Wing Commander Replay Week 2

I was on losing path on last one and i m still flying on scimitar for next mission.

Systeme Port Hedland

*Mission 9 escort*

Nav 1

4 Jalthis
(I died 2 times at this point) "attack my target". I set speed to +/- 220. My wingman is now Knight. We have a good teamplay. We destroy the Jalthis before the transport arrived. (But the transports seems to arrive little late than the 1srt time, so it was more easy).

So this time i go in formation but far enough of the capital ship; i dont want to lose my wingmen already.

Back to the tiger :
A wing of 3 grathas arrive. "attack my target". I have 3 missiles left and lot of fuel, that should be ok.
I shoot fast enough the 2 grathas. I dont know where is the 3rd cat. Knight did not tell about kill him, either the drayman. I will not go on nav 1 again for find him, the important is to protect the transport.

He finally show up later, i leave the transport for kill him quickly with my last missile.

Land to base with a low damaged ship. Intercom system hit. I kill 7 cats, Knight 0 but he helped a lot.
Another Bronze star.

*Mission 10* Frathli

3 drathlis.
"Attack my target". It doesn't works as good than at last mission but its ok. Knight took little damage. I kill the 3 pancakes.

A minefield to travel. If i can shoot them, i turn the ship to the left and right at 90°, that made the mines are not going in my direction (more a bug than a technique?)

3 or 2 ? grathas
After the mines, something strange happen; i ve got visual far away of the frathli and some kilrathi figthers. But one of them explode for any reason…(even if i restart the mission) Maybe, like the colonel says, there are rookie pilots, and they had collision between them.
I tell Knight to attack my target. But i change my mind and recall him to form on my wing, and let the fighters leave the Frathli. I'll try to be out range of the Frathli. I kill 1 gratha. I attack the other gratha by the front and i take some damage. I kill him after being more careful. Now i have a look on the Frathli. It seems to turn quickly or it is just an impression. The frathli dont launch any more fighters. Only 2 (or 3) grathas to defend a new capital ship, it is not serious… Knight is already shooting on it. But i have the kill.

Land to base with an average damaged ship. I kill 6 cats, Knight 0.
Palladin tell me we could next encounter Baktosh Redclaw on Jalthi. Thats the kind of dangerous target i cant let escape.

*Mission 11 defend tiger claw + escort exceter + destroy Frathli*

4 Jalthi include Baktosh.
"Break and attack" I have to be every where at same time, my guns power are always empty. First i just try to shoot the jalthi attacking the Tiger. But it s not enough, and i cant kill them, even with a full power regenerate guns and a missile. When i have the time, i leave the Tiger for shoot the same jalthi as Knight. We destroy 3 of them. For the 3rd, Knight launch 2 missiles at same time, or it was a missile from the Tiger escort ? I have the 3 kills anyway. Last is Baktosh. The Tiger is… full red ! I wonder if scimitar could really handle this kind of situation. With Knight, we kill Baktosh Redclaw easily. Let's go help the exceter.

Exceter navpoint
3 or 4 ? Grathas.
"Attack my target", we have to go fast. The exceter is already taking lot of hits. I kill 2 cats. Then, a kilrathi kill the scimitar who was escorting the transport. I kill the last one. We made the most harder of the mission. Now we go for the Frathli. It's time to pay for Kilrah. Maybe i can return on winning path.

Nav 2
3 or 4 Krants and Frathli
"Attack my target". Knight is hit several times. He suggest to return to base. I open my com channel to order him to return, and i ve been killed by 2 krants while i was looking away of screen… Thats stupid.

I restart the mission. I die, or knight die. I made again 3 try before reaching again the Frathli.
Something stange happen, like a bug : We are fighting the krants, away from the Frathli. I kill one krants in a collision with it. Knights is calling to help. And suddenly, all the kilrathis ships (3 krants and frathli) explode without reason.

Land to base. Well the Tiger claw is already full repared ! How fast they are ! I suppose i m not credited for the kill of the frathli and fighters. 9 kill for me, knight 0. But the mission is succeful; The Colonel mention destruction of the Frathli.
The Hurricane station is safe. I m promoted Major, and i leave the scimitar for the raptor. I hope i will like it more than the raptor of Standoff simulator^^
Killboard at this point is 57. We go for the Rostov system.

Rostov system

*Mission 12*

First fly with the raptor. I m use to wait for regenerate guns and wait for the right moment to shoot. I set it on full guns. My wingman is already Iceman

Nav 1
Asteroid mine field

Nav 2
Asteroid and 2 Drathli
"Attack my target" The 1srt one is a Kilrathi named Dakkah(?) I kill with guns only. The other drathli is running and i follow him. Fire 2 salves of fire and he die. We return to nav 2 for complete the patrol in asteroid field. I shoot the asteroid when they are to close. Accidentally, i open fire on Iceman ! Our relations may stay cold for a long time i presume. His ship has damage on the left side.

Nav 3
2 Grathas + 4 grathas
"Attack my target" It is very easy to shoot them with the raptor instead of the scimitar. I m shooting the cat by front, Iceman too from behind. And, again, i hit iceman with my fire ! He will kill me when we will land on the tiger. I kill the other gratha, and a wing of 4 gratha arrived escorting a dorkir. The Grathas seems to hate Iceman, they are all against him. I try to hurry to kill them, because the damage on the ship of iceman. So i made another collision and some front attack, and my ship is now in a bad shape. At one moment, Iceman even call to give up the mission. But i kill the 4 grathas and we shoot the Dorkir.

Nav 4
Nothin but asteroid.

Land on the Tiger with a heavy damaged ship. I kill 9 kilrathi, Iceman 0.
Got a bronze star medal.

*Mission 13* find and Destroy Ralari

Asteroid between Tiger and Nav1
2 salthis + 4 salthis
"Attack my target" I kill the 1rst salthi, but Iceman is not with me. I hit afterburner to attack the other cat with him and i hit an asteroid. I lost a front gun. We kill the salthis and 4 other ones arrive. I kill them all but Iceman have damage on the back of his ship.

Nav 1
4 ? Jalthis + ralari
I stay far away from the Ralari and insult the fighters pilots for they leave it. But Iceman go for fight whitout my orders. I go for the fight without strategy before he get kill. I take a front fire from a jalthi and ship is badly hit. I have got all my missille i can destroy all jalthis, keeping an eye on Iceman. No problem after that. Iceman kill the last jalthi and we destroy the ralari.

I circuvment the asteroid with my remainder fuel for the return to the Tiger.

