought it not necessary. :(
Well, now I know to always increase the version number.

I've uploaded v1.0.2
The upload window told me that there was an error during upload and that it was aborted. But the Discord bot has posted the news in the mod-updates channel. So I guess the upload did happen.

It also includes as smal fix: cap ships engine washes should be a bit more restrained.
I think there are also two single missions that you can savely ignore ;)
One is work-in-progress (very early stage), the other is just for testing stuff.