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It's about time I posted something.

People are wondering how the Saga campaign is going to act. Well, here it is without giving much away.

The demo/prologue is 5 missions. It's 50% instruction training and 50% combat related to the main plot. The reason why it's not a full-blown fight campaign (unlike the excellent Prologue ideas made by our friends in the Standoff team) is because while everyone here is assumed to be used to flying in the SO/WCP engine (and thus familiar with the keyboard controls and all of that), many people will not be familiar with the FS2 controls. That's why this prologue's main purpose is to get everyone up to speed.

There's not much we can do in terms of branching due to the set FS2 engine programming. You either are on the main campaign path, or you are down the path of no-return. As for the main path, let's just say you aren't always winning. And for the path of no-return, it's when you try to defend Proxima and Earth (and lose in the process).

You are shifted through several squadrons throughout the campaign. Each squadron flies a different fighter (and only that fighter type). Each squadron has their own wingmen and a squad leader. During missions you fly with these wingmen, and the squad leader too if he's on rotation to fly a combat mission. There is a Wing Commander in charge of the air wing, and on occassions you'll fly among him in combat.

Just as Wing Commander, you fly patrols in elements of two fighters. If you are sent in a mission fully knowing there is going to be a stiff enemy presence, you go in flights of four. In more then one case, you fly as an integrated part of a strike team.

You will start off flying the Hellcat, then the Arrow, then Thunderbolt, then Longbow. You'll fly the Excalibur last.

Expect cameos from several notorious Kilrathi Aces of that period. We can't say which for now, but I will say that we made damn sure not to contradict the timeline, events and systems the Victory participated in during the official path seen in the WC3 novel.

Our comm officer is female :) The VA for her is very professional, and that will carry on to her character.

Your carrier is the TCS Hermes. It fights in the forefront of virtually every operation of the Vega Sector Fleet, whether it is losing or winning (mostly losing). Some operations were mentioned in the WC3 guide, novel, and game. We can't exactly say which systems for now.

The skipper of the TCS Hermes (your carrier) is Captain Moran (mentioned in the WC3 novel).

We are deliberately vague in describing the main character (the person you fly)'s exact features and appearance because we want the character to be an interpretation of what you think he would be. He won't say much in the missions, but he'll say a lot more out of mission. Primary wingmen are a different ball game, they are deliberately made to have their own opinions, attitudes, and whatnot.

There will be a complementary story to the Wing Commander Saga main campaign, based on the mission exploits. Rather then an email format, this is a totally blown storyline, and will take the place of the between-mission conversations in the WC games.

It was written mostly by psych and Viper61, and was contributed by several members of the Wing Commander Aces club. As of now, the fiction is 95% done, and 275 pages long. One thing to remember that there is no fighter combat in these stories (from my experience, combat comprises the majority percentage of WC fan fiction lately), it is pure character development and plot. The characters in the missions will be fleshed out, and so will many characters that aren't in the missions.


"When?" is the question... and "Will be announced OR When it is ready" is the probable answer. Thanks for all the hard work anyway. And if the date is announcable, do announce it.


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Sounds awesome, I can't wait to see what this mod is going to look like finished, now I only need to get a PC and a joystick setup to play...god damn money tree why won't you grow???


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Between deposits and rent for my apartment, tuition, food, computer repairs, gas, vehicle repairs, and the ever-important Coffee Fund... well, I'll just say I feel your pain.


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Dundradal said:
quick question...

what class is the Hermes?
If it's the same Hermes mentioned in WC3/N (and the captain's name seems to confirm this) it's a Concordia-class fleet carrier.


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I'm going to take a guess and say that they will probably touch off on basically the last carrier battle of the war at hyperion (or was it freya?). As it was used to divert resources away from kilrah so that they victory could launch the t-bomb strike.

The period after BOT was not a good time for confed and they mentioned the Hermes will be in Vega so I expect heavy engagements as the kilrathi have plenty of carriers to go around.

Also look at the number of confed carrier types there are in Saga, they've got to use those models somewhere....


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Tolwyn said:
hmm... your guesses aren't entirely wrong. I won't say more :D

My average has been pretty good...first the picture and now a little of this and a little of that...not to shabby at all....
Dunno if this is the right thread for this, but I have to say it anyway.
I play Freespace2 right now for the firts time and I really can't wait to play a WC-game based on this engine. I'm so looking forward to it! :)


gevatter Lars said:
Then it might be good news for you that the interface is nearly finished...only 3-4 more screens to do.

How many screens did you do?
BTW I see the name lars a lot in the credits of the little cgi trailer you guys released and except from the guy who says "what's that" It blew me away... unbelievable that a dedicated team of unpaid modders can build something that professional.

Please tell me this project isn't dying and in fact is gonna release a demo very very very soon for real this time.