I land with a heavy damaged ship. I killed 9 cats, Iceman 1. Receive a silver star medal.
In the bar, some advice from Spirit : "be careful of what is behind a target to not shoot a friend". This advice fall a little late. I nearly kill Iceman in mission 12^^.

And there is 1rst meeting with Angel (because of losing path or i just missed it before). First time i play, i didnt know a word in English and dialogues of angel were the first that i tried to translate, because she's speak some word of french and i was curious about that.
She's speaking about the aces pilots. Not sure but I remember that if i dont kill them in missions, they are all in the last mission of winning or losing path. That could be a great last mission if i let them live, but i must restart the game. I ll do later after this first replay if i have time.

*Mission 14*

Nav 1

4 krants
I give no order to Iceman, he attack immediatly. Ok for this time, let s have fun. I kill one krant. I wonder why 2 krants stay far away from us. I dont like that. I call Iceman to form on my wing and go together where the 2 cats are.
While i was pushing full on afterburner, a Frathli or a ralari jump in front of me. I avoid it accuracy. That was a bad idea, we are now in range of his fire. "break and attack !"
We handle the cats without problem. One them is Khajja…. Khajja ? but i kill him in the mission 8 ? Oh no thats true, i did not finish this mission. And he's back now. Too bad for him.

I kill them all. Now, let's look my navplan objectives. Colonel Halcyon didnt say if we must destroy it or just look. I remember there was a mission with a captured capital ship, but this one is shotting us. Ok we'll destroy it. I ve got all my missiles, i forgot to use them in the fight.

Returning to Tiger's claw
4 drathlis in the asteroids.
Ok "break and attack" What happen ?! there are all on Iceman and they kill him so quickly… I suppose he hit an asteroid and they attack first the most damaged ship of ours..
I will not restart this mission and i will keep the game without Iceman. The game takes a more dramatic turning and I like that. (I will have full with things to say to Lance Casey later in WC5 replay)
I kill all the space pancakes and the last one who was trying to run.

Land to the Tiger's claw with very little damage. I kill 9 cats, Iceman 0. The colonel is very satisfied with the destruction of the Frathli.
There were nothin i could do for Iceman. He was little far behind me, i run into the drathli but they just were unaware of me…
I ve been promoted to black squadron on new Rapier. I had a gold medal after the funerals of major Casey.

The system Rostov is free. We lost good pilots. I had improve my flying skills but i m still awkward sometimes…
My killboard at this point is 89.

System Venice

Paladdin tell me we well encounter Khajja in this system. Hey, enough with Khajja, i believed to have killed him 2 times. Maybe a bug : my actual unnoficial version of wc1 was translated in french by fans.

My new wingmen is Hunter. I find that Hunter look like to Stingray. I mixed them before.

*Mission 15*

Exceter navpoint
No enemies

Nav 2
2 Jalthis in the minefield.
"Attack my target" Hunter seems to be an obeissant copilot. I kill one jalthi. I hurt badly the 2nd but it is Hunter which kill it.
It my first flight in the rapier. He is good but i wonder if i dont prefer the full power of the raptor. Also, rapier is fast and i have to be still more careful avoiding collision.

Nav 3
Nothin, except asteroid. I try to shoot asteroid. But sometimes, the rapier guns are not enough for detroying them. So it's better to avoid them for now.

Nav 4
4 krants + a ralari + 4 grathas
We have visual of a kilrathi capital ship and 4 fighter. Let us try to attract the fighters far away from the capital ship. I insult the krants pilots. Hunter go to fight without my permissions. I make him return on my wing. The krants follow. Let's break and attack. Hunter kill 2. I made the 2 others. Then, 4 grathas arrived. They take all Hunte like target. I have to kill them fast if i dont want to lose my wingman again. I kill 2 cats and i did not expect Hunter will kill the 2 others grathas. Iceman die in the same situation, in raptor against drathli.
We can now destroy the Ralari. I have the kill.

Land to Tiger's Claw without damage. I kill 7 cats, Hunter 4

*Mission 16*

rendez-vous with 2 rapiers.

Nav 1
2 wings of 2 grathas
One of the additional wingmen kill the 1rst gratha. I kill the 3 others. I lost ¾ of my armor during the fight with collision or front shoot.

Nav 2
4 salthi + fralthi + wing of 4 krants
I dont try to attract the fighter out of range of the fralthi. Our 2 others wingmen will not wait. I'm not sure of number of kill i have. At least 3 of the salthi. I see the wingmen are already shooting the captial ship. I shoot it with them.
A wing of krants is lauch just before the destruction of the capital ship. I kill most of them, not sure for the number. Hunter call for help at one moment. But no one is hurt except my ship/

I land on the tiger's claw with an average damaged ship. I kill 9 cats, hunter 0.

*Mission 17* protect the tiger's claw

Nav 1
Its a minefield. No enemies on radar.

Nav 2
Mine field + 2 jalthis.
"Attack my target" We start a good teamplay on the 1rst jalthi. But the 2nd hit Hunter on his front armor.

Nav 3
2 drathlis defending a capital ship
"break and attack" i suppose Hunter can handle himself. No problem on this navpoint. We go for the rendez-vous with Tiger s'claw.

Nav 4
4 grathas attacking tiger's claw.
"break and attack" i go for the closest grathas of the tiger. Hunter kill one of them. The kilrathis have damaged the back of the tiger and his front shield, but we kill them all.

I go for landing procedure but i m not right in front of the landing strip. At very low speed, i turn around the tiger's claw. And then, like maniac before, hunter made collision with the tiger and he die. How stupid.
Next one is the last mission. For the fun i will do it alone like old time... But the wingmen having collision with our ship is a bad thing of wing commander 1. It s fun to fly very close to capital ship.

I land without any damage. I kill 9 cats, Hunter 0 and he die just before landing.
Killboard at this point is 107.

*Mission 18* Star post

Nav 1
4 krants and a Frathli.
I'm alone. I have already lost my front armor, i was surprise that autopilot launch me so close of the enemies. I kill them all without problems and without missile.

Nav 2
4 Grathas + Starpost + 2 gratas + 4 salthis + 4 jalthis.
I will need lot of fuel avoiding their fire. I'd better try to kill 3 grathas and attack the starpost rather than to face a new wing of fighters.
Grathas move so slow, i dont have too much trouble to kill them. But i kill the last one by mistake. A new wing of only 2 grathas show up.
I kill the 1rst one , and i try to inflict few damage on the 2nd. Damn ! i kill again. Another wing of kilrathi is launch. More number and i m running low on fuel.
But the 4 salthis are not dangerous for a rapier. My shield stay good. I kill 3 of them. If i kill the last, i m afraid there will be a wing of jalthis on my back.
I go for the Starpost. My shield take lot of hits here. I launch 3 missiles and fire at full guns. My speed is set to 290. The starbase explode in a sweet light.

