Wing Commander RPG: Medium Carrier Concept


Vice Admiral
In response to Viper61's request, I created this design as a standard problem solver and bread and butter ship.

Tiger’s Claw Class Carrier

Designation: Medium Fleet Carrier (CVM)
Manufacturer: Trojan IV Shipyards
Project Number: SV-66

Length: 1,110 meters
Beam: 236 Meters
Draft: 110 Meters
Mass: 132,500 Tonnes
Velocity Cruise/Flank: 95/120 kps
Y/P/R: 3/3/3
Acceleration: 38 kps/s
Shields: Phase - Equivalent to 3,700 cm (Double Redundancy)
Hull Armor: 1,900 cm
Bridge Armor: 2,300 cm
Engine Armor: 2,000 cm
Launcher Armor: 2,100 cm
Hanger Armor: 2,100 cm
Core Strength: 26,600 cm
Armament: 18 Dual Laser Turrets, 5 Anti Munition Gattling Mass Driver Mounts , 4 Dual IR Missile Turrets, 2 Dual Heavy Ion Turrets, 2 Munitions Launchers.
Fighters: 185
Crew: 2,600


Rear Admiral
Maybe the beuracracy just wants more cash, so they start making up ship designs. Medium Carrer, Light Dreadnaught, Heavy Jeep Carrier, and the Mega-Corvette.

That was a joke............figured I would defend myself form the famous scathing wit of this board lol.


Uh... if they're putting out fourteen Midway-class ships to cut the costs incurred by whole groups of smaller, less-capable carriers, why create a 'Medium Fleet Carrier'? Why not just put out more Strike Cruisers for the really small, piddling stuff or Special Operations, light or escort carriers for handling convoy duties or small task force situations and patrols, and then Midway-class carriers for the larger task forces or heavy combat, and the remaining Vesuvius-class ships for when you need to deliver a lot of fighters into a situation really quickly?

It still doesn't make much sense in the fiscal-responsibility side, not if you're trying to keep fleet numbers low but capable.