Wing Commander Stars in 'Guardians' Spinoff (August 14, 2020)


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LOAF found a neat little Easter egg in one of Margaret Weis' novels. She penned Robot Blues in 1996 with then-husband Don Perrin as a spinoff to the Star of the Guardians series. The duo is famous in Wing Commander circles for creating the Wing Commander Customizable Card Game that same year. In the novel, a character reflects on playing the space sim game "Wing Commander MCIII" and flying the "Claymore" bomber. Sounds like a winner!

One of Jeffrey Grant's favorite space simulator games was Wing Commander MCII, in which he flew a Claymore bomber on various glorious missions to keep the galaxy safe for commercial traffic. Grant had played this game a few hundred times and had won every time except the first, which he counted as just learning. And here was teh Claymore--a real Claymore--not fifty meters away.
Original update published on August 14, 2020


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and flying the "Claymore" bomber
Dagnabbit...and here I thought I had had an original idea for Elegy.


Don't know why I would have thought that was original, but all the same...

As an aside, if EA is going to make it to Wing Commander MCIII by the time of the story, they really need to start picking up the pace. Just saying.