There still have a salthi for me all alone. I can play with it at low speed before the next wave arrive. When i'm short of insult for him, i do not resist to kill it; and face a wing of 4 jalthis.
I kill one of them at speed 320 and with my last part of fuel for avoiding the hits. When my tanks is empty, i set speed to maximum, 450, for the 1 first time with the rapier. I dont take to much hits, and i think i can handle them.
My shields are reduced to +/-30, that start to smell bad. But there are shooting themselves. I kill the 2nd damaged jalthi easily.
I see another damaged jalthi. I open fire on him behind him, but cannot avoid a collision. He s destroyed, but i lost my 2 cannons on the left. That would be ok if there is no more wing after that.
Now i can reduce my speed, and just avoid to shoot him by front. But he manage to hit me despite everything ! i lost another gun, but with the last one i dont stop to shoot him from behind. And he s leaving. What a poor end. Let s not try to be a hero and let him go. I return to the Tiger's claw. But i dont know if there was another wing after the jalthis.

I land and finish wc1 with heavy damaged ship. But i will try the same with all the aces on the end.
My killboard must be 121. My new callsign could be "maladroit chanceux" (Lucky Awkward).
Hey guys,

Figured I should clear up any confusion that might come with my less than detailed initial post. This week we are all doing the next 3 systems on your path. Now this means for some they will be finished WC1 at the end of this week and for others, depending on your performance may have some additional systems still to do. Fear not, next week will be for people to catch up as well as explore the losing paths. So, if you finish up this week, good work! The Kilrathi have been pushed from Venice. If not, don't worry we won't leave you behind.
I figured I'd type this one as I go. I just bought Mario Galaxy but Wing Commander is calling to me.

Dakota 1:

Those Drayman are tougher than they look. Fortunately. 2 Salthi took off straight for it, while the other two went after me. Sent Knight to take care of the ones after me as I fell in behind the two going for the transport. Locked onto one, while blasting the other. HS missile launched just as the first one crumpled under my guns. I was quite proud of that. The Krants weren't much trouble, Knight managed to take one out while I kept the other two away from the transport. Nav 2's Jalthi were a problem. We got two of them and I was just settling in behind the third as the Drayman jumped in. Jalthi went straight for it, ignoring my shots. One pass and those big explosions were pouring out of the Drayman. Fortunately I got the other HS off at it before he could another pass. 10 for me, one for Knight. I get me first Silver Star.

Dakota 2:

Hehe, Spirit's in good spirits, but it seems Knight has heard Maniac & Hunter's bitching. Considering Knight took out a bogey last time and stopped me from getting a clean sweep, I have to say he's not too bad. I hate fighting in asteroids, especially in the raptor speed and slow turning are not a good combination there. The battle against the Krants went badly for Knight and I sent him home just as the Ralari jumped in. Great. A few minutes later, I'm on the way home. 8 for me, another 1 for Knight and another Silver Star. I also got promoted to Major. I really like this system.

Dakota 3:

Apparently Bakhtosh is here. Paladin seems a little calm describing the death of 4 wingmates, but I guess he's used to it by now.

Grr, I had to play this mission twice, since I accidentally loaded a game afterwards instead of saving it. Both end-results were the same. 12 Kills, Gold Star and Bakhtosh killed. The was just one minor difference, in the second play-through Knight decided to show Maniac a thing or two and went head on with two Jalthi. I managed to kill one after it got a salvo off, and distracted the second but Knight's ship must have been more hole than Raptor. I ordered him home and finished off the last transport.

Next up: The dreaded Kurasawa system.
Alright, so 10 missions on the winning path this week. Perhaps a bit too much when looking at the post that is to come. For those who don’t want to post all 10 missions this week, feel free to split your posts between the two. I realize we might have bitten off a little more than we can chew, well at least in my case. I never realized how long it takes me to do my mission write-ups.

I’ve been working out how I want to organize the weeks for the SM1 and I’m going to drop it to 6 missions a week for 2 weeks than the last 4 in the 3rd. I’m thinking that 6 missions a week might be our benchmark as it’s still a good chunk of the games and still manageable to post about. I’ve found it easier to break the posts into chunks because it takes time to double check your game memory against CIC resources to make sure you are getting it right in the posts. Just a side effect of combat :D

I'm going to post my first chunk tomorrow, been a crazy week.
Okay, on to Kurasawa:

Kurasawa 1:

Checked the killboard to discover that I've climbed my way to the top. This was almost a much less ramm-ey mission than my last trip out in a Rapier until Bossman turned towards me after a strafing run on a transport. Fortunately, it was the last transport so we both made it back safely. 8 for me, 5 for Bossman.

Kurasawa 2:

Hearing Shotglass talk about the CSS Suffolk reminded me of the thread here. Now for one the dreaded missions...

"Good work brining back that Ralari, Major". Boo-Yeah! Actually, defending the Ralari didn't go too badly. I used that same "missile in one while I gun down the other" tactic that's saved a few Drayman. I hated dogfighting the Salthi in the asteroids more. Still, that Silver Star felt earned.

Kurasawa 3:

Man, Hunter's accent can crack me up sometimes. This mission was a little strange. First, I missed the mines, not that I'm complaining about it. Second, the Formidable really lives up to it's name. The Kilrathi completely ignored it to focus on me & Bossman. Looks like it's time for Venice.

Venice 1:

Paladin's story seems a little familiar here, but I can't quite place it. I'm not too fond of Hunter as a wingman, either. He decided to follow the Maniac school of capship battles and went haring off after the Ralari, leaving me to deal with Khaji and his mates. Got the job done in the end, but there were a few pings in the armour and it's the first time I've brought a Rapier back with no missies left in it.

I think I'll try to finish the rest of Venice on Saturday.
Personal Log, 2654.139, 0920 hours
This day has started off bad…let’s just hope it doesn’t end up worse. I’m supposedly pulling three missions today, and just got back from numero uno. “Disaster” doesn’t quite feel like it measures up.

Knight and I were assigned to fly escort on a hospital ship leaving Fargo. We had to take it out to a local jump point, then head over to another jump point to bring another Drayman back to the Claw, filled with vaccines for Fargo. Watson’s Disease is doing a number on the colonists there.

