Wing Commander Showing On Fox In Brazil (November 8, 2005)


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Guilherme Mesquita, long the source for WC Movie news in Brazil, reports that Wing Commander will be showing on the FOX Channel on Thursday night. It premieres at 10:00 pm, between an episode of Stargate SG-1 and Sex and the City. In addition to November 10, encore performances will be held on Sunday, November 13, at 6:00 pm and Monday, November 4, at 3:00 am. In Portuguese speaking countries, the movie got an official subtitle: A Batalha Final.
Wing Commander - A Batalha Final
Planeta Terra, 2564. A Confederação enfrenta a raça alienígena Kilrathia em uma violenta batalha. Os inimigos se apoderam de um instrumento de navegação que fará com que eles consigam se aproximar perigosamente da Terra, sendo que apenas três jovens pilotos são capazes de impedir o avanço das tropas alienígenas.

Wing Commander - The Final Battle
Planet Earth, 2654. The Confederation faces the alien Kilrathi in a violent battle. These enemies have taken possession of a navigational instrument that will make it possible for them to come dangerously close to Earth. Only three young pilots are capable of hindering the advance of these dangerous foes.

Original update published on November 8, 2005
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How was it "the finial battle?" I cant remember much of the movie though,



Hi Delence, long time no see!

Yeah, this is probably a "Seu Crayson's" translation, and regarding the "A batalha Final" it means The Final Battle, as said above, I wander why "Final" though.

Our American friends probably won't understand the "Seu Crayson" part, well it is not important anyway... it is a comedy character from a TV show.

Good to hear from you again!


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Well, it is the INITIAL battle for Blair, so it makes even less sense. But the sub-titles are always dumb here. JFK became JFK: The question that won't shut up.


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Oh, some sources said the Kilrathi wanted to destroy the universe. They are that evil.

Hey Guilherme, how's things.


Well, Wing Commander: Prophecy was marketed as "The Ultimate Space Combat Simulator" or some such...except for, you know, the one that came after it...

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Hehe, I think it was even more awkward than that -- 'The Ultimate Sci Fi Combat Simulation'.

(Don't tell the Halo guys.)


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Bandit LOAF said:
Hehe, I think it was even more awkward than that -- 'The Ultimate Sci Fi Combat Simulation'.

They even featured an in-game in-universe simulator game.


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"In Portuguese speaking countries, the movie got an official subtitle: A Batalha Final."

Not in all Portuguese speaking countries. In Portugal the title was "Wing Commander - Comandante de Esquadrilha", that means, well, Wing Commander (or squadron leader). :)


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It's common to have redunctant subtitles, like "O Pequeno Stuart Little", which means The Little Stuart Little.


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Yeah, Comandante de Esquadrilha is the best translation for "Wing Commander" in portuguese... considering how we don't have a perfect match for "wing" in this particular context.

There's that old joke about how the movie "Psycho" became "The son who was the mother" in portugal. I don't know how true is that, though.