Wing Commander Tested on FM Towns Marty (June 12, 2019)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Re.Enthused has posted a video of getting Wing Commander going on the FM Towns Marty. The Marty was a console variant of the Japanese PC variant FM Towns. The two shared limited cross-compatibility, so it's really interesting to see that it runs! It requires the optional keyboard just to get past the initial screen where players input their name and callsign, but everything seems to load. Speed and smoothness definitely take a big hit and most sound seems broken, but it's still pretty neat. If you're not as familiar with this version, it's also fascinating to see the minor differences. Overall graphics are pretty similar, but the load screen displays "Start Secret Missions 2" alongside the normal prompts for Vega Campaign, Continue and Secret Mission 1. On PC, SM2 has its own separate executable. Overall, I'd say this is a successful experiment!

Original update published on June 12, 2019