Five Salthi were on patrol before we got to the 1st navpoint. I dove in, firing guns and missiles at anything my targeting systems could lock on to. One Salthi tried to dodge a missile by pitching up straight into my Raptor – he exploded, while I lost shields and armor. I turned, and fired a couple of bursts into a second Salthi, destroying it. I made a couple of passes at another Salthi while Knight tried to attack one of the others, eventually killing it. The last Salthi had been making attack runs on the Drayman, so I chased after him. A few bursts from the Raptor’s guns were enough to make him break off his attack and head for the hills. Knight’s target, meanwhile, came streaking past me to follow his fellow kat away from the fight.

We resumed heading towards the jump point, and ran into a trio of Krant. The first Krant died when I hit him with a combination of gunfire and an IR missile. As I turned to engage #2, the third Krant attacked the Drayman, prompting the transport commander to fire his engines and attempt to evade. Unfortunately, this resulted in the Drayman slamming into the side of my fighter, destroying all my armor and ripping away my starboard weapons.

I cursed like I hadn’t done since my cadet days, and spun around and kicked in my engines to get away from the transport. Meanwhile, Knight proved that he’s as effective a pilot as a broomstick – his Krant dodged away from his easily, and made run after run on the Drayman.

While I fought to get my half-destroyed Raptor back into the fight, Knight just hung back. That gave those damn kats more than enough time to destroy the Drayman.

I couldn’t believe it – the hospital ship, gone, just like that.

I plunged back into the fight with the Krants, firing every bit my guns could handle. It was enough to destroy the first Krant quickly, and the second didn’t last much longer.

Setting course for Nav 2, I restrained myself from questioning Knight’s piloting ability. After all, I’d been charged with keeping that transport safe, just as much as he had. Still, at least I’d tried. My mind flashed back to the conversation Maniac, Hunter, and I had this morning – they commented on how Knight flew like an old lady, as though he couldn’t find a target if his wingman’s life depended on it. Maybe they were right.

As we arrived at Nav 2, 3 Jalthi were already waiting for the transport. I attacked quickly, hoping that catching the Jalthi off guard would make up for my handicapped fighter. The first one fell to my guns as the Drayman jumped in. I attacked #2, keeping it away from the transport, trusting Knight to do the same with the third. Too bad he was just SITTING THERE IN SPACE!

I managed to kill the second Jalthi, then turned, went full burner past Knight and the Drayman. We got lucky. The pilot of the third Jalthi must have been blind, since he missed the Drayman by a mile with every shot. I fired on him quickly, and sent a HS up his tailpipe. Had to take a deep breath at that point. The fight with the Jalthi trio lasted all of a minute and thirty seconds, but it took a lot out of me. I was not going to lose another transport.

We synced autopilots, and got back to the Claw in one piece. My comm system was nearly destroyed, but I managed to get through and get landing clearance. Halcyon was anything but thrilled about the destruction of the hospital ship, but somewhat mollified by news of the Drayman with Watson Disease vaccines pulling up alongside. I didn’t say anything during debriefing about Knight…seems the kind of thing best handled between Knight and I before I make an issue out of it.

For now, though, I’ve learned my lesson about trusting his piloting abilities.

Just wish all those men and women hadn’t needed to die for that lesson to become clear…

Personal Log, 2654.139, 1300 hours
Briefing in 20 minutes. Just got back from patrol duty with Mr. “I may not be a high-flyer, but I get the job done in one piece”. We flew a standard 3-point patrol. The first stop at Nav 1 led to finding a pair of Gratha in an asteroid field. Knight, as usual, did nothing. I don’t think he’s a cat lover, but I also don’t think I understand how he’s earned as many kills as there are next to his name on the chalkboard.

At Nav 2, there were four Krants on patrol. I targeted one, and told Knight to attack him, figuring that might earn a little more reaction than a standard ‘break and attack’.

It didn’t.

In the end, I had to kill all four Krants. The first fell to my guns in the first pass, with the second exploding after I blew his shields down with gunfire, and he decelerated just as I closed in on him for the kill.

He died, I didn’t.

But dammit, I’m tired of scratching the paint. Odds are my crew chief’s tired of it too.

The third and fourth flew like rookies, barely maneuvering as I hammered their fighters, and went down quickly.

At that point, I picked up another pair of Krants and a bigger ship on radar. Closing in, I saw the momma kat was a Ralari. I had a slight smile as I slid into an attacking position on the Krants – this was a chance for me to avenge the loss of the Drayman transport this morning.

The Krants went down in a single pass each, within about 5 seconds of each other. The Ralari, meanwhile, started firing every flak cannon it had at me. One burst hit my fighter directly, and succeeded in destroying my starboard mass driver. I pressed forward with the attack, though, and came up in the rear quarter of the destroyer. Her shields went down after a few bursts, and I was just about to fire the kill shot when Knight, little &%(# that he is, snuck up in front of my sights, fired once, and made the Ralari blow up.

He does nothing all mission.

I do all the work.

And he gets the kill mark for taking down a cap ship.

Well, I guess turnabout is fair play – I did take a kill or two away from Paladin a few days back.

We landed back at the Claw without incident. Halcyon gave me credit for 7 kills, and 1 (the Ralari) for Knight. And as I finish entering this, the briefing alert sounds. Here we go again…

Personal Log, 2654.139, 2000 hours

I’m not sure what to say now.

By all rights, I should be ecstatic: 12 kills, including Baktosh Redclaw and a trio of Dorkirs, a gold star, and promoted to major. Word is I’ll be in Black Lions flying Rapiers when we get to Kurasawa.

But none of it matters.

Knight’s dead.

A pair of Jalthi’s blasted him out of space faster than I could blink.

RIP Joseph.. I promise you the fight won’t end until we win this damn war.

Personal Log, 2654.281, 1800 hours
Well, first time in a long time where I only had to fly one mission today. Bossman and I were sent to take out a Kilrathi convoy that was arriving in system a ship at a time. 6 Dralthi were flying escort on the first Dorkir we sighted. I nailed one of them in the first pass, then things got hectic. Two of the Dralthi pilots decided they were tired of living, or they mistook me for catnip or some such, because they flew straight into my ship, without firing a shot. As they exploded, I breathed a silent prayer of thanks for the Rapier having “God’s own shields” as Hunter put it.

I turned and went after the other Dralthis, dancing from target to target, keeping the focus on me while Bossman went in and killed the transport. I shot down the final Dralthi as Bossman made his final strafing run on the Dorkir.

We got to Nav 2 ahead of the next transport, but there was a wing of Krants waiting for us. After a head to head pass, we broke up into the dogfight, with two coming after me, and one duking it out with Bossman. I lined up on one, and he decided to yell at me over the comm channel. Something about fighting like a still born kitten.

