Wing Commander Spotted in Progressive Ad (May 14, 2019)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
The perennially asinine world of insurance commercials has a new Wing Commander tie-in. A new Progressive ad titled "Rebel - Birthday" presents a snarky conversation involving a middle aged man living in his parents' home. The directors helped set the scene with a copy of Wing Commander on the shelf. It's between the wooden ship and baseballs. Rather than catering to some type of video game stereotype, hopefully they were just big fans of the game themselves! The 'Wing' was apparently taped over to reduce the risk of setting off any copyright sirens. A 1080p download is available from the Vimeo link below for anyone who wants a closer look. Thanks to doctorcdcs for spotting this! He initially saw it air on Hulu.

Original update published on May 14, 2019