2 seconds later, he was fighting like a vaporized kitten.

I love the smell of charbroiled kitty in the morning…at least I would if I could smell anything in the vacuum of space.

As Bossman and I finished off the Krants, the next Dorkir jumped in right in my sights, so I locked onto her engines and destroyed them quickly.

Bossman and I then set course back to Nav 1, to see if any additional ships had arrived. Two Jalthis came to meet us. I dodged their frontal attacks, but one was apparently a Dralthi pilot in one of his eight former lives, and ended number nine by ramming my fighter. Doing so lost me my port neutron gun, but the three remaining guns were more than enough to finish off the second Jalthi. It blew up just as another Dorkier jumped in. Bossman and I both attacked it, with him getting the killing blow in.

Halcyon was ecstatic when we landed (well…for him, anyway). Turns out the first transport was a C & C ship, so kitty operations in Kurasawa are taking a serious hit. I was credited with another 10 kills, plus the two transports for Bossman.

Sleep time now. Now, if I can just get maintenance to fix that damn leak…

Personal Log, 2654.282, 1700 hours
And just like that, Halcyon was less than ecstatic with me. A company of Marines had managed to capture a Ralari destroyer, and were trying to get to the Claw for protection. The colonel, in his infinite wisdom, sent two of us to get the Ralari back.

The Claw has a rather large compliment of fighters.

We really could have used them out there.

Four Salthi were waiting for us in an asteroid field, attempting to cut us off before we could get to the Ralari. I took down one, then cut hard to the right, forcing the Salthi on my tail to overshoot. As I came around, he did his traditional break-to-the-left, which dropped him right into my sights. A few quick bursts destroyed the fighter. Bossman picked off another one, and the final Salthi, desperately avoiding my fire, slammed into an asteroid at full speed.

When we got to the Ralari, there was a wing of Gratha all over her. We attacked as quickly as we could, but there were two of us, and 4 kats. And dammit, those Gratha pack a punch. Ralari’s die easy as anything for a Raptor, and the same holds true for Gratha.

If only Halcyon had sent more fighters. Bossman and I might have a reputation as two of the best pilots on the ship (us being at the top of the killboard might have something to do with that), but we’re not fighter pilot gods. More pilots could have made a difference out there.

Maybe then we wouldn’t have lost an entire compliment of Marines.

Personal Log, 2654.283, 1645 hours
Saw an old friend today – the TCS Formidable. She was under attack by a wing of Dralthi, with more Kilrathi on the way. When Bossman and I arrived, there were 5 Dralthi lying in wait for the next spot the destroyer would jump in to. I got the first kill, sliding in behind an unsuspecting Dralthi just as the Formidable jumped in. Bossman tagged one himself, while I targeted #3. The other two broke, one going for the Formidable, one trying to get on my tail. I launched a missile at my target, and broke off as the missile impacted, destroying the kat.

As Bossman attacked the Dralthi that was engaging the Formidable, the one that had been on my tail tried to attack Bossman. Wrong move on his part, since it gave me a clear shot from above and behind. Kitty Go Boom.

The last Dralthi skimmed over the Formidable’s hull, and turned to attack me, but in doing so, presented a full view of the pancake shape. That meant every bit of my full-guns blast struck home, destroying the fighter.

We synced up with the Formidable, and started back towards the Claw. 5 Krants tried to ambush us, but they had to have been rookies, eager for a first kill on a capship. Ignoring myself and Bossman, they plunged in at the Formidable. The destroyer took a few hits, but as a trade-off, I was able to get behind the Krants and pick them off one at a time with guns and a couple of well placed missiles up the tailpipes.

During debriefing, I was credited for 9 kills. Now it’s off to freshen up – Cmdr Dell Guardia of the Formidable wants to meet her escort. It’ll be good to see her again.

Personal Log, 2654.284, 0930 hours
So this is Rostov.

They should have named this place Rockstov. There are more asteroids here than there are in some…crazed…asteroid…place…

Dammit, I’m a pilot, not a comedian…wait, why am I talking to myself like this?

Personal Log, 2654.284, 1000 hours
Ok, one round of drinks from Sam later, I’d say my head’s back on a little straighter. The mission this morning was a basic patrol, though the asteroids made it infinitely more “fun”. Iceman and I found two Dralthis patrolling an asteroid field, so we attacked, each killing our target within 10 seconds.

When we hit Nav 3, there was a pair of Gratha. One fired a couple of bursts into my forward shields, then the wingman went full burner straight into my ship. I don’t know how that Raptor held together, but I love that ship more than ever now. The kamikaze attack destroyed damn near everything on that Raptor, though, save for one mass driver and one neutron gun. Four more Gratha showed up, and all of them started attacking Iceman. Maybe they figured my fighter was too damaged to be a threat. Their mistake, since it gave me a chance, hobbled as I was, to close in and hit the Grathas with everything I had left. It took awhile, and I had one or two close calls that sent my ejection warning system into overdrive, but I managed to take out all of the Grathas.

At that point, a Dorkir jumped in. I let Ice take it out by himself – I wanted to baby what was left of my Raptor.

We got back to the Claw in one…well, whatever pieces were left. My crew chief made an off-hand comment that I was lucky to be alive. He wasn’t kidding. Maybe that’s why I was acting a little weird when I first started writing today – burning off the adrenaline from nearly dying. Might have a chat with Paladin about it. He seems like he'd have experienced it from time to time.

The colonel said I’d taken out 7 Kilrathi, plus 2 for Iceman.

I’ve heard Maniac’s gotten himself grounded. Seems he locked onto a Dralthi and fired a heatseeker, but the Dralthi broke off, and the missile locked onto a Drayman beyond. The transport was destroyed a minute later. Somehow, I’m not surprised. Maniac always focuses on getting the kill – doesn’t really seem to be aware of what’s going on beyond his target. With luck, he’ll learn from this, if Halcyon ever lets him near a fighter again. Too bad, though, that like most things in war, it took death for the lesson to be learned.

Personal Log, 2654.284, 1630 hours
Iceman and I were sent to take out a Ralari destroyer this afternoon. A wing of Salthis were on wide patrol, and tried to attack us in an asteroid field. They almost got me when I dodged some laser fire from a pair of the Salthis and nearly slammed into an asteroid. Fortunately, for all the reputation the Raptor apparently has for being “clumsy”, she’s danced to every tune I’ve called ,and I managed to slide around the rock. As I did, Iceman managed to kill one Salthi, leading the rest to focus their attacks on him. This gave me the opening to mow them down. Much easier than against the Grathas this morning.

As we approached the Ralari’s position, there were four Jalthi flying CAP, in two two-ship formations. Since the second formation was on the far side of the Ralari, Iceman and I focused our attacks on the first. I slid past the first, and latched onto his tail, knocking down his shields before trying for a missile. My launch mechanism must have miscued or some such, because no missile fired, so I tightened up on the trigger and sent a few more bursts towards the Jalthi, destroying it.

I turned, and joined in Iceman’s attack on the second Jalthi. Between the two of our Raptors, we were hitting it with more firepower than most anything could withstand, and the fighter exploded nearly instantaneously.

By that point, the second CAP wing had come within range, so I got their attention while Iceman went after the destroyer. The Jalthi pilots were good, but they weren’t able to maneuver well enough to keep me in their firing arcs. The first one fell after three bursts of gunfire. I had to maneuver to stay on the second while waiting for my capacitors to refill, before hammering him into oblivion as well.

I turned to help Iceman with the Ralari, and noticed the ship was all but destroyed. I got a lock-on tone from my IR missile, and fired – it proved to be the killing blow.

Ended up with 8 kills, so a total of 15 on the day.

Personal Log, 2654.285, 1800 hours
I earned a Gold Star today. Iceman and I were sent to investigate a huge bogey Tactical had gotten a fix on. We skimmed the edges of a couple asteroid fields on the way out, and found 4 Krants waiting in the area the bogey was supposed to be jumping into next. The Krants were lead by Khajja the Fang. Iceman went after the other Krants, while I attacked Khajja. He kept taunting, but I kept my cool, and saved my shots for when they’d count. We ended up scissoring our way away from the dogfight, but in the end, I was able to get on his tail and hit him repeatedly, till his Krant went up in a huge fireball.

Coming about, I went full burner back towards Iceman, and managed to draw one of the Krants away, while Iceman fired on the other two. I destroyed my target, and was about to join with Iceman in handling the other two, when the “bogey” jumped in.

It was a Fralthi.

Maybe it’s the fact that it jumped in right on top of me, but that ship seemed positively HUGE. The Intel reports say they’re about 500 meters long, but that cap ship looked like it could have swallowed the Claw whole, at least at the time.

Iceman managed to destroy one of the Krants, and went after the other while I dove in to attack the Fralthi. They might be big, but it turns out they’ve got the same weakness as any other Kilrathi capship – the engines are a big ol’ bullseye, with barely any guns to defend that area. Bossman had said something about the kats building their ships that way on purpose, to force their captains not to retreat. Whatever the reason, it gives us a rather nice advantage. As Iceman took out the last Krant, I finished another strafing run on the Fralthi, setting off a series of explosions that destroyed the ship.

On the way home, we ran into four Dralthis in an asteroid field. In true Kilrathi style, they all attacked Iceman – every one of them. That man must have his face painted on the side of his fighter, with a big “Hey, shoot me!”

Since the Dralthi were so inclined to ignore me, I chose to not ignore them, and started firing. Two died in my first pass, and the third took shield damage. I punched my Raptor up and around, dodging an asteroid in the process, and hit the third Dralthi with a missile, destroying it. The last Dralthi pilot, showing a slight amount of brains, took off at full speed, trying to get away from me. Were we not in an asteroid field, I’d have chased, but going at that speed through these rocks would be as much suicide as flying with Maniac.

We managed to get back to the Claw, where the strange events started – Halcyon started telling me I had some nerve coming back without finishing the mission objectives, with something about losing the bogey in there.

Then, a few minutes later, he was pinning a Gold Star on my chest in award for killing the Fralthi.

Maybe he’s the one who needs that drink at Sam’s.

Rumor has it we’re heading to Venice tomorrow. If it’s true, that means we’re taking a shot at Kilrathi Sector HQ.

Hot damn, we might just win this thing after all.
First off, hot damn SabreAce! Another great onto my Dakota entry.

Let’s get to it then, shall we?

The Dakota system, famous for Watson’s disease and lots of transports, both Confed and Kilrathi. Shotglass with his system overview, the more I’m playing this game, the more I realize how much these few lines manage to deliver. So much atmosphere created with so little, again the original does it best.

Maniac and Hunter, oh yeah doesn’t that just sound like a pleasant conversation pair? Maniac is, well Maniac while Hunter is trying to put him in his place. Where’s the briefing room? Sheesh.

Dakota 1

Transport escort, joy, but at least I’m in a Raptor with Knight on my wing. The autopilot flyby does look pretty cool with 2 Raptors and the Drayman though. 5 Salthi before I hit Nav 1. While relatively ineffective alone, Salthi in these kind of numbers can be a real issue. I AB right at the furballs and down one on the initial pass. I’ve often found that that initial victory can mean the difference between success and failure on almost every mission. If you don’t take him down you’ve got to at least do a real number on his front. The good thing is the Raptor’s mass drivers and neutron guns go right through them. The only issue is watching your gun energy because it depletes in only a few shots, but Knight and I make fairly short work of the remaining 4 Salthi. They do manage some damage on the Drayman, but I’m not that concerned.

Ugh, Krants. I’ve already expressed my feeling about these bastards last week. However, this encounter goes much better than normal. I manage to down one on the initial pass (2 for 2!) and immediately turn and get a second with some well placed bursts. The last one requires a bit more time and he also gets a few shots off at the Drayman, but he falls to a missile from Knight.

The second Drayman is actually fairly easy to escort home. The 3 Jalthi are easy to defeat as long as you avoid the head-on pass. I also saved my missiles for this encounter and quickly use them to destroy all 3 and head back to the Claw. I nailed 8 and Knight took down 3.
Another Silver Star as well. Nice job me.

Shotglass is telling me something I already know. Krants suck. His advice about the Jalthi is right on though. Once you get behind one it’s almost a sure kill.

Ehh, Knight, buddy, what are you doing? He does seem a bit timid at times and maybe a bit soft, but until he let’s me down I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Spirit has a nice atmosphere conversation. The war is apparently going well for Confed. It’s nice how they remind you about what you are fighting for. Victory or Death!

Dakota 2

A 3-point patrol that sounds easy, well except for the asteroids, but then once in space…Gratha in asteroids. Now normally I enjoy killing Gratha. As I’ve said before there’s just something about killing them, but enough about that. I set the throttle to 180 kps and engage. Fighting in a field is probably the most intense experience in the game. I’m always nervous about flying right into a rock. Once I get close to the Gratha I reduce speed to 150 and go to work. Knight manages to take his Gratha out first (I’m guessing a rock might have been involved) and I finish the other a bit after.

There’s a party at Nav 2! 5 F-ing Krants and a Ralari. I personally like to destroy the fighters escorting a Capship before engaging it directly and this time is no exception. After what seemed like an eternity I’m finally down to just 1 Krant and the Ralari. I’m not sure what Knight has been doing but for this last Krant I keep yelling at him for assistance. I take out the Krant before Knight comes to my aid and quickly turn to the Ralari. I can tell it’s suffered some damage (so that’s what Knight was doing) and quickly jump in to finish it off. I unload my remaining missiles at the rear of the Ralari and after a few gun bursts it goes up in flames. Nothing like taking out a destroyer. Nav 3 is just more rocks so I hit the nav point and head back to the Barn. I nailed 7 and Knight got 1.

Another Silver Star as well. Even though I’m starting to pile up awards, I still love it every time I get one. It really gives you a sense of accomplishment beyond just finishing the mission.
Nice, Shotglass has some info about an Ace that might be in-system. This is one thing I wish the later games had, especially WC3, although it does make it up a bit with the unique taunts for each. So Redclaw is the next Ace that I have to dispatch. No problem.

Dakota 3

Oh yeah, kat convoy killing time. Let’s get to it! Nav 1, Krants! Bastards! Although I manage to make quick work of them, but I do use a bit too much AB fuel for my liking. Only one was a real pain and did a bit of damage to my armor. Systems are a go, but I’m going to need to be careful in my head-on approaches. The Dorkir is an easy kill. I switch to just mass drivers and just fire away until it goes up.

2 Jalthis (one of them is Redclaw as well) and a Dorkir to start at Nav 2. I must have had a brain fart because I went head-to-head with Redclaw right off the bat. Comm system is heavily damaged along with ejection and a mass driver. I get my payback quickly when Redclaw makes a dumb move and tries to put some distance between us. I use that opportunity to get on his 6 and fire away. Blow off one of my guns will you! That’s another Ace kill. The other Jalthi is heavily engaged with Knight when I jump in. Knight has taken some damage, but I’m not going to send him home just yet. The Jalthi really wants to nail Knight so while he’s trying to do that I jump him and send a missile right up the blind spot Shotglass has mentioned before. Nothing but spare parts flying through space now. The Dorkir goes right up with Knight and I hammering away at it. The 2nd wave goes down much easier than the first. Time to go back to the Claw.

I nailed all 12 enemies in this mission! Thanks for nothing Knight! Time for a transfer as well, Halcyon wants to see me later on, but first I get a promotion to Major and a transfer to the Black Lions flying Rapiers. Not done yet though, I also get a Gold Star for my actions. Hurricane fights off the Kilrathi in Port Hedland and I’m off to *shudder* Kursawa.

This is all I have time to post tonight, but I’ll have the rest of my missions up tomorrow. Been a crazy, crazy, crazy week.
(I *think* I'll be able to finish the winning paths today, and I hope I can finish the losing paths as well. Hubble's Star 2 might prove to be exceedingly troublesome, though.)

EDIT : Curses, looks like I won't even be able to get this far. DosBox is acting strangely on the computer I'm currently using (yes, I keep switching computers), and I can't get past Kurasawa 2.
Well, the real problem might not be *entirely* DosBox-related, but it's hard to save the Ralari when you can't shoot more than one laser at once. :p

There's a reason why I think it's at least partially computer-related : I've beaten Kurasawa 2 many times using the same tactics (save gun energy, ram, do not autopilot, and so on) but I'm having a lot of trouble on the current computer for some reason... If I lower the cycles too much there will be insane lag that causes my ship to act weirdly, and if I use Ctrl-F12 too much the Ralari will be destroyed before I can do anything. Or maybe I should just get better at aiming. Still, it's annoying.
Time for Kursawa and Rapiers.

Sounds like we are going to kick the Kilrathi out of Kursawa!

Kursawa 1

Some Dorkirs have been sighted jumping in system. The briefing makes it clear this is going to be quite a fight, but in a Rapier I’m prepared for anything. Have to hit 3 nav points to clear out whatever ‘sports have jumped in. This should be fun.

Nav 1a is a very busy place. 5 Drathli guarding a Dorkir, who or whatever is onboard must be mighty important to garner such an escort. I give Bossman the order to break and attack and we head into the fray. The laser-neutron combo of the Rapier is a bit less powerful than the Raptor’s loadout, but it still gets the job done. Instead of my usual taking out the escorts first, this time I head right at the Dorkir. I fire a few shots to take down its shields then launch a DF and followed up with a few more gun shots and up it went! Haha! Another victory for the mighty Confederation! Now I’ve got 5 Dralthi to tangle with. I jump into the fight and quickly dispatch 2 Dralthi with some well placed shots. Bossman manages to take out his target not too long afterwards. The final two Dralthi go down pretty easy, although I did manage to mess up the paint job on my new Rapier in the process. Nothing major, but my ejection system is fried.

Nav 2 has some Krants and a Dorkir. This time I’m going after the Krants first. This time there’s no screwing around. I take one Krant out on the initial pass and quickly turn after one of the remaining two. I usde a mix of guns and an IFF on the first bastard and then took out the other with just guns. The Dorkir is no problem without escorts, so I save my remaining missiles for the last nav point.

Nav 1b has 3 Jalthi and a Dorkir. I avoid the head-on with the Jalthi as my armor is gone from the impact with the Dralthi. Apparently Bossman didn’t use caution when attacking and he’s pretty banged up right off the bat. I usually don’t send wingmen home, but in this case I tell Bossman to head back to the barn. A Jalthi takes off after Bossman but I nail him before he can finish the job. The other two are a bit of an issue though. I was on the tail of one of them when the other decided to take a few shots at my rear armor. You just can’t let someone get away with trying to shoot you in the back. This kat is going to pay for that! I turn into him and WHAM! Son of a…. Now we’ve got some problems. 2 guns destroyed, comm system is fritzing, not good, but the bastard is gone as well. The last Jalthi and the Dorkir go up without too much trouble. My Rapier isn’t in very good shape when I head back to the Claw.
The first Dorkir had command staff onboard. Good. Trying organizing a defense now furballs!

The problem is what’s coming up…

Shotglass has some info on the other operations happening in system. Kursawa IV is under siege by Confederation forces and the Suffolk has taken out a comm relay. Things just keep getting better. Knight informs me that Lightning was killed on a patrol near Kursawa IV. Too bad I never knew him. The war, however is going well for Confed according to Spirit. Her conversation also adds more to background of the Kilrathi. They won’t give up until we’ve beaten them on their own ground and raised the Confed flag over the ruins of the Imperial Palace. Soon enough, soon enough.

And now it’s time for what most of us consider the hardest mission in the entire series…Kursawa 2

Kursawa 2

We all know what has to be done here. Save the Ralari and bring it back to the Claw.

Whatever happens on my first try is what I’m going with so let’s get to it.

I don’t use auto and fly around the asteroid field. I plan on winning this damn mission, so I’m breaking out every trick we’ve come up with over the years. Once past the field I hit the auto and am dumped into the fight. I tell Bossman to break and attack and start letting loose with missiles and guns on the closest Gratha. One down, three to go. I pick the next closest one and use guns and ramming to take out number 2. So far, so good. I’ve got some missiles left so I fire them at the one of the Gratha while I manually track the other and use guns to take it out. I ram the Gratha I was firing guns at and it goes right up. However, my Rapier is pretty heavily damaged at this point. This must be my lucky day though as Bossman has kept the other Gratha busy. The Ralari is definitely heavily damaged, but I should be able to squeeze out this victory! The last Gratha is taking damage from Bossman, but it’s still firing at the Ralari. The Gratha is pretty banged up from at least one of my missiles and Bossman, I’ve got one DF left, so I line up and let it go. I see the Gratha get off one last shot at the Ralari before going up…..and amazingly the Ralari holds up! YES!!!!! I got lucky this time because the entire Ralari is in the red. I’m amazed I was lucky enough to win this mission. I was never able to beat it in the KS version, but for some reason I do alright in the DOS version.

On returning to the Claw I’m awarded another Silver Star for bringing the Ralari back. A Silver Star never felt so deserved and so good as it does now. No Rostov and asteroids for me!
Shotglass gives us the first mention of CNN (Confed News Network) I wonder if they are in competition with TCN. I wonder what Barbra Miles thinks about this.
Looks like I’ll have my 2nd favorite character on my wing soon. Can’t wait Hunter.
A little background for Iceman, his family was killed on Vega VII and he’s still pretty pissed about it. Watch out furballs!

Kursawa 3

I’ve got to escort the Formidable back to the Claw. I auto to the minefield and AB around the edge of it. Nav 1 is a busy place. 5 Dralthi are waiting for the destroyer to jump in. The Rapier is perfect for taking out Dralthi quickly. I’m a big fan of saving missiles (especially in WC1) for juicy targets than lowly Dralthi. Bossman and I dispatch 2 of them before the Formidable jumps in. The Dralthi then head right for it which gives me an opportunity to take them out while they are concentrating on the destroyer. They go down easily when they aren’t checking their six for me. Dumb bastards.

But of course, no mission would be complete without some damn Krants! 4 are waiting for us at Nav 2. I pick the closest one head right at him. I’ve got plenty of missiles so I make good use of them. I do take a bit of damage when I accidently ram one of the Krants. I lost a laser because of it, but it’s not going to slow me down. After what seems like an eternity I take out all the Krants and head back to the Claw. Another mission accomplished.
Another successful system and another victory splash screen. The Mopoks along with some Confed forces capture some Kat marines. I hope the bastards enjoy their stay as guests of the Confederation.

Alright, this is all I’ve got time for tonight, so watch for Venice tomorrow!
That is freaking weird having SabreAce's Knight do the exact same thing mine did. You'd think they'd have coded"Don't play chicken with a Jalthi" into the AI routines.

Venice 2:

Shotglass is just as happy to hear that I killed Khaja as I am that I'm going to get another shot at Bhurak. Try to run away from my Rapier now! I wonder what type of carrier the Kyoto is....

Those Kyoto pilots are good. Toasted the Fralthi with ease while Hunter and I annihliated her escorts. The Fralthi never even stood a chance, probably why they had comms open to the starbase, screaming for reinforcements.

Venice 3:

Things are on the up and up, the Kilrathi are pulling out and the Tiger's Claw is part of the boot to kick them out of Vega. I'm not enthused by Hunter's thinking, it makes sense, but I hate dogfighting in minefields.

In retrospect, I really should have expected those Jalthi in the minefield. About the worst type of ship to take into a minefield dogfight, though, especially compared to the Rapier. I think the Tiger's Claw is down to 8 lives now after the pounding she was taking on our return.

Venice 4:

It's really good to hear Paladin's pride at being part of this operation. According to Angel, Bhurack's still waiting out there for me to take another shot at him.

Damn, that mission was a rush. Hunter & I decided that leaving a Fralthi at our backs while we pressed against the Star Post was a dumb idea. One Fralthi and it's escorts later, we pushed on. I obeyed the Colonel's instructions and used nothing but guns against the seemingly endless hordes. Hunter got into trouble while we fought some Salthi. I ordered him home, but wasn't able to make sure he got out safe. Dogfighting 4 Jalthi by myself was hair-raising. I'd be confidently tailing one, pouring fire into those vulnerable engines when I'd hear his three wingman open up on me from behind. I eventually whittled them down. Taking out the Star Post seemed almost anti-climatic. I think the best bit was getting to the debriefing to see Hunter standing next to me, bright as a feather.

So, what's next, Boss?
On returning to the Claw I’m awarded another Silver Star for bringing the Ralari back. A Silver Star never felt so deserved and so good as it does now. No Rostov and asteroids for me!
Well done! I definitely agree with the true sense of reward with the Silver Star. And saving the Ralari on the first go, excellent job! I reckon I could do that back when I still played the early WCs regularly, but I'm not so sure about now. Was this on an actual DOS machine or on DOSbox?

I apologise if I'm interrupting the thread, but I saw this post on the news page and felt compelled to reply...
Well done! I definitely agree with the true sense of reward with the Silver Star. And saving the Ralari on the first go, excellent job! I reckon I could do that back when I still played the early WCs regularly, but I'm not so sure about now. Was this on an actual DOS machine or on DOSbox?

I apologise if I'm interrupting the thread, but I saw this post on the news page and felt compelled to reply...


It was in DOSBox on my laptop.
Well done! I definitely agree with the true sense of reward with the Silver Star. And saving the Ralari on the first go, excellent job! I reckon I could do that back when I still played the early WCs regularly, but I'm not so sure about now. Was this on an actual DOS machine or on DOSbox?

I apologise if I'm interrupting the thread, but I saw this post on the news page and felt compelled to reply...

Have you been playing Standoff much? I think it's raised the bar for a lot of us.
Not recently. But the gameplay dynamics of the Vision engine are vastly different to the primitive sprite-based WC1. In my mind, at least. If Standoff has helped you improve, then good for you. :)